Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect)… Episode 13


Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect) Episode 13


(She’s too Perfect)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
I couldn’t concentrate on school the whole day as my mind kept revolving around Rex and what he had told me.

I was so bittered and scared. Just when I was at the brink of getting what I’ve dreamt of, he shows up with some sort of blackmail. Why does this have to be now?

After a long boring day, school finally came to an end and it was so much of a relief to me because I couldn’t wait to go to Pablo’s bar and tell him about it.

“Hey, you!” Ruby called just when I was about walking out of the class.

I turned to see her coming towards me.

“Hold my bag” she stretched out her bag to me and I flinched.

Huh? She wants me to…

“Are you deaf? Take!” She snapped and pushed the bag to me, not minding the students around.

I collected the bag and started walking out of the class with her. Don’t tell me she wants me to share the car with them today.

We walked out of the class and got out to where the car was parked

Tammy was already waiting there.

“Hey sis” she called but frowned when she saw me

“Don’t tell me she’ll be sharing the car with us today?”

“Yeah – at least to make it christmas from her” Ruby shrugged and entered the car.

Oh God! Why’s everything happening so wrongly today? Why do they want me to go home with them today? Why today of all days, huh?

I entered the car with them, sitting at the backseat and the driver took off.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh” Tammy suddenly screamed while we were together in the car.

Huh? My ears almost went deaf.

“Tammy, what the hell is wrong with you??” Ruby asked, also frightened.

“Oh, sis! Take a look at this!! Just take a look!!” She shrieked and showed her phone to her
What’s going on?

“The news is all over the net! Crazy dancer has just joined the Star Dance Competition!”

Holy Molly!

My heart suddenly started beating faster.

Crazy Dancer;

That was me!!

“What?” Ruby muttered as she looked into the phone.

“Isn’t it incredible?? She’s gonna win the competition!” Ruby exclaimed.

“Is that why you’re excited? You’re so dumb, Ruby. Shouldn’t she be your enemy?” Tammy asked.

“Oh!! Come on, sis! I’ve told you before! I don’t have any hope in this competition. I’m just going there for fun” Tammy replied and Ruby shook her head.

“Well, the A3 are never gonna give up on the first position. They’ll do all it takes to win the competition and you know it. So, I don’t think Crazy Dancer stands a chance against them.” Ruby said, making me scared..

Oh, please! The A3! I really don’t want any problem.

“Well, if you ask me, I’d say crazy dancer dances 50% better than the A3. That lady is incredible. But I’m a little curious, you know? Why’s she putting on a veil?”

“Yeah – question for the ghosts. I guess she doesn’t want anyone to see her face…”

They went on talking and made me feel so awkward – knowing I was the same lady they were talking about.

If only they knew…
Well, I guess I had a lot of things to think about – the competition and Rex.
Hannah’s Pov:
I paced tho and fro in the room, waiting for him to come home. I just couldn’t wait to reveal the shock to him.

I hope he comes up with something; because if he doesn’t, its gonna be a very big problem for all of us.

After a long while of waiting, he finally arrived and my eyes beamed..

“Hey, honey. You got me worried” he said as he walked in with his briefcase.

“Why was it so urgent for me to come home…”

“We have a very big problem, Richard” I cut him off and he flinched.

“Where’s Tammy and Ruby?” He asked, staring upstairs.

“They’re not home yet. It isn’t about them. They’re fine” I waved it aside and he took in a deep breath

“Then, what is it?” He asked curiously and I spat it out.

“I just got a call – Charlene is back. She’s back to expose us”.


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