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This story was written by
Isidore Chimezie

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He refused to eat that night, so the wife call him, his pet name “Meziem” what is the problem since I got married to you this is the first time you look so depressed and has refuse to eat even when your favorite is being set on the table. Darling what is the matter?

The wife tries to persuade him to eat but Meziee refused. He journeys into the masters room, sat on the sofa and began to sobber.

Uchechi left the food on the dinning table alongside, her twin kids at the dinning room to meet her husband who is moody.
Having seen that Meziee has never been in such mood before, she wanted to know what has gone wrong. “Meziee she calls did you lost any patient, why are you moody, that you can’t take your favorite food this night?
Meziee’s heart was heavy his speech got tiny as he expressed his encounter in the Federal medical center, Afikpo.

“Darling imagine, it was this evening at 4:00pm when I was about signing out for my duty, that a car drove in. Hole and behold it was my uncle and his wife. The man I told you about.
As an only son of my unknown mom, I struggled to be a medical doctor, none of my father’s siblings and my mother’s put his or her eyes on me I was all left along in the jungle of life; not just an only son, as the first child in my father’s house. Dad got married to Ada two years after the death of my mother.
What killed my mom is what my dad has never try to tell me. I was like an Iceland, that was how I become a separationist. I hated being in existence when I started my higher education.
I face the other side of life, my father was not financially equipped to send me to medical school. It was the Gothic time in my life, lot happened during my undergraduate days, it took the grace of God to find me worthy of being a medical Doctor.
If not the vow I made when I was summed to my profession, I won’t have attend to the woman because his husband was in the position to help me during my schooling days, he never gave me even a ✎ pencil of twenty naira, he didn’t recognize me, I am sobbing because the amount being charged is much almost 1.5m naira.
I am sure such amount id not available. Chris knows that I am a doctor but he does not know where I am working. He is ashamed of calling me because he knew he wronged me, as an uncle.


Now the wife is to undergo abscission after weeks of hemorrhage. Amongst southeastern doctors I am the only specialist of Aciurgy, maybe he has been directed to my hospital.

The head doctor insisted for deposit before he would allow the unconscious woman into the sanitarium. I was coming to sign for my leave for the day when I saw my uncle pleading that the money was much for him. I pretended not knowing him, it was then that doc Henry told me that a case peculiar to my profession is here and he has told the young man what to do, for his wife issue is critical. ” so doc. What you you have to say, it is your field.

I look at uncle Chris face, and remember all his actions, but I remember my vow, I told the head doctor, doc. Henry to let the patient in let’s try if we will be able to solve the problem. I asked uncle Chris “how much are you with?” He started sobbing, saying “I only came here with thirty thousand naira, ten thousand had been issued to the driver that drove us in.
I felt pity on the poor woman on the stretcher. I called uncle Chris outside and insure him that his wife will be fine “stop crying uncle Chris Nnachi, when he heard uncle… He was like ” please doc do you know me, have we met before?” I called him Dee Nnachi, I know you will not recognize me I am Meziee the son of your sister whom…. I wanted to say what he did to me but the spirit of God hold me back “forgive and forget ” that’s what I heard

I left uncle chris, rushed to the emergency room to carry out the surgery.

Then why are you sobbing, did anything happened to your uncle’s wife ?. No Ucheche the operation was successful, she was very lucky to have come when I was still in the hospital.
My love, I am not happy because my uncles and Aunties were very carefree towards me they never contributed to my profession, if not of you Uchechi and your family I would have been a drop out, then who would have done the operation to save the life of my nonchalant uncle’s wife mrs Chris Nneoma. Main looking at things how is uncle Chris going to bill his wife?
Invariably I will still be the one to carry the Borden as a nephew of uncle Chris who never looked at me nor help me even when I asked him to do he asked me if I can’t do any other thing apart from going to medical school that was when he cut off my relationship with him but now he is saved through my profession.

***THE END***

from Comrd. Isidore Chimezie

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