Must Read Story: INSOMNIA… Part 1


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Must Read Story: INSOMNIA… Part 1

Just six month after my NYSC.

She was worried and much in sore, is up to two weeks Micky hasn’t call, so she took the courage to call Micky who clam to be her finacee. Micky was having a lavish romance with Ella who was his ex- back in the university of Abuja.

Jennifer redial Micky’s mobile number the second time, the phone rang, as Ella met to take the phone left on the table , she gave it to Micky to take the call. It was Jenifer at the other side calling….


Jenifer: hello Micky good Evening, I am….

Before she could finish her statement, Micky shouted ” I am what!!!” Jenifer what is your problem??

… I am sorry please forgive for walking out from you, at the restaurant just that I can’t behold the pain of what happened that day.

And so what? Jenifer you walk out of me….

Please Micky, I love you, I know am wrong by acting too fast but you know I am a woman, I love you Micky, I can’t loss you for any lady, am have INSOMNIA because of you. Since that event at Fin-Restaurant you haven’t call to know how I am fairing, oh! This is not the Micky I use to know.

Micky: yes Jenifer, why should I call you? You walk out from me exactly when I wanted to terminate the relationship, you walking out saved me the stress, so what else….
Stop disturbing me as you can see I am chilling with my babe Ella.

Micky gave his phone to Ella.

Ella: “Hello loser, leave my man alone ooo… Micky is my man, go and fine yours okay… Don’t disturb us ( kisses Micky).

Micky: Jenifer, I hope you can hear that voice right, I am done with you, don’t call this line again, Micky hung the call.

Jenifer, slumped as she heard this from Micky and Ella. Her younger sister screamed as she watch Jenifer fall on the floor in the sitting room. ” ehhh… Mum help ooo!!! ”

Jenifer was rushed to Matammah Teacher hospital, for medication.

Expect to know what happened to Micky, Ella, and Jenifer in part two…


To be continued just like as comment for the part two of this (INSOMNIA)

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