Must Read Story: INSOMNIA… Part 4


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Must Read Story: INSOMNIA… Part 4

She drove in, at Ozidi filling station to refill her New Benz, it was on friday evening at about 4:30p.m.


Jenifer: (car horn) Ehh… Please young man fill my car I am waiting….

Madam no ves oo I dey come make I sell give this person….

She was busy with her Ifone 2. Pinging in Instagram pages, she didn’t know when the fuel sale boy filled the tank.

“Madam your money, I mean make you pay me I don fill you car tank…’

Ehh…. Is that so? Okay take it
Jenifer brought out three thousand naira from her hand bag beside her and handed it to Ijile the sale boy. This caught him aback and he stare at the money as well the lady before her.

“Madam my moni no be three thousand ooo, I full your tank as you said nah, you com carry Three thousand, the give me, nah five thousand you go give me madam, ee remen Two thousand nair abeg.”

What do you mean young man, I should give you extra two thousand naira for what? I can’t try that, I always use three thousand, sometimes two-five to fill my car. Is your own different?

Ijile was eager to fight his customer, a notorious Ajegwle boy with red eyes and black lips cause by what the street boys call Wewee a.k.a, ígbó.

You may wonder how he got the job of selling in Ozidi Oil and gas Plc.

Ijile life is too prodigal that his people become fade up, he refuse to go to school neither learning any trade, he is about twenty eight years yet nothing to boost of. Ozi is his blood relation living in Alaska US. seeing that Ijile is doing nothing instead lavishing money, He used the Eungu police to arrest Ijile. Kept him at cell for some months.

Ijile call for change of character and sworn Affidavits, he was released and asked to sale fuel at his uncles’ filling station for a while before his visa to Dubai gets ready.

Ehh…. Madam you’re going nowhere today until you pay me. Before you no know sey nah 5k? You tell me make I full your….

( a car drove in ) I came out of my Metallic Toyota Camry, when I saw how furious Ijile was at the gentle evening.

I met both and ask them what is the problem?

Ijile: Oga see this girl oo…
Eh… Young man I am not your mate, how dare you call me a girl, respect yourself okay…

To calm the situation, I asked the lady to calm down, begged the sale boy to tell me in a mere way his encounter with his customer.

Okay Oga this lady, dey inside her car, she com tell me sey, make I fill her car tank with fuel, which I did, she com the give me #3,000. I tell lem sey, her moni nah #5,000.

Madam, is that true?

Sir don’t mind this thief he thinks, I don’t know that they deconstruct their fuel metre, this is not the first time I used Three thousand naira to fill my tank moreover, I have at least two-three litres in the car, just that I like filling my tank.

Madam; is okay. Sir come you said your balance is two thousand right ? Okay take it.

I gave the sale boy his Two thousand naira and he left.
My phone rang, because it was in the station I brought out the phone but did not take the call for it is very dangerous to take call in the filling station it may explode because of radiation collision.

I was about leaving because it was the chief editor in our mass co-operation media that called. The lady called me back and thanked me.

My name is Jenifer Douglas; may I meet you she said?

Oh! Yes I am David Somachi

David is my pleasure to me you, thanks once more. You’re welcome Jenifer your pleasure is mine. Please Jenifer I am rushing to see someone now take my complementary card or may I have yours.
Give me yours she said and take my call number I don’t have any card here with me she said.

So I went to my car to get my card after I have exchange number with Jenifer…

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