Must Read Story: INSOMNIA… Part 3


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Must Read Story: INSOMNIA… Part 3

“Long time Jenifer, is this you since we finished our school back in Uni-Lag, none come to see each!! I am delighted, let not my eyes turn dim for haven seen you Jenny”


Oh… Yes Ophelia is quiet long we met, you know after school everybody zoo off for one business or the other, after which, we serve our fathers’ land… Just six months ago, I went for POP ( Past Out Parade) from the National office of NYSC at Lekke.

Is well ex-corpa Jenny…

See your head like ex-… Ophelia are you not ex… Corpa wee…

Dear Jenny that corps was somthing else ooo… After working for INEC, on this year General election they have refused to pay us our Alawee, see Nigeria politics, nah.. So the keep their month the talk of minimum wage. Well is okay I no use them hope…

So what will I offer you Jenifer?

Water is okay…

Ehh.. Water!!! Yes water I am testy… ( Ophelia brings water, presents it before Jenifer on the table)

Ophelia thank you, dear your friend has suffer…
Ehh.. I notice your face was not bright but I seize to ask you why your face was mask, because If I do it will be uncertain for a friend whom I did not welcome first before asking her of the issue written on her face.

So Jenny what is the problem:

Dear is my parents oo…

How what have they done to you? Just imagine even my younger sister Oge is involve in this case….

So Jenifer what is your plan, do you want Micky back? Ehh… God forbid Ophelia, me going back to that demon that nearly take my life, is because of him that my parents together with my sister kept me hostage, just imagine I can’t step out without giving detail of my movement, I knew what it took me to convince my sister Oge, before coming here. The doctor said that I should cut off any relationship, especially, with male counterpart.

Oh! Jenny, sorry for that, so what is your plan?

Plan? No plan, is just to remain single. Life continue. At this point Jennifer stood to leave, then Ophelia accompanied her to the street where she board a minibus to her house at Ajelu estate where Chief Douglas her father build his house. Her parents were not at home when she came back, only her younger sister Oge was at home.

Welcome sis…
Thank you Oge, hope dad and mom are not back?

Yes not back yet, but I have been worried of what will happen if they return before you, what will I tell dad? Will I tell him that you locked yourself inside and don’t want to see nor talk to anybody….

Yes I think it is the best words to have been used…
But sister is a lie you know, what if I did and at the end they saw you coming….

Ehh…. Oge can’t you cover your sister, you could as well tell him that, you don’t know when I left the house….

Eh… Jenifer you know dad very well, he will never take it light with me.

As they were discussing, Jenifer and Oge heard the horn of their parents car, Jenifer ran to her room, while Oge picked up her Drama text to read as she sat on the sofa in their living room, pretending to be focused, without noticing the emergence of her parents:

Hello, Oge, good Evening; greeted her father and mother. How are you my darling, it seems you are carried away with….

Oh… Dad, and Mom I’m sorry just reading one of my drama text for my Final examination ( she stood and rushed to her parents to embrace them)

Okay darling… Where is your sister Jenifer?

Daddy she is inside her room.

That’s okay, let me see her I have a surprise package for her. Honey you may come with me along with Oge lets see my pretty Jenifer.

Mrs Douglas together with Oge her daughter and Chief Douglas went to Jenifer’s room. At the door to the room, Chief knock…. Please Jen open the door is Dad, mom and Oge. We want to see you and give you a remarkable gift okay….

Jenifer open the door and saw her family standing behind.

Now lets go to the living room.

They left for the living room. everybody sits and listen as Chief speaks

Jen my daughter the doctor said…. ( about to say what the doctor said, Jenifer stare at her sister and thoughtfully speaks in her mind, the doctor said again…. What )

… You can now move out to any place you want and you can visit your friends but no male friends for now. For me your father I promise myself to buy you a car immediately after your NYSC. Not until that stupid Micky caused you this emotional brake, So I have to wait for you to recover to fulfill myself promise; Now come with me.

Chief Douglas took Jennifer as others accompanied to the place where Jennifer’s new Benz car was packed. Oge become jealous of this and asked her father about hers’. Jen was very happy yet couldn’t believe her eyes thinking that it is a dream:

Oh! Dad I love you, this is in deed my dreamt car, I like Benz.

As for you Oge, I know you’re jealous but don’t because yours is coming immediately after your service okay. You, Jennifer and your mother are the only thing I have so I desire to make you happy

The family embrace themselves and headed to their daring room for celebration…

Wait… For the part 4

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