Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Update 8 April 2020 Written Episode

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Update 8 April 2020 Written Episode,

The episode starts with Ananya driving the car with Rohit. She asks where they are going. Rohit says they are going to marry. Ana regrets coming there. Rohit asks what’s wrong, they will marry in front of everyone when it’s time, is there any problem. He directs her the way.

There on the venue, Poonam and others wait for Aarya’s family. Poonam looks for Rohit. Gurinder says he must be in office. Rohit and Ananya reach back the venue as a married couple. Rohit bids farewell to Ananya. Aarya’s family had reached. Poonam welcomed them and then turns to find Rohit. She spots him and follows him inside.

In the room, Poonam brings Rohit’s dress and tells him to hurry up. He must not have gone to office at least today. She reminds him to wear the buttons must. Rohit was staggered.

Aarya and Bani sat together. He tries to flirt with Bani, calling her Biwi (wife). Bani clarifies she won’t be Biwi. She will just marry him and be as she always is. She says they will check universities in US when they go there for honeymoon. Aarya agrees. She tells him to also get rid of his collection of cars. Aarya rejects this demand. Bani agrees.


Cherry and Avi were shocked that Ananya married. Cherry asks if she is pregnant. Ananya asks if she is crazy. She reached Rohit’s house in the insecurities because of social media photos. She went to Rohit’s house and put him in trouble. The girls say it’s good for Ana. They call for a champagne party but Ana cautions them to stay silent about it, else Rohit can even go to jail.

Jassi asks Gurinder how he could hide from her that Poonam and Rohit filed for a divorce. She tells Gurinder to speak to them to reconsider their decision. Gurinder says he is afraid what if they divorce in next six months because of Rohit. Jessi curtly replies that Gurinder has no chance because of his looks. Sheena comes to take Grinder’s attention, complements him be looking like Shahrukh Khan. She offers him dance. Jessi bitterly sips a drink while Gurinder dances on stage with Sheena. There, Aarya and Bani also dance.

Rohit comes outside with Poonam. Everyone dance together. Gurinder leading Rohit’s dance moves. Gurinder playfully moves Sheena’s dress. They reach a corner. Sheena says she has been to whole of India, Delhi, Mumbai, Gujrat and Tamil Naru. Only Punjab is left for her to see. Gurinder says Punjab is vast, it will take her days to travel the whole of it. Gurinder was excited as he tells her the details. Sheena asks for another drink. Gurinder goes to bring another Rum for her. Jessi comes to Sheena who was drunk by now, she asks Sheena if she wants to explore Punjab. Sheena replies not at all, Jessi may enjoy with her husband and even dance with him; he is quite a killer in his looks as well. Jessi says in their family, husbands know their place. Sheena politely says it’s just a taunt. Jessi tells Sheena to go and take care of her family first where husbands marry secretly, without telling anyone. Sheena was shocked at the news.

Gurinder comes to Rohit and silently asks if he married. Jessi found out about it.

There, Avi apologizes Ana as Cherry told her brother and he told his wife about Rohit and Ana’s wedding. Jessi discusses it with another friend and goes to tell a few more.

Sheena excuses Poonam from a group of ladies. She tells Poonam that Rohit hadn’t gone to office in the afternoon. Instead, he had gone to marry Ananya. Rohit looks towards Poonam whose expressions were of a flabbergasted person. Nickie takes Poonam on stage as ring ceremony was about to begin. Poonam stood on the stage hiding her tears and expressions. Bani hugs her parents after the engagement. Poonam loses her balance. Sheena takes her down the stage, while everyone was concerned. She turns to look towards Rohit.

Later, Rohit knocks the door. Sheena says not now. Poonam allows him and wipes her tears. Sheena leaves. Rohit tries to speak to Poonam. Poonam says she was eighteen when she met him, engaged him; she felt safe and secure with his ring then. She left everything for him, her family, and her career. Rohit says they had already departed. Poonam says it was Rohit’s desire. She always fulfilled his desires. But not anymore. She has taken a decision today, that Rohit must leave this house right away. Rohit argues that the house if full of guests. Poonam says Rohit anyway didn’t want this marriage, but she can’t act anymore. She requests him to leave here. She hands him her Mangal Sooter, wishing him a Happy Wedding.

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