Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect)… Episode 4


Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect) Episode 4



(She’s too Perfect)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.



I felt so happy as I got off the cab and went into the bar.

Well, I couldn’t explain it. I get so excited when it has to do with dance.

I got into the classic bar, walked pass the drinking customers and met Pablo at the counter.

“Hey! Little pretty girl!” He called and my cheeks flushed.

To be sincere, I love spending time with him because he reminds me of the love of a father.

“Good evening, Pablo” I greeted and rested on the counter.

“Is it evening yet? Anyway, how was school today?” He asked.

“It was…same as always”.

“Same always” he said at the same time with me and we ended up laughing.

“Oh! If only you had come sooner, you’d have been able to say hello to my wife and son. They just left a while ago”. He said.

“Oh, my God! Michael was here? Ohhhh. You should’ve told me!”, I frowned playfully.

I really admired that son of his. He was still a kid – yet, very smart. I enjoy playing with him each time we met.

“Oh! That reminds me, I’ve got a little surprise for you” he smiled and brought out a small phone, stretching it out to me.

At first, I was confused.

“Uh…who’s it for?” I asked and he laughed.

“Its for you, little girl. I just decided to get you a little phone so you can play games when you’re bored at home or do something else…you know?” He replied and I gasped.


“Y…You got me a phone?” I squealed and was about jumping on my feet but suddenly stopped.

Oh, no.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked, concerned.

“My family – they’re never gonna let me have a phone and if they find out about this, I might get into trouble” I replied sadly.

“Oh! Come on, little girl. That shouldn’t be a problem. You’re smart and you should be able to hide it from them. I just want you to have a phone because…one of these days, you might be needing it” he said and I was a little confused at what he meant.

One of these days.

“Alright…thanks” I replied and collected the phone from him, slipping it into my bag.

“Oh! More customers are coming in; its time, little girl. Go get dressed so you can dance. You know you make my customers tasty” he laughed and I chuckled and went to the inner room to change.
I changed into the pretty dress that had already been kept there for me and as soon as I stepped out, all eyes turned on me.

“Oh! My little pretty girl” Pablo laughed and I couldn’t help but blush.

I guess I was looking really pretty.

Without wasting any more time, I climbed on the stage and awaited the music to come up.

If only you could open my heart to see the joy in it…

I just get so excited each time it came to dancing. Its my being and only source of joy.

I just hope my family doesn’t get to know about this.

Shortly, the music came up and I beamed and set out to work, dancing with a natural sense of rhythm.
Noah’s Pov:
The driver pulled over in front of a classic;- looking bar and Rex and I stepped out of the car.

There was a song playing from it and well…I loved music.

“Hm. I can’t wait to get a cold drink” Rex said and started walking in and I scoffed and did same.

I still don’t get what he’s up to. I mean, he’s mad at me and I’m kinda surprised he suddenly changed few minutes ago.

I know my brother. He’s definitely up to something.

We walked into the bar at the same time and I halted at the door when I saw something that gripped my attention.

There was a lady – dancing on stage.


I stood and got lost staring at her as she moved her body perfectly to the beat. Wow! She seemed really good.

Rex stopped walking when he noticed I wasn’t following and he looked surprised when he turned and found me by the door.

“Noah?” He called and I shrugged out of my thoughts.

He scoffed and continued walking away and I followed him and took a seat.

I didn’t even notice all eyes were on us – me in particular – and I guess that was because I was fixated on the dancer. I just admire people with dancing skills.

Two waitresses rushed to us immediately.

“Welcome, sirs.

“Good evening sirs!” They greeted with so much respect.

“Good evening, pretty” Rex smiled and touched her palm.
Geez! What’s wrong with this guy?

“Um…we’re pleased to have you here with us. Please, what are your orders?” The blushing one asked and I took a quick glance at their menu on the table.

“Just get me a bottle of red wine” I replied.

“Yeah – same here” Rex also said and the waitresses bowed and left.
I took my eyes back to the dancer on stage and saw how passionate she continued dancing. Who was she?
Maxine’s Pov:
I continued dancing, smiling all through.

I was trying my best not to look at the customers cause I really get nervous when I see a lot of people staring at me.

So, each time I’m dancing, I just try to keep my eyes away from the crowd.

After a long while of ecstasy, the music came to an end and that was when my system became calm.

I breathed heavily as I stopped dancing and decided to look at the people cheering for me.


They applauded, making my head three times it’s size.

I was about climbing down the stage when I saw something that nearly pulled me down to the floor.

I’m probably dreaming.

Of course, its not real.

I laughed it off and tried ignoring it by climbing down the stage, but then, it became clear to me.

It became damn clear to me!


Noah was here??? With his brother??

How…How’s that possible?

I gasped and looked at Pablo who was staring back at me

This wasn’t a dream.

Noah was here! And he watched me dance.


Oh my God!!

I felt shivers run through me as his cold eyes bored into mine.

Oh my God!
Without further hesitation, I rushed down the stage and went to Pablo at the counter.

“N…Noah is here?” I stuttered, my heart beating like it wanted to pop out.

“Yes, dear. I’m as surprised as you are. Hold on; I’m going to meet them” he said and tried walking out of the counter.

“No, no. Please, give me my pay. I…I need to leave” I said with a nervous gulp and he shot me a surprised stare.

“Okay; here.” He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out some cash, placing it on my palm.

“Thanks” I said and hurried into the inner room to get changed.
And after which, I left through the backdoor.
Rex’s Pov:
A smile escaped my lips as I saw Noah staring keenly at the dancer.

Hm. Despite the fact we’re having issues, I still know when my brother is interested in something and right now, I can tell he’s interested in that lady.

Well, he loves dancing and everything and anyone related to it and right now, I can tell he was impressed by that lady’s performance.

Finally, I’ve gotten him where I wanted. I have someone he admires and I’m going to use her as my revenge tool against him for what he did to me.

I smiled widely and brought out my phone, going out to make a call.

And as soon as I was outside, I placed a call to my one of my trusted boys.

☎Hey, John
I grinned on the phone.

☎I’ve got an important job for you.
What do you think????


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