The episode starts with Sesha looking at nagmani and telling shivji’s third eye opened today, but she has to inform Shivanya to hide from Rithik as he iwll reach there soon. Rithik sees glowing light from shiv mandir and walks towards it. Sesha reaches temple and informs Shivanya that Rithik will reach here soon and she has to hide. Shivanya asks why did not she stop him. Sesha says she tried a lot, but could not. Shivanya asks her and gurudev to save nagmani and herself becomes shivaji’s idol’s snake. Rithik enters temple and thinks from where he was hearing drum sounds and sees foot stainson floor and thinks whose foot prints are these. Aghori sadus surround nagmani. Rithik sees him wearing raja’s attire with a child and praying shivji that he will protect nagmani. He thinks why is he in raja’s attire and who is this child and when did he say that. Raja tells Shivji that whenever he needs him, he will come back. Raja vanishes. Rithik thinks where did man and child go, when did he come to this temple with child. He falls down on floor. Shivanya comes down in and becomes human and shakes Rithik to wake up, says she loves him and cannot see him in danger. She continues shaking him and tryin to wake him up.

Sesha and Gurudev walk into cave where nagmani is kept. Guru maa also walks in from other side followed by Ankush and masked woman. Ankush shoots gurudev. Gurudev asks Sesha to run with nagmani. She says they will kill him if she goes. He asks no to worry about hima nd save nagmani. Ankush shots guru dev again. Sesha takes Guruvdev from there. Ankush says nagmani is only theirs now. Ankush sees someone near nagmani and shouts to back off. Masked woman holds goes near nagmani, sees 5 face nag protecting it, and removes mask and reveals that she is Yamini and says she waited for years for nagmani and she will return back to get it. She walks out of cave. Ankush stops her and asks why did she go near protector snake, it would have killed her. She shouts how dare he is to shout in front of her being a gardener, she is the one who made him wealthy from gardener, if she was not with him, he would have died digging ground and planting trees. She that she is Yamini singh, Panchner’s rajkumari. She reminisces raja performing pooja for his son. Rani asks Yamini to sit with them for pooja. Yamini says raja is taking care of her well even being step brother. Rani says she should not think herself as step sister. A woman tells rani if raja wants to sell nagmani, her husband can get him lots of money. Rani asks not to talk about nagmani again. Ankush is seen as gardner decorating rajmahal with flowers. Yamini asks Raji where is nagmani. She says it is in shiv mandir and only on pooran masi after 4 days it will be out when icchadhari nags dance around it and only that day it can be stolen. Yamini comes out o flash back and says she saw nagmani that day and if that incident had not happened, she would have stolen it that day itself. Yamini goes back into flashback where she searches nagmani in shiv mandir and thinks she will get that nagmani at any cost. She sees nagmani on shiv ling and opens her mouth wide in surprise. When she is about to pick it, snakes come to protect it and she shouts for help. Ankush gardener comes and drags her out holding her hand. She shouts how dare he is to touch her hand. He says he knows she came to steal nagmani, he will inform raja and rani. She says they will kick her out. He says he is a loyal servant and will inform at any cost. She thinks if he informs raja and rani, what will happen to her. Yamini goes back to rajmahal and speaks to rani. Gardener Ankush comes and tells rani that raja is calling her and once she leaves, he tells Yamini that he will inform maharaj soon. She says she will get 1000s of crores and will give him 50%. He says she should share it among his 3 friends also and has to marry him. She agrees. She informs rajathat she loves maali/gardener and wants to marry him. Raja hugs maali and says he does not have problem with their marriage. Yamini continues that they killed icchadari nags with their 3 partners but did not get nagmani. Ankush asks who know where is nagmani. She says her brother Sangram Singh. She comes out of flashback and says only her brother can touch nagmani and give it to them, they should go to her brother now.


Sesha applies herbs to Gurudev’s wound and tells once his wound heals, they can think of protecting nagmani. She continues applying herbal paste chanting mantras. Gurudev says hsi pain is lessening and they have to get nagmani to this mandir, but how. She says she will bring it.

Ankush goes to cave with Yamini and asks Raja to come with them and get them nagmani. He says he will not. Yamini says if he gets her nagmani, she will let him meet his son. Raja says she showed her step sister’s true colors and with mali destroyed his family, he wil not get her nagmani. Yamini shows Rithik’s fake pic and says if he wants his son alive, he will come with her next time and get nagmani, else he will lose his son before he dies. She will send her son where she sent Rani.

Shivanya drops herbs in Rithik’s mouth and thinks soon he will gain consciousness. Yamini and Ankush get back home. Yamini tells maali that people will doubt that she is not home, so she will get from back door and he should enter from front door. She goes back wearing sari and starts crying in front of family and showing fake concern for Rithik. Ankush enters. She asks what did Guru maa say, where is her son. Ankush says Guru maa told Rithik went into cave with her, but don’t know where he went next. She continues crying. Shivanya comes with Rithik and says her son is fine. Yamini asks Rithik where did he go and asks Shivanya when did she go out when she was at home. Shivanya says as she told, she is Rithik’s protector and was feeling uneasy, so she went into temple and saw Rithik unconscious on floor. Yamini asks if she saw nagin there. Shivanya says she did not and there is no snake bite mark on Rithik’s body. Yamini thanks her for saving her son and continues her drama. Ankush asks Yamini to take Rithik to room and asks Angad to call doc.

Shivanya goes to shiv mandir and asks what happened to Gurudev. Sesha tells her the incident and says they could not get nagmani. Shivanya says even they could not get nagmani. Sesha says when she went in to cave behind Ankush and 5th killer, she could not enter cave and there is some secret in that cave and they need to find it out.

Ankush massages Yamini’s scalp and tells he is wearing protective ring and she shouldalso wear something to protect herself from nagin. Yamini hits his head calling him maali and says even after being with her since years, he is a fool. She shows her ring as locket and says she thinks way ahead of him and asks to tell dealers that her brother will get nagmani and they should get 200 crores ready. She continues yelling that he will be maali always.

Yamini goes to her room and wiggling her hair in Rithik’s hair says she will give him the love he deserves. Rithik wakes up and says maa told she saved her even today and he knows she loves him. He says she always protects him and should not be angry on him for long. He apologizes her. She says he is not at fault. He feels headache. She asks him to calm down. He asks if she saw nagin in temple. She says no and asks what did he see in shiv mandir. He says he saw himself in raja’s attire with a child and cannot remember when did he wear it, he is very tensed and wants to go to haveli and find out answer. She says he is not well. He says when she is around, nothing will happen to him and says he wants to know why he sees himself as raja. Shivanya thinks Rithik as some connection with nagmani. Yamini passes by and hears their conversation standing near door.

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