NABTEB Timetable 2021/2022 For May/June Examinations|Download PDF

The National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) has announced the new dates and released the timetable for the 2021 May/June NBC/NTC Examinations Nationwide.

According to the National Business and Technical Examinations Board – NABTEB the NBC/NTC Examination has been scheduled to commence 15th June to 8th July, 2021.

Examinations will start on Tuesday 15th June, 2021 with Theory Papers and end on Thursday 8th July, 2021. There will be NO FREE WEEK between theory and practical examinations.

Examination Centres with less than 10 Candidates will be merged with the nearest Centres with adequate Halls and classrooms for quality assurance purposes.


NCDC Guidelines on COVID-19 of hand washing, use of alcohol-based sanitizers, face masks and social distancing will be strictly adhered to.

Please be informed that the online registration for the May/June 2021 NBC/NTC Examinations is still ongoing and expected to close on Sunday 30th May, 2021.

Students yet to register are urged to do so before the the closing date of the registration.


Monday 14th June 2021
Chemistry paper1 objective and essay
(9: 00am – 11:30am)
Literature in English
(12:30pm – 2:30)
Tuesday 15th 2021
Physics paper1 obj and essay
Financial accounting obj and essay
Wednesday 16th June 2021
Biology paper 1 Obj and essay
(9am – 11:20am)
Commerce Obj and Essay
(1pm – 4:20pm)
Office practice Obj and essay
(1pm – 4:20pm)
Salesmanship obj and essay
(9am to 12:20pm)
Thursday 17th June 2021
Agricultural science paper 1 Obj and essay
(9am – 11:30am)
Saturday 19th June 2021
Animal science paper 1 Obj and essay
(9am – 11:30am)
Literature in English paper II Drama and poetry
(3:40pm – 5:40pm)
21st June 2021
Mathematics paper I Obj
(9am – 10:30am)
Mathematics paper II Essay
(10:30 – 1pm)
ICT Paper obj and essay
(3pm – 5:40pm)
22nd June 2021
English language paper I Obj/test of oral
(9am – 10:40am)
Essay writing comp. and summary
Civic Obj and Essay
(3pm – 5:30pm)
23rd June 2021
Further mathematics paper I Obj
(9am – 10:45am)
Further mathematics paper II Essay
(10:45am – 12:45pm)
Government obj and essay
(1pm – 3:30pm)
24th June 2021
CRS obj and essay
(12 noon – 2: 30pm)
Islamic studies obj and essay
(12noon – 2:30pm)
Friday 25th June 2021
Economics obj and essay
(9am – 12:20pm)
Geography paper I Obj and essay
(3pm – 6pm)
Monday 28th June 2021
Physics Paper II Practical
(9am – 11:45am)
Tuesday 29th June 2021
Chemistry paper II Practical
(9am – 11am)
Wednesday 30th June 2021
Biology paper II Practical
(9am – 11am)
Friday 2nd July 2021
ICT Paper II Practical
(9am – 12noon)
Monday 5th July 2021
Agricultural science paper II
(9am – 11am)
Wednesday 7th July 2021
Geography paper II (PRACTICAL and phy. Geography)
(9am – 11am)
Thursday 8th July 2021
Animal science paper II Practical
(9am – 11am)

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