Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect)… Episode 26

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Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect) Episode 26


(She’s too Perfect)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
He reduced his pace the moment he spotted me.

Oh my God! What’s he doing here???

“Hmph” he scoffed.
“So, its true? You really are Noah’s bitch, huh?”

I shuddered as he drew closer and stood in front of me

“You’re meant to be my maid!” He snarled..
“Have you forgotten the evidence I have against you? Huh? Do you really think you can just set yourself free??”

“Please…I don’t want any trouble” I said feebly and he pulled me roughly by the arm.

“I met you before him! You should be with me, not him!!”

“Let me go!” I winced and just then, the door opened, revealing Noah.

Oh my God! Thank goodness!

Rex also turned to have a look and as soon as he saw Noah, he left me.

Hold on; Noah wasn’t alone!

He was with…Pablo???

I gasped a little, my eyes fixed on them.

Noah stopped by the door, while Pablo walked a little ahead of him.

“Finally, He’s home” Rex sniggered.

“Go upstairs, Maxine” Noah said without looking at me and I nodded and took the stairs with Pablo following me behind.
Noah’s Pov:
I waited for her to take the stairs before turning to him.

“What are you doing here?” I asked and he scoffed and came closer.

“Is that really a question?” He asked.
“I came to confirm the romours -God damn it! You double crossing criminal! What are you doing with Maxine? Huh??”

“The nerves of you, Rex. You dare come into my house and call me names?” I asked, trying to keep calm.

“Oh! Please, spare me that sh*t! You took Maxine because you know I had interest in her! You’ve always been a cheat – the same way you took me Nora away from me!”

“The only interest you had in Maxine was making her your maid and that’s only because you were trying to get back at me”.

“So, what? You decided to be the hero of the day by saving her? Is that it?”

I sighed and tried walking away, but he held me back.

“For how long will this go on, Noah? This double crossing nature of yours! For how long will you keep up with it?” He asked angrily.

“Well, listen to me, Rex and listen very good. I’ve never in my life double crossed you. I keep telling you; I had nothing to do with your ex. She was the one lusting after me, not the other way round.

“And as for Maxine, I have my own reasons for bringing her here with me. Now, I don’t care what you believe, but just so we’re clear, you have no right over my decision. And the next time you come in here and say abusive words to me, I’ll make sure you regret it”.

I allowed the little silence step in as he looked enraged.

“Now, if that’s all, you can leave” I told him and turned around to leave again but he held me back.

“I’ll get back at you. I promise” he stated coldly and left.
Maxine’s Pov:
Pablo followed me into my room and as soon as we were in, I turned to face him.

“Pablo?” I called, astonished.

“Little pretty girl” he smiled as usual and I chuckled and embraced him.

Oh my God!

“What are you doing here?” I asked after the hug and he shrugged.

“Well…just came over to pay my little girl a visit” he replied and we laughed.

But suddenly, I paused and frowned.

“Pablo…you told Noah about it, didn’t you?” I asked and his eyes dropped.

“Didn’t you?” I asked again.

“Yes…I did. And I’m sorry. The truth is, I never wanted to reveal it, Maxine. I mean, you know me – I always keep to my word. But Noah…I don’t know how he got to trace me and know we were connected. He came to me at the bar and forced me and…I had to tell him the truth.

“Besides, I saw his sincerity and was rest assured you wouldn’t be hurt. That’s the reason I decided to tell him and look – He’s changing your life already. Its for the best, right?” He explained enthusiastically and I sighed and sat on the bed.

“I understand your point, Pablo. But…what if this only brings more Complications? Like…for how long will I stay here with Noah? What about my family? They’re definitely gonna put up a fight. What if they get Noah arrested or something?

“And…what would people say when they get to know I’m staying with Noah? There are just so many things involved, Pablo and I’m scared”.

“Little girl” he called and sat next to me.
“There’s nothing to be scared of because Noah’s got it all covered. The most important thing is being free from the torments of your family.

“You can stay here with Noah until you win the competition – hopefully. And talking about the rumours…well, you don’t have to pay attention to them. They can talk gossip all they want. As long as you’re safe, you’re okay. Besides, 99% of ladies would die to be in your position – staying under the same roof with Noah”.

And that was the part that got me smiling as I blushed at it.
“So, I need you to take your mind away from every negativity – at least for now. Okay?” He asked and I just nodded, still feeling a bit unsecured.

“So…are you ready for tonight’s competition? Half of the world will be watching, you know?” He asked and I smiled.

“Of course, I’m ready”.

Rex’s Pov:
I drove angrily in my car,feeling so mad at everything and feeling like crushing the car right in front of me.

Damn it!!

That Noah! I hated him! I hated him for always being so tricky and double crossing.

Why does he have to be the best at everything? Always having what I want.

I’ve always admired dancing, but don’t know how to dance. Instead, he’s the famous dancer and as a result, gets the attention of ladies. I’ve always wanted to run the company, but dad feels he’s the right one for it since he’s the eldest and dancer. Yeah – crap!

I loved Noes, but he took her away from me and claimed she was the one throwing herself at him.

And now Maxine…

Yes, I only wanted her as a maid and a revenge tool, but he has no right to snatch her away from me.

And that bar tender – Pablo. There was definitely something fishy.

What was he doing with Noah? What business do they have together?

If I remember vividly, Noah had gone to his bar yesterday and they had discussed privately. And this morning, he takes Maxine away.

What the hell’s going on?

I suddenly stopped the car, parking at the side of the road.

No! I’ve been cheated for too long already. I can’t allow Noah use me anymore. I needed to get back at him.


The crazy dancer! Noah’s still looking for her!

His manager had even put it up on news yesterday, promising a reward for anyone who gets to reveal her identity.

Hm…That only means he’s very interested in her – much more than he’s interested in Maxine. Yes – even the Crazy dancer dances better than her.

Perfect! This is it!

The crazy dancer’s gonna be my new plan. I’ll make her mine by all means and get even with Noah.

Yes! I promise myself, I’ll get to know who she is and make her mine.

I smiled as an idea suddenly crept into my mind.


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