[Finale] Crazy Dancer [Season 2] Her Revenge… Episode 35



Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 35


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.


Noah’s Pov:
I was in the room with mum, dad, Alexa and Charlene when the door suddenly went open and I lifted my eyes to see someone familiar.
Not just anyone – but the same lady I’ve been looking for.
Confusion clouded me as I really couldn’t comprehend it.
What’s going on? Isn’t she the sqme….
Hold on;
Could it be her ghost?
No; never. She can never be dead.
“Maxine?” Mum helped me voice out her name.
Maxine’s Pov:
I stood,smiling at the door as he stared at me with so much surprise and disbelief like he’d seen a ghost.
“Maxine?” His mum called and immediately, Noah stood up.
“Maxine?” He called this time around and I smiled and jumped into his hands, forgetting the fact he looked injured.
“Noah” I whimpered as he carried me up and held me tight to himself.
It was like something I couldn’t explain. A feeling I’d never experienced.
That hug felt so special to me.
“You came back. You’re back” he hushed.
We pulled from the hug and he kissed me immediately.
“Maxine” his mum called and I turned to look at her.
“What happened to you? We thought you were abducted? Did they just..”
“No; I escaped. Oscar was behind it. He abducted me and wanted me to withdraw the case I have against his parents. But just few minutes ago, Ruby helped me escape” I explained.
“Ruby?” Charlene asked.
“Yes. I…I guess she doesn’t support her brother and wanted to do the right thing. She’s the reason I’m here”
“Hold on; would you be able to locate the place? It’s possible they’re still there, right?” His dad asked.
“I…I don’t know. But I think I should be able to locate it” I said nervously.
“Then come on, let’s get going. I’ll alert the police at once”.
“No, no. She’s going nowhere. She just came back” Noah objected.
“Son come on, we’re talking about criminals here! We need to get them” his dad tried to convince him.
“Then, if she’s going, I’m going with her. That’s the only option. Else, we stay here together” he said and every other attempt to dissuade him proved negative as he wouldn’t listen.
And having no other option, they had take him along.
Maxine’s Pov:
I came out of the bathroom, wet as water dripped from my hair to my body.
I had just a towel tied round me and met Noah lying on the bed, busy with his phone.
But the moment I entered, he took his eyes from the phone and smiled at me.
“Hey” he cooed and I just smiled and walked to the wardrobe.
“Come over, bae. I think I need some chills” he beckoned on me and I chuckled.
I closed the wardrobe and went to the bed to join him and he made me lie very close to him.
“How’re you feeling now?” I asked, touching his arm.
“Well…I think I’m great – especially now you’re close to me” he replied and I blushed in a smile.
He dropped his phone and wrapped his hand around me as we stared blankly at the ceiling.
“Are you ready for tomorrow?” He broke the short silence and my heart skipped a bit at the mention of that.
“Well….I guess so” I shrugged and he smiled
Tomorrow was actually the final day for the Star Dance Competition.
“You know you’re already my star, right?” He asked and I blushed again.
For a while, we didn’t say a word.
“Why do you think Rex left?” I asked.
Well, I’ve been really curious about it.
“I…have no idea” he shrugged.
“But whatever it is, I think it’s for the best. At least, I can be free from him now”.
He’d showed up that morning, rendered some apologizes – saying he’d decided to enjoy his life and stop envying other people’s happiness.
Then, he left the country afterwards.
“But do you think he was being sincere with his apologies?” I asked again.
“Seriously Maxine, I don’t know. But I just hope he is” Noah replied simply and I took in a deep breath.
Well, he’d sounded sorry and sincere. I don’t think he was faking it. .
“Maxine” he called after a while.
“Are you really sure of forgiving Ruby and Tammy to the extent of releasing the house to them?”
“Well…of course” I shrugged.
“Ruby’s the reason I escaped and i think she’s really remorseful now. I think she’s changed. And you know Tammy….she’s more of a kid and tends to do what Ruby does. Besides, they’d really apologized. So, I think its okay”.
He didn’t say a word for a while and just sighed.
Well, I’ve made up my mind already. With Oscar and his parents in jail, I think everything’s settled.
“I think I’ll just get dressed. I’m beginning to feel cold” I said and tried standing up, but he pulled down.
“Hey, don’t worry. I’ll warm you up” he cooed and reached for the tip of my towel.
“What’re you…”
Before I could finish up my statement, he crashed his lips on mine and took off my towel.
“Noah!!!” I called and laughed as he tickled me
Writer’s note;
In less than a week, they got married and she didn’t just become his wife, she also became the World’s Star Dancer where her veil was taken off.
No matter how long it takes, a stammer would still pronounce his name
Destiny can only be delayed, but can never be denied???
Even if the enemies try, what must be must be.
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