Free Waec 2019 Fisheries practical Answers – May/June Expo

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Fertilizers used in ponds stimulate the growth of microscopic plants called algae or plankton



(i) Fertilizers are used in ponds to increase the production of the natural food organisms to be eaten by the fish.

(ii) When a fertilizer is added to a fish pond, the chemicals it contains dissolve in the water for fast consumption while cow dung usually contains a lot of insoluble cellulose especially if mixed with stable litter. 

(iii) Fertilizers are easy to collect


(i)Broadcasting/spraying method

(ii)Sac method/spot

(ii)Banding method




(ii)surface runoff



(i) alkalinity

(ii) hardness

(iii) dissolved oxygen




Specimen D used to measure PH of waterv

Specimen F serve as the habitat of the fish


PH meter




(i)Lower specimen E into water slowly

(ii)slowly pull the disk up until you see it again

(iii)average the dept to the nearest half foot and mark on the cord

(iv)record the average depth on the data sheet along with date and time







(i)Proper growth of finger ling’s

(ii) They contain Carbohydrates and fats which yield heat, which maintains body temperature, furnishes energy for growth and muscle activity



Fish bag




Making leather


For burn relief

(iii) Fish gelatin obtain from fish skin can be used in the food, pharmaceutical, and photographic industries due to its unique chemical and physical properties



(i) For cutting fishes like head cutting, cutting into steaks

(ii) For chopping of cartilages and tendons



(i) Fish liver oil

(ii) Fish bone

(iii) Fish Manure

(iv) Fish Body oil

(v) Fish Silage



(i) By washing properly

(ii) Sharpen the blade when blunt

(iii) Always cut on cutting boards









(i) Wedged – held by the mesh around the body.

(ii) Gilled – held by mesh slipping behind the opercula.

(iii) Tangled – held by teeth, spines, maxillaries, or other protrusions without the body penetrating the mesh.



Specimen K

(i) 2-3cm 

(ii) Low cost

(iii) It is selective in harvesting

(iv) It harvests mature fishes



Specimen L

(i) 4-7m

(ii) High cost

(iii) It is not selective in harvesting

(iv) It harvests any fish



(i) High cost

(ii) Time consuming


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