How To Check Glo Balance: Airtime & Data Balance

how to check glo balance

how to check glo balance

How To Check Glo Balance: Airtime & Data Balance, Glo mobile is however a telecommunications company owned by one the Nigerian richest men.Glo offers voice bonuses and data plans to its customers, as well as other freebies.

Look at how the network works in Nigeria.

Because there are less people using the sim, it may be difficult to find out how to check your Glo account balance.

Even though Glo Network is third most used network in Nigeria, it’s still not the most popular.

It is difficult to determine your bonus account balance.

In this article we will explain how to check the Glo account balance. We’ll also show you how check your bonus balance.

Noniwap offers a guide on how to do these things on your phone.

You will be able manage your Glo account balance, or the data balance.

However, you won’t be forgotten about how to check and find out if your network provider is giving you a bonus.

Let us now demonstrate how to check the balance and bonus of your Glo account.

You’ve been looking for a USSD code that will allow you to check your Glo credit balance from your phone.

Searching for “Glo Airtime Credit Code”, “Glo Account Balance” and “Glo Airtime Credit Code” on Google is not a bad thing. This was something I had done before I started this website. I clearly remember the time I forgot how to check my Glo data balance code. Sometimes even the most simple things can be forgotten. So don’t be too hard.

You will find out how you can easily check or see your Glo network credit balance in this Noniwap article. Let’s dive in.

How to check Glo balance

Simply dial #124# to check your Glo account balance and then send it on your phone.

You will see a message asking you to press 1.

Once you press 1, your Glo account balance should be displayed on your screen.

You can also do it this way if you don’t know the process.

Simply dial #124*1#, and then send on your phone. Your Glo account balance will appear on your screen.


Here’s how to check your Glo balance

  • Send an email to #124# by dialing
  • Send it again by pressing 1 on the prompt screen
  • The account balance will appear on your screen.
  • To check your Glo account balance, you can also dial #124*1#


How to check your Glo Data balance

You will need to carefully follow this guide to check your Glo Data Plan balance.

But, here are the steps for checking your Glo data balance.

  • For any phone that you use, dial *777#
  • To send an email, click 1 on the pop-up screen.
  • Next, press 4 for “Manage Plan” and send
  • Next, select 4 to “Get Data Balance” again and then send
  • The next screen will show your current data balance.

You can also try these other options: This can be done by dialing 1270# on the phon The fastest way to check your Glo balance is by using e

You can check your Glo data balance by using the message format. Send “INFO” to 1277.

Once you have completed that, the Glo Network will reply with a message informing about your data balance.

How do I check my Glo Bonus account balance?

You can check the balance of your Glo bonus account by dialing #122#. The information will be displayed on your phone’s display.

You can also check out hidden bonuses that are available with your prepaid and postpaid plans.

It depends on the prepaid or Postpaid plan that you choose to subscribe in the Glo Network.

Use these codes to verify your bonus balance with Glo.

  • Glo Campus booster bonus: dial #122*10#
  • Glo Bumpa package: dial #122*2#
  • For Glo Yakata: Dial *220*1# for all your bonus information.
  • Glo Jumbo: Dial #122*23#

You can check your Glo welcome bonus by dialing #122*34#.

To unlock your locked welcome back bonus, dial #122*35#.


Noniwap’s article has all the information you need to check your Glo account balance using Airtime, Data Plan and Bonus.

But, if you can’t find the Glo plan that you want in this article, let me know.

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