Did Linda Ikeji Fake Her Engagement? – Nigerians Ask After Breakup

Did Linda Ikeji Fake Her Engagement? – Nigerians Ask After Breakup

Did Linda Ikeji fake her engagement, that is the question most Nigerians have been asking since her Sholaye Jeremi dumping revelation.

Recall that we reported earlier that Linda Ikeji disclosed that her baby daddy dumped her and became so wicked to her, after she got pregnant for him.

However at some point in her lengthy disclosure, she stated that they planned a traditional marriage but never disclosed if she got proposed to by her estranged baby daddy. She further disclosed that they will never married. She wrote;

Around when I was about three months pregnant, he did come to see my parents and actually became very cool with my dad. They were literally exchanging Whatsapp messages every day. He later agreed to a traditional wedding which he didn’t follow through and then he switched. He began to treat me with so much hate and aggression that I and my family had to cut him off completely.

While some Nigerians are asking now is if Linda Ikeji faked her engagement, others are saying she is facing karma as she criticized baby mamas in the past. Here are tweets below;

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