Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect)… Episode 14


Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect) Episode 14


(She’s too Perfect)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Hannah’s Pov:
“What?” His jaws dropped.

“What…What’re you saying? Are you sure about this? What do you mean she’s back?”


“Well, one of the boys just called to inform me about it. He said someone had spotted her around the city. She’s back, Richard! she’s back!”. I replied fearfully and he dropped his briefcase on the couch.

“What a mess”, he muttered.
“So, what do we about this?”

“I don’t know, Richard. You know she’s already been against what we did. What if she decides to expose us now? How do we fix it?”

“The boys…what did they say?”

“Well, they said they’re trying to track her down so they could capture her. I don’t know; what if they’re unable to capture her?”

He placed his hand on his chin and didn’t say a word.

“Well, I guess we should just hope on the boys. I’m pretty sure they’ll do a good job” he said.

‘But Richard…”

The door flung open with Ruby and Tammy coming in.
Geez! Not now!

“Mum!” Tammy called and ran into my arms.

“Hey, baby; how was school today?” I tried smiling.

“It was fine, mum. Good evening dad.”

“Good evening, dear.”

“Good evening, mum. Good evening dad” Ruby also greeted.

“Good evening dear. You look really stressed out” I told her as I gave her a parting hug.

Just then, Maxine entered, holding my daughters’ bags and my anger increased as I stared at her.

“Good evening aunt..”

“Save your greetings and go upstairs” I cut her off angrily and she started taking the stairs.

I just felt like strangling her. She better prays my plans doesn’t get ruined.
Maxine’s Pov:
I tried greeting them but was shut up.

“Save your greetings and go upstairs” she cut me off with a glare and I quietly took the stairs, still struggling with Ruby and Tammy’s bags.

“Guess what girls?” I heard my uncle say.
“Do you recall the surprise I told you about few days ago?”

“Oh! Yes, daddy! I’ve been waiting for it my entire life” Tammy said and Ruby chuckled.

“Well, guess what? Its ready! Noah and his family will be coming here for dinner tomorrow!”

Immediately, the bags dropped from my hands as I froze.

“Whaaaat?”, Ruby shrieked.

“Arghhhhhh” Ruby also screamed.

“You’re not kidding us, right? Dad?????”

“Oh my Godddddd”

“Noah will be here? Together with Rex!!”

“How did it happen??”

They didn’t even pay attention to me as I stood, staring at them.
Noah will be here?

Oh my God! How’s this possible? Noah coming here? With Rex? What if they see me?

What if Noah mentions seeing me in Pablo’s bar?

Or what if Rex decides to show the video to them? Or something goes wrong?

Oh my God!!

I’m dead.

I finally came back to my senses when I caught aunt staring spitefully at me.

I quickly shrugged out of my thoughts and took the bags from the floor, then continued walking away.

“You’re the best, daddy!!” Tammy shouted and jumped on him.

“I love you, daddy. Thank you so much!!” Ruby also beamed.

“Listen to me, girls. I had to go through a lot getting him to come here. So, I want you to do your very best and impress me. Especially you, Ruby. Do all you can to attract Noah. Make him mad over you. Is that understood?”

I heard uncle say as I finally got to the end of the stairs and took the left passage.

Oh my God!

I still couldn’t believe it. Noah will be here??


What do I do?
?The A3?
Audrey’s Pov;
“Nooooo” Alexa screamed and threw the TV remote on the floor.


“No! No! This cannot happen! She can’t be part of the competition!”

I shook my head and smoked from my cigarette, partially listening to the reporter on tele.

“This is bullsh*t!” Anna muttered and drank from her glass.

“Why the hell does that lady have to join the competition?”

“This is a complete mess!” Alexa grumbled.
“She’s already won the hearts of people by mere dancing at the party. And now, this?? She’s gonna get us f**ked up!”

“Well, shouting won’t stop the problem, Alexa” I mumbled.

“Damn it! Audrey! You know how important winning this contest means to me!! I need it so I can get to Noah. I need to be the Queen of dance and win his heart. Why the hell does this lady have to show up now ? She’s gonna ruin my plans.

“I can’t believe Noah actually ran after her during the party. It almost made me puke. I really can’t have her in that competition. I need to get rid of her!”

“Well…maybe we should just dance and see who’s the best. Who knows? We might win her”,I said with a shrug.

“No; no. I can’t take that chance. I don’t even want her around. I must get rid of her. And the first step is taking that veil off her face.” She replied angrily while I watched, wondering what she had in mind.
Maxine’s Pov:
Today was going to be hell of a day for me because I had so many things to face – Rex’s threat and Noah ,coming to the house. I hopelessly felt so scared and nervous.

Rex had told me I had just 24 hours to think about his proposal and in a short time, it was going to be 24 hours.

I needed to make a decision.

And Noah – what if he makes everything worst by admitting to the fact of seeing me in Pablo’s bar? What if the whole thing gets leaked? What then will I do?

I took my bag and left the room soberly. Ruby and Tammy had refused going to school for that day – saying they needed enough time to primp themselves up for the awesome dinner.

I didn’t meet anyone in the sitting room and just walked out of the house to the roadside so I could get a cab. I needed to see Pablo first.

I noticed a lady following me behind as I walked to the roadside.

She was dressed in a black trouser and cardigan covered her hair with the cardigan cap. She just looked strange.

She kept walking behind me and although,they were a lot of people around, I still felt a little twitchy.

I stood by the roadside and stopped a cab and surprisingly, she entered the cab with me

Oops! Maybe that’s the reason she’s been following me. She also wanted to get a cab.

There was somebody else at the backseat and the lady and I sat next to each other, making it three and complete.

“Yes? Where to?” The cabby asked

“I’ll drop before the bank”,I replied and he took off.

I felt a little awkward sitting next to that lady. I couldn’t even see her face properly as a result of the way she wore her cap.

I folded my hands and decided to think about my problems.

But not long after, the news from the car’s FM interrupted me.

?….Of the Star Dance Competition commencing tomorrow.

?The participation of the veiled lady known as ,the Crazy Dancer has created a lot of commotion as we all know and most people think she’s gonna win the contest.

?But don’t forget we still have over a hundred contestants who are talented dancers as well. We have the A3, we have Raquel all the way from Europe, we have Lisa and the rest and they’re all crazy dancers as well. So, in my opinion…”

“That veiled dancer lady is really good” the man next to me said.

“Yeah….her dance steps were incredible..” Someone at the front seat also commented.

“Well,I guess we should all wait for the competition and see…”

I bent my head and smiled. I couldn’t believe they were talking about me.

“I’ll stop here” the strange lady said and the driver stopped.

She brought out some money and paid to him and when she opened the door and was about going out, she dropped something on my legs – a piece of paper.

I flinched and looked at it but before I could say something, she was already out and had shut the door and the driver continued moving.

I looked behind through the glass and saw her walking away. What did she…

I looked at my legs and picked up the paper. There was a written note in it.

I suddenly felt nervous.

I slowly opened the paper and read the content:

I know about the death of your parents. They were murdered. If you want to know everything, meet me at the address below – 3 p.m. Don’t tell anyone.

My eyes drooped immediately.



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