Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect)… Episode 22

Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect) Episode 22


(She’s too Perfect)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Noah’s Pov:
“Maxine” the name resounded in my head.




The same lady I was together with few hours ago?

How…I mean…

Oh my God!

“Maxine?” I repeated in the form of a question and he nodded.

“She’s the one. She…She had to use the veil because of her family – she was scared of them because they’ve warned her to stop dancing and she really needed the money for her fees and personal use

“Her family has been more of her tormentors, Mr Noah. They derive pleasure in punishing and treating her like a slave despite the fact they’re related. And that’s the reason I urged her to participate in the Star Dance Competition so she could stand a chance of becoming a model and finally be free from them. She’s passing through hell and that’s the reason all these is happening” he explained, leaving me speechless.

Holy Christ!

I knew the crazy dancer had an important reason for using the veil – I never knew she was trying to hide from her own family.

“Mr Noah” he called calmly, bringing me out of my thoughts.
“Please, you mustn’t tell anyone about this. Nobody must know she’s the veiled dancer – at least, not yet”.

“I’m getting her out of there” I stated blankly.
“I’m not letting her spend one more day with those people. She doesn’t deserve to be with them and they need to go to jail for all they’ve been doing.”

“What?” He recoiled.
“Noah, please. Don’t take such decision. We need to handle everything smoothly, please. Her family can be unbelievable at times. You won’t believe they had me locked up when I tried to help her sometime ago. So, please…let’s handle everything properly”.

“But how?” I asked.
“How else can it be done?”

He paused and looked around.

“I think I know of a better way to get it done” he replied.
Rex’s Pov:
I sat and watched curiously, wondering what Noah could possibly be discussing with the bartender.

I wish there was a way I could hear then without looking suspicious but I knew that wasn’t possible.

After a long while, they came out, both wearing an unexplained look. What the hell’s going on between them?

They still exchanged a few words together and Noah finally left through the closest entrance.

There’s definitely something wrong.
Noah’s Pov:
I returned home, feeling so relieved. I quietly went into my room and sat on the bed, burying my face in my palm.

It still seemed like a dream to me. Maxine was the crazy dancer.

But her dance steps at the bar weren’t as perfect as the one she had displayed during the party.

At the party, she was more like a goddess – incredible.

She was too perfect.

I laid on the bed and stared upwards at the ceiling.

I couldn’t wait for everything tomorrow. I just hope Pablo’s idea works. I couldn’t wait to carry out my plans on that lady.
I just couldn’t wait.

Well, everything happens tomorrow…
Pablo’s Pov:
Oh! Maxine, I hope you can forgive me and don’t get mad at me. I know I promised to keep your identity safe, but circumstances didn’t permit me.

I couldn’t lie to Noah..

But…with everything he’s told me, I don’t think I regret revealing her identity to him. His plans are huge and I’m quite okay with them. .

I just hope everything works out as planned tomorrow.

I returned to my post to go through the register and while at it, somebody came up at the counter, making me think it was just a customer.

“Good evening, Mr Pablo” the cold voice said and I lifted my eyes to look at him

“Yeah – good evening, Mr. Need a dri…” I paused my words when I had a proper look at his face.

What the hell??

Noah’s brother! Rex.

“H..hi” I stuttered a little, not expecting to see him.

I mean, I was taken unaware.

“Yeah…” He mumbled.

“I hope you don’t mind but, we need to talk”.he said with a smile and leaned closer.


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