Crazy Dancer [Season 2] Her Revenge… Episode 7

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Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 7


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Rex’s Pov:
I rushed out of the car to meet with her.
“Audrey! Audrey!” I called and ran after her, trying to stop her from going into hers.
Luckily, she heard me calling and stopped to look at me and her eyes beamed immediately.
“Rex???” She called surprised as we stood, facing each other.
“Audrey!” I laughed and we hugged each other.
The little baby was right beside her – smart-looking and beautiful.
“Oh, my God!! Is this for real?? Look at you!” She exclaimed as we pulled from the hug.
“Yeah – you aren’t looking bad either. Long time, no see. What’re you doing here, by the way? I thought you were in Paris?” I asked curiously.
“Yeah – I just came back to fix somethings”.
“Hmm. And you didn’t care to check up on us? To check up on Noah?”
She itched her head.
“Sorry, I…have been really busy – I guess” she replied and I smiled and looked at the baby beside her who was playing with her cheese.
“Um…who is she? Your sister?” I asked and noticed the little cringe on her face.
“No; this is Ella – my daughter. Come on, Ella. Say hi to him” she beamed.
“Hi Mr” the little girl said in a sweet tiny voice, making me smile.
“Hi pretty. How’re you doing?”
“I’m fine” she muttered and looked down at her cheese.
“So…you’re married?” I turned back to Audrey and asked.
“Uh…no, I’m not. By the way, it was really nice meeting you, Rex. But unfortunately, I’m in a hurry right now and need to leave” she said hastily and held the baby’s hand.
“Hold on. Can I get your digits, please?” I asked.
“Sure” she replied and I brought out my phone and typed in the numbers she called.
“Okay. Thank you, Audrey. It was nice meeting you again” I told her.
“Yeah – same here. Bye, Rex.”
“Okay, bye. Take care of yourself”.
And she smiled and entered into the car with her baby while I returned to mine.
I sighed as I sat in the front seat.
Audrey. I can’t believe she’s back here – looking more beautiful.
Wondering who she is?
Well, she’s Noah’s first girlfriend. But unfortunately, they had broken up few years back before she left for Paris.
We attended the same high school and were close friends – three of us. But the bond grew stronger between she and Noah and they were kind of the best lovers in school back then.
I wonder what happened to her and how come she’s having a child.
I thought for a long while and unable to come to any conclusion, I started the car and took off.
Maxine’s Pov:
I turned and turned restlessly on the bed, having an uneasy feeling. And finally, I forced my eyes open and the first sight I caught was the ceiling.
“Awww’ I yawned and stretched loudly.
Gosh! I felt so dizzy and…funny.
I tossed on the bed and finally sat up, itching my eyes.
Hmm. It was morning already.
Hold on; what the hell happened last night??
I placed my hand on my chin and tried to think.
The last I could remember, I was about dancing when I suddenly started feeling drowsy.
I talked back at Tammy on my way out.
And…crap! I really couldn’t recall the rest of it. What the hell happened???
I still don’t get it. How did I end up drunk?
I itched my head, trying to remember.
Oh! She*t! Only God knows what happened.
I shrugged and left the bed, going into the bathroom to take my bath and prepare for school.
Well, I missed school yesterday and couldn’t afford missing it again.
I showered and tied a towel around my wet chest and returning to the bedroom, I met someone there.
“Hey’ she called with a light smile as, she adjusted on the bed where she sat.
“Hi – Good morning” I returned the smile and reached for the wardrobe to get my uniforms.
“You ended up drunk last night. What happened?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.
“Seriously, I have no idea”. I told her, even if it might seem impossible to believe.
I mean, I didn’t drink anything.
“So…how was it? Were you able to get to Tammy?” She asked and I sighed sadly.
“Sorry, I couldn’t make it. The drunkenness made me do something else” I replied sadly.
“Oh! Maxine, that was our clean shot. Why did you have to ruin it, huh?”
“I’m sorry! I don’t know what the hell happened to me”.
“Geez!” She rolled her eyes and huffed.
“Anyway, we’ll come up with something else. But for now, there’s something I need to tell you”.
Noah’s Pov:
I was busy with my phone when one of the maids came to inform me of a delivery man looking
I left the room and went ahead to check him out and just as I had suspected, it was him!
“Good morning, Mr Noah. Your orders are here” he said in his deep masculine voice as he handed the fashionable box to me.
I smiled as I collected it and he gave me a form to fill afterwards, indicating delivery was made.
“Thank you, sir” he said.
“Yeah – you’re welcome” I replied and watched him leave.
My eyes beamed as I looked at the box and opened it to confirm the content and my eyes met with the sparkling object.
Awwn. It was so cute.
Perfect ring for her finger.
Hmm. Well, I guess its all gonna happen tonight.
I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I closed the box and turned around and there i met Maxine standing and staring at me.
“Noah?” She called, looking at the box in my hand.
When did she get here?
I can’t wait for this to happen.
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