Direct Entry Candidates won’t be participating in JAMB reprinting


Direct Entry Candidates won’t be participating in JAMB reprinting; This has really given me much concern as the DE (Direct Entry) students have find it difficult to rarely figure out some questions such as; will DE students write exam?, will DE students involve in JAMB reprinting?. However, below is an answer to all your questions.

Direct Entry (DE) Students Won’t Write Exams

Yes, you read that rightly.

Candidates who are seeking admissions through Direct entry will not be subjected to any exams by JAMB. Hence, they’re left out of exams thing.

Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is an exam meant to test applicants for 100 level admissions. For DE candidates, who are proposing 200 level admissions instead, they’re not to write JAMB exams.

However, DE candidates can be subjected to write a post-DE test.

Direct Entry Candidates May Write Post DE

Even though this is not general among all universities, candidates seeking admission into 200 level through JAMB DE may be required to partake not only in the registrations of the universities’ post-DEs but also in the entrance exams.

I detailed this in my post, “Do Direct Entry (DE) Applicants Have to Write UTME or Post DE?”. will direct entry students write jamb, With admissions through DE, candidates should be prepared to write entrance exams of the universities such as the University of Ilorin, Federal University of Technology Akure and few others. Direct Entry Candidates won’t be participating in JAMB reprinting

Will DE Applicants Reprint JAMB Slips?

Direct entry students may be wondering if they also need to reprint slips when their UTME counterparts are doing the same. No, you’re not to reprint slips.

For your information, the purpose of the reprint is for those candidates to know their exams centres, dates, time and seat numbers. Hence, since you’re NOT writing exams, it’s not your concern.


As a DE applicant, you’re neither required to reprint slip for JAMB nor go for the JAMB exams. However, your universities of choice may ask you to write a post-DE test which is institution-based rather than JAMB.



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