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NECO Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers 2021. I will be showing you 100% correct  NECO Animal Husbandry objective and theory questions Legit. You will also understand how NECO Animal Husbandry questions are set and many more examination details.


Artificial insemination is a deliberate process of avoiding normal mating between a mature male and mature female farm animal and then introducing the male semen into the female genital organ(vulva) by artificial means.
(Pick any Four)
(i)It eliminate the necessity of keeping one or several male animals on the farm
(ii)It increases the rate of genetic improvement in a herd as long as superior male animals are selected.
(iii)It prevent spread of certain diseases
(iv)It reduces chances of injuries to animals
(v)It enhances optimal use of semen

In progeny selection,Animals are selected on the performance of their offspring or progeny. Mother’s of the best performed offspring are retained while the mother’s of offsprings that do not performance well are discarded WHILE In pedigree selection Animals are selected or rejected on the basis of the performance of their ancestors. The belief is that ancestors have passed on their traits to the animal being considered.

(i)Inbreeding involves the mating of more closely related animals eg the mating of father with the daughter; son to mother or brother with sisters WHILE outbreeding is the mating of unrelated individual animals within the same breed.
(ii)In breeding produces offspring with undesirable characteristics WHILE out breeding produces offspring with greater vigour and productivity.

Rangelands are grasslands, shrublands, woodlands, wetlands, and deserts that are grazed by domestic livestock or wild animals
(i)Healthy pasture are beneficial to the owners animal and environment
(ii)They prevent erosion and water loss.
(iii)Reduce labour requirements; it reduce the labour required especially in feeding livestocks
(iv)Provide of feeds; the grasses and legumes on a pasture serves as food for feeding livestock

(iii)Feed supplement
(iv)Basal feed.

Respiratory system helps the animal to absorb oxygen
(i)Forced air incubator
(ii)Still air incubator

(i)Restlessness and isolation
(ii)Sexual excitements
(iii)Reduced or loss of appetite

(i)mucus discharge from the vulva
(ii)decreased body temperature
(iii)filling of mammary glands with milk

(i)supporting the weight of the animal

A pathogen is defined as an organism causing disease to its host, with the severity of the disease symptoms referred to as virulence.

(i) Malnutrition
(ii) Harsh weather conditions
(iii) injury’s and poorly treated wonds


avian paramyxovirus serotype type 1 (APMV-1)

infected birds’ droppings and secretions from the nose, mouth and eyes.

Coughing and sneezing

Slaughter and bury infected bird.

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