Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect)… Episode 5

Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect) Episode 5



(She’s too Perfect)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
I boarded a cab home, but close to the gate, I stopped the cabby and got off so my family wouldn’t spot me and know I took a ride home.

I walked sullenly towards the house and stopped in front of the gate, knocking on it. The gateman opened up and I walked in.

“Welcome home, ma’am”, he said cheerfully and I just smiled at him and continued walking.

When I got to the entrance of the sitting room, I stopped by the closed door and felt scared of going in.

This house was more like hell for me – considering all I have to and how they treated me.

I stood outside the door and could hear them playing happily. They were so lively, but as soon as I go in, they treat me like an outcast.

“The red gown looks good on me, right?” I heard Tammy ask.

“I seriously can’t wait for the party!!”

“I just hope I get to meet Noah”.

“Or Rex”
And the two sisters ended up laughing.

“Don’t worry, girls” I heard my uncle say.

“Very soon, I’ll be having a huge surprise for you all” he said and their eyes beamed.

“Oh my Goddd! What surprise, dad? You know I love surprises!” I heard Ruby exclaim.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get to know soon enough” he said and I heard them giggle.

I took in a deep breath and decided I couldn’t just stay there forever and so, I decided to go in.

I opened the door slowly and walked in and they all stopped talking as soon as they noticed me.

Oh, right! Let the war begin.

“And finally…the Queen is home” Tammy teased while Ruby smirked.

“Good evening, aunt.

“Good evening, un…”

“And why are you just coming home?” My aunt cut me off and I lowered my gaze to the floor.

“I…I had to walk home. Your daughters wouldn’t let me share the car with them” I replied pathetically.

“Are you trying to say it’s our fault?” Ruby snapped.

“Maybe she needs a slap to reset her brain.” Tammy added.

“Hmph. Anyway, hurry up and change your dress. You’ve got a lot of work to do” My aunt said and I nodded and took the stairs to my room.
My uncle didn’t even say a word but just kept staring at me.

Oh, mum! Dad! Why did you have to leave me so early? Why did you have to abandon me in this cruel world? Why didn’t you just take me along with you?

As soon as I got into my room, I sat heavily on the bed and reminisced on how pathetic my life was. Will things ever get better for me?

I opened my bag and brought out the little cash Pablo had given to me. At least, this should be able to get some of the books I need.

But for my fees…I really don’t know what to do. How will I be able to settle them?
Gosh! Everything was just so complicated. I seriously don’t know why my uncle has refused paying a dime for me this semester.

I laid upwards on the bed and took in a deep breath and suddenly, I recalled the incidence at the bar – a moment I’ll never forget.

I couldn’t believe Noah was actually there – together with Rex.
So, he had seen me dance?

Oh my God!

But what was Noah doing in a place like that? I mean, I thought his type could only go to Million-worth bars. Although, Pablo’s bar was classic, but I never expected to see someone like Noah there.


If I had known, I’d have put in my very best – dance to the fullest.

The thing is – when I’m at the bar, I just dance for fun – dance casually.

If I had known someone like Noah was actually watching, I’d have given him my magical steps.

I paused and laughed.

And why the hell did I run away? Geez! Maxine! I should’ve dallied a little to see if perhaps, he’d say something to me.

I paused and laughed again. What am I even thinking? How on earth am I expecting the World’s Best Dancer to speak to me? I should actually feel honored he was able to watch me dance. That’s like the biggest honor of my life.

Oh my! He was so cute. I’ll never forget that face. His family and friends are so lucky to always be around him.

I tossed on the bed, still smiling when a knock on the door snapped me out of my wonderland.

“Maxine!!” I heard Tammy scream.

“What the hell are you still doing in there? Hurry up so you can fix my nails!” She bickered and I sprang on my feet.

Oh God!??

Noah’s Pov:
I laid on the bed in a ruminative mood, deeply thinking about dad’s offer.
Why on earth does he want me to get married before gaining possession of the company? This was the second day. How am I expected to find a wife in less than 12 days?

God! This man is just being impossible. Is he trying to punish me or what? He knows I’ve always wanted to be in charge of the company because of my love dancing. Why’s he trying to punish me for it, huh?

I thought angrily for a long time and finally decided to get a drink to cool me off.

I headed for the sitting room and met mum on a phone call. I walked pass her to the refrigerator and pulled out a drink.

She yelled on the phone.

That’s not possible! The party’s tomorrow. How can such a thing happen at this moment?

I turned and watched her curiously. I wonder what has happened again.

She kept grumbling on the phone, looking like she wanted to cry and after a while, she dropped the call.

“Oh my God!!” She winced, throwing her phone away.

“Mum? What’s wrong?” I asked cursorily.

“It’s the dancer, Noah!” She groaned.
“The lady who’s supposed to dance at the party! They just called and told me she had an accident and has been admitted. What the hell am I going to do? This is already evening! We have just a few hours led. Dignitaries will be there – its gonna be aired live. We can’t just disappoint them now!

“Gosh! This party’s meant to be a blast! I wanted everything to happen perfectly. Why the hell does this have to happen now, Noah?”

I scoffed and drank from my glass.

“Well, we can just look for someone else” I suggested.

“How am I sure she’s gonna be as perfect as this lady? I needed a very good dancer, Noah and this lady was the best. I seriously don’t get why she had to be admitted now” she grumbled and plonked herself on the couch.

I suddenly recalled the girl at the bar. She was kind of a good dancer.

Well, I didn’t know her and I couldn’t find myself going after someone. So, I guess mum would’ve to sort out her problem herself.
Maxine’s Pov:
“Maxine!! Maxine!! Are you dead or what?” My aunt’s bleary voice came penetrated into my deep sleep and forced my eyes open.

She was banging on the door.

Oh my God! Is it morning yet?

“Maxine!!!” She yelled and banged on the door again and I sat up.

“I’m…I’m coming, aunt!” I replied tiredly.

“How can you be sleeping like a corpse? Will you get off that bed before I burn you alive?” She snarled as I itched my eyes.

“I’ll…I’ll be there shortly, aunt” I replied and heard her walk away.

Gosh! I was so tired and dizzy. I really needed a lot of rest.

I itched my head and was about leaving the bed when my phone started vibrating. Thank goodness it was on silent.

I checked the caller and of course, it was Pablo

I smiled faintly as I picked it up.

I called, making sure my voice was low enough.

little pretty girl”
He called and I chuckled.

How are you doing baby?

I”m fine. Good morning, Pablo

Good morning, little girl. Listen to me, I’ve got some great news for you. I need you to come over to my bar on your way to school. Please, Maxine. Come as fast as you can because its very important. Is that understood?”
He said with his voice imbued with so much seriousness like I’ve never heard before.

Um…Okay, Pablo. I’ll be there.
I replied.

Okay, good. I’ll be waiting”
He said and dropped the call and immediately, I fixed the phone into my bag.

Come to think of it; why’s it so urgent for Pablo to see me this early? What does he have in mind?

I shrugged and left the bed, going out of the room to the sitting room.

On my way down the stairs, I found Tammy and Ruby in the sitting room, trying out their dresses for the anniversary party tonight.

They kept laughing and looked so happy.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to attract Noah by the time I step into that hall” Ruby smiled.

“Yeah – and I’ll go for Rex” Tammy also said and they ended up laughing.

They looked so charming and pretty. Too bad, I won’t be able to attend the party.

Well, of course. They’ve already told me I won’t be attending. Besides, I don’t even have what it takes to be there. The whole country – if not the world – will be watching – and I can’t go to such a party dressed in rags.

“What’s she staring at?” Tammy asked with a glare and I quickly took my eyes away.

This lady has no respect. I mean, I’m older than her yet, she talks to me like we were age mates.

“Come on, Tammy; let’s hurry up and prepare for school” Ruby said and they left the sitting room together.
I did what I had to do that morning – made me breakfast, tidied the house and set everything Tammy and Ruby needed for school.

And thankfully, they left without me again. Well, I was praying for that because I needed to meet Pablo at the bar.

When they left, I set out on the road as well and boarded a cab to Pablo’s bar. I was so curious and at the same time – excited.
I was curious to know why he wanted to see me that morning.

After a long ride, we got to the bar and I settled the cabby and hurried in to meet Pablo. I just hope he doesn’t make me late for school.

Since it was still early, there weren’t much customers yet and I met Pablo busy at the counter.

“Pablo” I called when I got closer to him and he turned to look at me.

“Hey; little pretty girl” he chuckled.

“You’re here; finally. Come on, come on. We don’t have much time”.

He came out of the counter and took me to the inner room where he made me sit, facing him.

“What is it, Pablo?” I asked curiously.

“Okay; listen to me, little girl. I’ve got a very interesting job for you. A splendid one.

“I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the Sigmund Anniversary party coming up tonight. Now, listen to me; the lady who’s meant to dance at the party got involved in a terrible accident last night and right now, she’s at the hospital. So, I’ve got some connections at the institute and they’re desperately in need of a very good dancer”.

He paused and held my hands.
I still couldn’t understand where he was headed.

“Little girl, I want you to be the dancer at the party” he said and my eyes beamed.

Oh, my God!!???

What happens next? Will Maxine be able to dance at such a huge party?

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