Must Read Story: INSOMNIA… Part 6


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Must Read Story: INSOMNIA… Part 6



I was invited to Jennifer’s house, really this invitation was mastermind by her.


That was on Wednesday evening after my usual report to FRCN. It seem I am in love with this lady, my friend Don-Chizy whom I graduated with from the university of Leister city, has a fiancee who happened to be Ophelia, Jennifer’s course mate in university of Abuja.


Is it a coincidence that friends meet friends, after the heartbreak of Jennifer given to her by Micky, her ex-. She keep telling Ophelia that she can’t fall in love again. But ophelia her bossom friend told her that Izzy, her fiancee friend is crushing at her, ” Jennifer that guy Izzy Chidera is falling in love with you, I am sensing it all over him”


But Ophelia. “Chidera has never open up to me, so how can a man of his strate keep mute to express his innermost contemplating and feelings, think of it Ophelia”


Oh my dear Jennifer actions speak louder than voice, are you not sensing it ? Don’t tell me you aren’t. See Izzy is a good guy he has been so close to me and my fiancee since I started dating Don-Chizy my fiancee, moreover, you’re lucky to start again with a kind man like Izzy, after your saga you narrated to me about that idiot at Ozidi fuel station whom nearly fought you because you bought fuel in his station.


Oh… Ophelia don’t mind that marlian who called himself Ijele, prodigal child. Well Izzy chidera saved me from that razzmatazzed big for nothing fellow.




I came inside chief Douglas’s house, the father of Jennifer, though he was not at home, it was only Oge, her mother and my lover Jennifer that was at home at that moment. I greeted the young lady reading in the parlour who happened to be my fiancee sister whose name was unknown to me not till I met her. ” may we meet, my name is Izzy Chidera ”


Ehh… You’re welcome mr. Chidera, my name is Oge, how may I help you?


I was about to say my mission, when the pretty lady my virgo-Intacta, my latitudinarian apparently show up at the scenario


” Izzy welcome darling, I have been anticipating you since yesterday as agreed ! She is my younger sister Oge. Oge this is my friend Izzy Chidera, the guy I do tell you about who save me from the barbaric Ijele at the fuel station three weeks ago”


Ehh… ( pretending to be smiling ) oh Chidera you are welcome is my pleasure to see my sister’s friend, a kindhearted man, your type is rare.


Thanks Oge your pleasure is mine.


Yeah Izzy sit down, what do you want ? ( so excited)


Oh..Jennifer, do you have punch I like taking spirit once in blue moon.


Yes that’s my dad’s favourite drink, he likes punch or Calypso.


As she was about to get the drink from the taproom which was adjacent to the living room close to the stair case, her mother mrs Douglas Nneoma, was landing from the flight of the stair, as she met Jennifer close to the ginmill about to collect a drink from its’ stock.

She saw me sitting on the armchair totally unwind in ataraxia mood.


I greeted, though she responded but not in a friendly way, she turns left sideways colliding with her daughter Jennifer who was with a bottle of Calypso.


Ehh… Jennifer come with me I want to ask you a question. Mom wait let me drop this drink.


Jennifer brought the drink and pleaded for permission to see her mother who summoned her.

Is okay I am waiting till you come, your sister will be my company now. Thanks she replied and zoom off to meet her mother.




Hi Oge, I hope am not distracting you, for I can see you’re reading since I came in.


No sir, I am through with my reading I am only ruminating over my studies so far.

Okay, you are still a student right?


Yes sir, I am a student of Amadu-Ballo University. Prospective Law student in my acme year of study. I am expecting my proposal defence on May just in three weeks time from now.

Waoo…. Oge, is kul……

Just then did her father Chief Douglas comes in. Seeing me and her daughter Oge. I greeted him while Oge rushed to embrace her father.


” where are your sister and mother, and who is that young man ?”


Daddy they are at the balcony.

I stood to introduce myself ” sir I am Izzy Chidera, Jennifer’s friend she invited me. I am a journalist by profession”


Chief Douglas face changed and he left.




Jennifer, I and your father told you to stay away from male relationship yet you are too adamant, you even have the gault to bring him here pray your father doesn’t set his eyes on him.

As they were discussing about me, chief met Jennifer and her mom, they pretended as if nothing was happening, while Jennifer started shaky because of her father’s look.




Chief went inside his bedroom, took his phone and cell inspector Usman kano, of Papee area 202 police deviation

” hello inspector send me your men I have a suspect, a kidnapper in my house now come with immediate effect”


Jennifer and her mother came back to where I and Oge were, immediately Chief joined them.

Young man you said, you’re who ?


I was about to express myself, a knock was heard at the door, Chief ordered Oge to open the door. Low and behold it was two policemen, who introduced themselves as.


Policeman 1: ” I am inspector Usman Kano, he flashed his ID to us and send it back to his pocket”


Policeman 2: ” I am Sergeant Amadu Isaru, he did as the inspector does.


Yes my officers welcome this is the suspect arrest him ( Chief Douglas pointed at me)


The policemen brought out their handcuff and asked me to remain silent for any word altered by me will be used against me in court of law.


As a journalist I remain silent but also flashed my ID. Card, they respected my status and led me out without handcuffing me. I was constricted to the police cell….


End of part 6

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