Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect)… Episode 12

Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect) Episode 12


(She’s too Perfect)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Noah’s Pov:
I felt energy drive into my body as soon as I heard that.

What is it?”
I asked anxiously.

Spill it out, Seth”

I guess you haven’t seen the news. Turn on your tele and check it out” he said and I arched my brows in curiosity and left the bed, reaching for the tv.

I turned it on and was taken abacked at what I saw.

The reporter was still giving the news and beneath it, the headline was boldly written:

Veiled dancer referred to as Crazy Dancer has joined the Star Dance Competition

My eyes beamed immediately.


She’s joined the competition? She’s part of the dancers??

I put the phone back on my ear.

Seth. Please, just tell me you know who she is?” I asked desperately.

I’m really sorry, Noah. But I have no idea for now. Whoever she is, I think she’s really bent on keeping her identity a secret”. He replied.

“Damn it!” I growled and threw the phone on the bed.

Sh*t! Why’s it so difficult getting to know her, huh? Why???

I kicked the wall and ruffled my hair.

My head was hot and I just needed a drink. Exactly.

I went out to the sitting room to get a drink and there I met Rex already at the wine bar – drinking.

“Hello big brother” he beamed and stretched out his hand to me as I drew near and I scoffed and ignored him, going to take a seat beside him.

“Should I help you?” He asked and tried reaching for a bottle of wine, but I stopped him and took it myself.

“What’s with you, Rex?” I asked him.
“What’s with the strange attitude?”

“Strange attitude?” He asked and laughed briefly.

“I’m surprised you’re calling it strange, brother. I thought we’ve always been friends?”

“Well, that was before you accused me of snatching your girlfriend” I snapped st him and he laughed again like it was funny.
“Please Noah; stop being so hilarious. That’s bygone, isn’t it? Anyway, don’t worry, I’ll be having a little surprise for you very soon” he winked at me and drank from his glass.

What the heck is he talking about?

I opened the wine and drank directly from the bottle. But Rex wouldn’t keep shut.

“Have you heard of the Crazy dancer?” He asked, playing with his drink.

“Oh! Of course, you should’ve heard of her. You actually ran after her when she was done dancing” he replied himself and chuckled.

“So…what do you think about her,brother? Isn’t she incredible, huh? I’m pretty sure you have your eyes on her already.

“But let me ask you a little question. Between she and the lady in the bed – who do you admit most?”

I scoffed and gave him a ridiculous stare. What is he talking about?

“Ahh” he smiled widely.

“Of course, you admire crazy dancer more. But I’m pretty sure you still admire the lady at the bar – just that…you love crazy dancer more. Hmm”.

“You know what? You’re just making my head ache more” I blurted and was about standing up when the door opened and I checked to see it was mum and dad, laughing as they walked in.

I just took in a deep breath and remained on my seat.

“Awwn! And my prince charmings are here!” Mum beamed as she spread her arms apart, coming towards us.

Rex was the first person she hugged. Well, that was because I didn’t really pay attention to her.

“Hello pretty woman” Rex chuckled and pecked her.

“How’re you doing, son?

“Noah; hey, are you alright?” She turned her attention to me

“Yeah – welcome home, mom”. I replied casually.
My head was just buzzing.

“Good evening dad” Rex greeted him as he stood behind us.

“Yeah – evening son. Before I forget”, he said.
“We’ll be going out for dinner tomorrow. An old friend of mine who I was able to meet with at the party has asked for a little family acquaintance and so, he’s invited us to his house for dinner tomorrow. So, get ready cause I told him I’ll be coming with you all tomorrow” he enthused and tried walking away, but Rex called back his attention.

“Who’s family is it?” He asked and dad stopped to look at him.

“Oh! I doubt if you’ll know him. But it’s the Daniels’ family. His name is Richard Daniels. And…I’d suggest you look your best cause he’s got very pretty daughters” dad replied, specially looking at me.

And I scoffed.

“Hold on;” Rex suddenly said.

“Richard Daniels…Is it the family of one lady called Maxine?” He asked, making me raise my brows.

“Oh, yes! Maxine is his late brother’s child. How did you know her, Rex?” Dad replied and Rex smiled, looking at me.

Who’s Maxine? I thought.


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