Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 18 April 2020 Written update

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 18 April 2020 Written update,

Abhimanyu asks Poonam for coffee while they are going but she says that she is in hurry and denies. Dadi talks to bua about Poonam invitingAnanya to her house. She says that the world is changing and all this is slowly becoming normal. She asks Dadi to upgrade her thinking as this is new generation.Rohit continues confronting Nikki about her problem but she doesn’t tell him anything. He gets angry and shouts at her while Ananya comes. She tries to calm him down and asks Nikki to go to her room.Ananya asks him to go to work and she will handle everything.

Poonam gets to know about it and tells Sheena. She says that Nikki has gone to meet her father and will come back so she doesn’t have to worry. Sheena tries to relax her and says that the children have grown up and Nikki must have some genuine reason for bunking college. Meanwhile Bani scolds Nikki on phone for going to Ananya’s home, Nikki says that she is not going to tell the reason for doing that to anyone. Ananya knocks the door and Nikki opens the door. Ananya brings some snacks for her, Bani says rudely to her that Nikki is not hungry and she leaves. Nikki says that she was very rude and cuts the phone.

Sheena comes inside house and Dadi tells her that Meerabua is planning to open Poonam’s account on a marriage site. Sheena says that’s a nice idea, she says that for her no single boy fits in forever. She cracks jokes with Dadi and Poonam takes her to kitchen and asks her not to do so. She says that she is like her mother and is amazing, she said that Dadi had her back when the divorce happened. She was there for her when no one else was, Sheena feels sorry and hugs her.In home, Nikki tries to take out money from Rohit’s locker but Ananya sees her and asks about it.

Nikki lies but Ananya catches it and asks her again. She begs her not to tell her mom dad about it, Ananya asks what has happened. She tells her that she and her friend were playing poker and they started losing money and she didn’t know that her friend was using his dad’s credit card and she has to repay him 30000 rupees. She asks her to calm down and that they will figure something out.


At office she and Harry talk and he tells her that Isha wants to get married to him. He says that she is not the right one for him, she says he should find one then. Nikki calls her and asks to come home. Meanwhile Sheena and Meerabuamake an account of Poonam on marriage website.

Ananya is leaving for work on morning and Rohit says it’s just 8:30 am so what’s the hurry. She says that it is important and that she will take leave tomorrow for spending time. She goes to meet Varun to confront him. He says that he has to return money to his dad’s account, she says that she will directly return and tell him what his son is doing. He gets scared, she gives him money and warns him to stay out of Nikki’s life.

Rohit tries calling Ananya for getting delivery password but her phone comes busy. So he calls Harry and asks about her, he tries to cover up for her but Rohit finds out he is lying. Nikki calls Ananya to ask and she says everything is sorted. Harry calls her and tell to call Rohit, she does that and lies but Rohit knows she is lying.

He says he needed the password but now it’s fine and she says that she is a little busy and will come home soon.At farmhouse Poonam’s friends are there and playing. Jassi says to her the she is lucky to not have a husband, she doesn’t have to handle burden.

That moment Nikki’s friend and her mom comes to tell her about their kids playing online poker and that she shouldn’t have given her money. She is shocked and says she didn’t give. Ananya comes home and sees Rohit eating.Rohit confronts her about her lie, she tries to explain but he gets frustrated. He questions her but she is quiet. The episode ends.

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