Must Read Story: INSOMNIA… Part 2


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Must Read Story: INSOMNIA… Part 2



Jenifer saw herself in the hospital. When Chief Douglas heard of this incident he transited from Lagos down to his house at Pape-housing ex-state in Abuja


It was already four days since Jenifer has been hospitalized, chief Douglas met the doctor in his office, “Doc. Mark good afternoon how is my daughter ?” Chief, she is getting better now, Your wife said you’re on a serious mission at Surulara, so we don’t need to disturb you. “Yes doc. I heard of the incident, so doc. How possible can such be, Jenifer just finished her NYSC in couples of month, I think six month ago, her mother told me that she slumped after calling a friend, a girl of her age to slump is abnormal doc.”


No Chief is not, you daughter had an emotional trauma.


” my daughter is emotionally traumatized by who, I mean who is that idiot that is playing with my daughter’s feeling… Oh nooo!!! Ehhh

The beech is lucky…”


Chief is okay, Jenifer is fine, you should be talking of discharging her, by tomorrow. All you need to do is to make sure she doesn’t go out alone and as well disassociate her from any kind of relationship more especially male; she also need parental care now okay…”


Doc. You don’t need to tell me all these Jenifer is my daughter I care for her so much, as for allowing her to indulged in any relationship, that one is bund off her side, her mother and sister will take care of it as being mandated, thank you doctor… Ehh… The bastard that caused this… Ohhh if I get…


Chief is okay, is well, your daughter is okay.


Two weeks later, Jenifer become worried and sad about the order of the doctor and how her parents followed this order. ” oh Jenifer can’t make a move without daddy knowing where she is going, for how long will this happen, no I must do something”


She went to her younger sister Oge who was sitting at the balcony reading Achebe’s interview in African writers talking.


Oge, she called her attention please don’t be annoyed okay, I am sorry for cutting your reading, may I ask you this question, ‘ how long will I remain captive in this house, why must you call dad before I leave the house.


“Sister is not my fault, is an instruction from the doctor and dad has ordered me to keep him alert when ever you want to leave the house, that detail of your destination should be given”


ehh.. Oge do you like such?


“Sister even me, I’m tired of calling dad any time you want to go out”


Good Oge, that’s my lovely sister, stop calling him, I need to live a free life please, I want to visit a friend today, Oge promise me you will not call dad”


Jenifer; friend Male or female?


Sister what do you mean, Oge act mature,


Jenifer dad said that any friendship now is pending…


” and so what, you are my younger sister Oge, why can’t you help your sister? if you are in my shoe, I will help you as well”


I know sister, but you haven’t answer my question which of your friend ?


“Ehhh… Girl, okay is Ophelia…”




Good afternoon, hello…(door bell rings)


Yes who is there come in.


She open the door while Ophelia was making up before her standing mirror, she turn to see who was coming, ehhh… Jenifer ( Jeny ) she stood and rushed to embraced her, for a long time Ophelia and Jeny have not see…..




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