Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect)… Episode 9


Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect) Episode 9



(She’s too Perfect)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Rex’s Pov:
Spill it out, John”
I said impatiently.


What did you find?

Well, her name is Maxine. Nineteen years old and 11th grader. Her parents are late and she currently stays with her dad’s brother and his family. She’s cool and quiet and doesn’t really have any friends.

Just like you said, she often goes to the bar to dance on most occasions and get paid. But…I also got to know one interesting thing about her – her family’s warned her never to dance”

And that was the part that got me smiling – just what I’ve been waiting for”.

Maxine’s Pov:
I came out of the kitchen with the big tray of food and went to dress it on the dining.

I met Tammy and Ruby in the sitting room and as I stood behind in the dining, I was still able to see them.

Tammy was dancing in front of the TV screen. Oh my God!!

It was me!!

I mean…she was imitating me – my dance steps.

I was being shown on TV.

The last night’s event – my dance at the party – it was being shown on TV and Tammy was trying to imitate me.

“Stop wasting your time and energy, Tammy. Your dance step sucks” Ruby rolled her eyes and Tammy fumed.

“Whatever! At least, I dance better than you” Tammy retorted.

I smiled ruefully as I couldn’t believe I was watching myself on TV. Too bad it had to be the “veiled me”

I got so lost staring at the TV but not until I noticed my aunt climbing down the stairs and quickly took my attention to the dining, dressing it

“Mum!!” Tammy squealed like a child and ran into her arms.

“Good morning, mum. You were already asleep by the time we returned from the party”.

“Yes, yes. I was a little tired and needed some rest” she replied dizily and entered the sitting room with her, her hands wrapped around her shirt.

“Good morning mum” Ruby greeted with a smile.

“Good morning princess…”

“Mum! You missed a lot at the party!! You wouldn’t believe the lady that danced!!! She was incredible, mom!!” Tammy shrieked, making my eyes beam.


“Really?” She asked with a smile.

“Yes, Mum. And tell your daughter to quit trying to imitate her because she’s nowhere close to being such a dancer” Ruby replied instead and aunt laughed.

“Whatever! Come on, mum; hurry up and watch her on TV. They call her Crazy Dancer” Tammy squealed as she held her hand and led her closer to the tele.

Oh my God!!

The dance video was no longer displayed, just a picture of me standing on stage. And a reporter was saying somethings about me.

?…Of the incredible dance video which had left a lot of people speechless. According to some reviews, most people address her as “Crazy Dancer” as they’ve never seen anyone dance so perfectly before.

?They call her a goddess and are angry she was putting on a veil. And now, the big question is: Who’s the face behind the veil?”

A rueful smile crept into my lips as I watched everything in awe and disbelief..

Oh my God!!! I was being discussed on TV!




I covered my mouth with my palm to prevent myself from screaming.

“Hmm. I wonder why she had to put on a veil” Tammy said curiously.

“Yes; I mean, anyone would want the whole world to know them – considering its such a rare opportunity” Ruby chipped in.

“Maybe…she doesn’t want her identity to be known” Aunt shrugged.

“But why would she want to be a secret dancer? Isn’t it a strange?”

Suddenly, aunt turned and looked at me, making me flinch.

“And what’re you staring at?” She snapped.
“Will you get back to what you’re doing?”

I shook a little and focused on the dining, setting breakfast.

“I guess she’s wishing she attended the party” Tammy said and laughed with the rest.
When I was done, I took my bath, ate in the kitchen and got ready for school. And just when I was about leaving the room, I checked my tiny phone and saw a message from Pablo, reminding me to meet him at the bar.

Oh, right!

I smiled as I left the room with my bag, wondering why he wanted to see me that soon.

I walked pass the empty sitting room and when I got to the garage, Tammy and Ruby were already gone.


I left the house and got a cab by the roadside, headed for Pablo’s bar.
The FM of the car I had taken was talking about me. Geez!

They were having a talk show concerning my performance and I couldn’t believe it. Oh, my God!

“That lady was really good” a guy at the front seat muttered to the driver and it turned into a discussion.
Holy Molly.
The bar wasn’t crowded – of course – since it was still early. And I met Pablo at the counter, seeming to have a meeting with his workers.

“Little pretty girl!” He beamed as soon as he saw me, making me smile.

“Good morning” I said, feeling a little shy in front of his workers.

“Come on, come on; I wouldn’t want to delay you” he said as he took my hand and led me to the inner room.

As soon as we got in, my eyes shun brightly at the sight of money in front of me.

Oh, my Goddddd.

“This is all yours, little girl” he smiled and handed the wraps of money to me.


“M…M…Me?” I stuttered, pointing to myself and he laughed.

“Of course! You can have it”.

I looked at the money in my hands and felt like bursting into tears.

Oh my God! They’re all mine??

Immediately, I dropped them on the floor and hugged him.

“Pablo!” I called in what sounded like a whisper.

“Little girl…its fine, okay?” He patted me on the back.

My fees, they were all going to be cleared. And I’d still have a lot of change to keep with me.

Oh God!

I was about bursting into tears when he pulled me from the hug, still holding my hands.

“Little girl” he started tenderly.

“Listen to me; I know you’re happy. I mean..yes; its a thing of joy. And I want you to know you can get more of it”.

I sniffed and looked into his eyes. What’s he talking about?

“Listen to me, Maxine. You’re perfect; I’ve told you this. And with this talent of yours, you can become a star.

“What I’m about to tell you, if you agree to it, in a few weeks, you’ll become a billionaire, become a star, diva, model, goddess, name it! You’ll finally be free from your family and have people worship you. You’ll become a star dancer”.

My eyes beamed at the mention of that.

No, no, don’t tell me he’s going there…

“Maxine” he took in a deep breath and called.

“I want you to participate in the Star Dance Competition ★”

Pablo has come again?

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