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Mrs Ifeyemi razed out of her house, its high time she stops keeping her problems to herself and get help. Her late husband is the cause of her present predicament. He never allowed her to work not even for a day ever since she got married. Now the husband is gone and the worst of all was that he got a loan from a bank which he didn’t pay up before his death. Now the whole property has been confiscated by the bank. Leaving Mrs Ifeyemi and his four children with nothing.

For the past 48hours, she had locked herself and the children in a small room they moved into after their eviction from their formal house and they haven’t taken anything called food. She couldn’t watch her children dying of hunger before her very own eyes, hence her need to get help.

She had the encounter almost every widows have. Those who promised to help after her husband’s demise have departed and abandoned them. Well, every body has their own problem that can even last them a life time.


Now, she was already standing in front of the gate of the only man who was willing to help and of course, the help as a price.

Even though Mrs Ifeyemi was not willing to pay that price. She thought in her heart that when she gets to Daddy Ajuwon’s house, she will kneel at his feet, hold his legs, plead and weep till he has compassion on her and help her out cos he has the means. And she did just that when she got there.

The maid who ushered her in, left immediately her master showed up. Remaining just the two of them in the exotic living room. She looked around, the place was tastefully furnished, she looked up and the chandelier hung was gloriously beautiful, she had never seen such before. And she wondered how God decided to bless mean people and not divert the riches to the kind-hearted.

Daddy Ajuwon is staying in Nigeria alone, his wife and Children lives in the state so he had all the time to explore with women since he got the money.

“Do you still remember my terms and conditions” He asked her.

“I do but…please….


“Woman!” He cut her off. “Don’t waste your tears, it doesn’t move me”

“Please….if not for anything but for my Children…

“My bed is cold right now and if you can warm it up, then consider yourself a rich widow starting from today”. He spat.

” I can’t do it, i have a reputation to protect”

“Wait! What exactly will it take out of you, except you are a virgin widow” He narrowed his brow and mocked.

“I’m a mother and should serve as a role model to my…..

” Rose….he called out. And the maid hurried in.

“Sir!” She said with a bow.

“Call me the Security. Have him throw this woman out and tell him i don’t want to ever see her again in this house” He instructed and left for his bedroom.

Mrs Ifeyemi remained in her knelling position with her head bowed. She wept the more, the maid was moved. She decided to talk to her so she can leave on her own instead of calling on the security guard to throw her out. And she succeeded in getting her out peacefully.

Mrs Ifeyemi got home and looked on her hungered little children. She raised her two hands up to heaven and cried saying,

“God i tried helping myself but i realised it didn’t work. Now I’m left with only one option which is you. I’m stuck with you oh God! You said in your word that you will visit the fatherless and the widows in their afflictions. Please help me and my children” She shouted in prayer, weeping bitterly.

After saying those words of prayers. She stood up, comforted her Children and asked them afterwards.

“Do you believe in God?” She asked and they chorused “Yes”

“Then help will come” She said confidently. She left the room for the bathroom to take her bath she was already bathed herself with tears and sweats so she needs to freshen up, casting all her burdens upon Christ.

She came back into the room after freshening up and wore a free flowered print gown. She brought out a bottle of water and gave her children water again, that’s the only thing she had been feeding them with. She had no choice since she was still owing some people who sold foodstuff to her on credit. They have vowed not to give her things on credit again.


Hours later, late in the evening, she heard a knock.

She was surprised, she can’t remember the last time someone knocked on her door.

One of her children wanted to get the door but she stopped the child.

“I’ll get it” She said.

She got to the door and guess who was standing in front of her?

It was Rose, Daddy Ajuwon’s maid. “Good evening ma” She greeted and she replied but her mind was far away as she was doing some thinking in her head. “Did he changed his mind” She said referring to Daddy Ajuwon and as if reading her mind, Rose spoke.

“He didn’t send me here!”


“Yes, i came on my own”

“What! Why?”

“It’s hard locating this place, it was the gateman who gave me your house address, he said his brother live in this neighbourhood and he do see you in this house anytime he pass by” She explained.

“Ok…….” She was still wondering the reason behind her visit since her boss didn’t send her.

” You are a beautiful woman” Rose complimented. But you didn’t sell your body for money” She said and Mrs Ifeyemi sighed deeply.

“Ha….ehm….. What brings you……

” Here” She handed an envelop to her.

“What is this, i thought you said….

She cut in again. ” It’s a little contribution from myself and the gateman”

“What! Jesus!” She was speechless.

“That’s our salary for this month. We were paid after you left”

She hurriedly opened the envelope and counted the money, it was #60,000. She opened her mouth in awe.

“The whole of your salary! How will you cope?”

“We will cope, we live in a rich man’s house, free food and accommodation, that will do till will get our next salary”

“Ha……thank you so much, the Lord will change your level and and status because of this help you rendered to a widow and this fatherless children in Jesus name” She prayed with the whole of her heart.

“Amen!!!!!!” She repeated. “Please start something with this and take care of this wonderful children” She said and the woman pulled Rose into a hug.


10 years Later,

Mrs Ifeyemi had four stores in the heart of Lagos city, where her business is thriving and booming. Her Children are in the best schools. She had a house of her own on the mainland and a Toyota camry she cruises with.


Rose now lives abroad with her husband and children. They met in that same rich man’s house and he loved her the very first day he set her eyes on her.


While the gateman is doing well for himself in Nigeria. He is now a landlord with eight flats to his name. He is also blessed with a wife and three children.


Daddy Ajuwon died of lung cancer, his money couldn’t save him.



“Ajumobi kokan tanu eniti olorun ba ran si ni lo seni lore (It is only God who sends help to man.)


It is good to be good, what ever you lend to the poor and needy, you are lending it to God and he will repay you. He payed Rose and the gateman back.


Daddy Ajuwon never made it because God said in his words “He that closes his ear to the cry of the poor will also cry and no one will hear him”


Men, it’s good you don’t want to stress your wife by not allow her to work but please make sure to have good plans for your wife and children for the future. Plan their future. Please


To the Widow indeed,

These are widows who stood up to their challenges and face it, they made up their mind to give their children a good life without a father. They are widows with good reputation, dignity and integrity.

They are not jumping from one man to another all in the name of making ends meet. They eat from their sweat. And the best part that is that God hears them(Widows) when they cry.

Can you spare some seconds and pray with them?


I pray for you all in the name that is above every other name, you will eat the fruit of your hard labour in Jesus name.

The hand of the evil ones will never prevail against you and your Children in Jesus name.

The joy of the Lord shall continually be your strength in Jesus name.

Your children will never be a waste to their generation in Jesus name.

Your Children shall be great in Jesus name.

Your Children will sour high with wings like eagle in Jesus name.

The lord will satisfy will long life and good health in Jesus name.

Children’s Children will surround your table in the mighty name of Jesus name.

And let the people of God say…..AMEN!


Dedicated to all the Widows Indeed.

God bless you.

©Toyin Taiwo

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