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We fixed the no.1-10












No. 3 Ikokogbe street,


27th July, 2022.



The Chairman,

Esan West local government Area,

PMB 201, Ekpoma.


Dear Sir,


My Chairman sir, we are happy to have you as the new Chairman. Before I digress, let me use this precious opportunity to congratulate you for the victory that you got in last concluded election that brought you into office as our local government Chairman. In reality, you certainly deserved the victory because of your pedigree which was the reasons why people massively voted for you. I am in not doubt whether you are going to succeed as a chairman of our local government owing to the vast experience which you have gained over the years and even as a retired shell boss.


My Chairman Sir, I kindly want to draw your attention to the probable problems bewildering our locality. For something time now, we have been facing the problem of insecurity which is causing apprehension in the mind of our people. The Fulani herdsmen have taken our bushes and their nefarious activities are depriving our local farmers from accessing their farm. They have kidnapped many rural farmers, raped women, killed innocent indigens!


Sir, number two thing I want you to look into is the deplorable situation of our roads. Most roads in Esan West need the attention of the government. Take for instance, the roads leading to Emuhi, Urohi, Egoro-naoka and others within the Ekpoma environment are actually eyesore. This is affecting the farmers in areas the inability to evacuate farm produce into urban areas. Most perishable farm products are getting spoilt on daily basis


Mr. Chairman Sir, health care centers are ridiculous. In most of the health care centers in our local government do not have necessary facilities and medicine to work. Some buildings are dilapidated and to your amazement your Sir, the man power to drive the health care centers are not sufficient. This phenomenon has caused a lot of death of human life in this locality.


Sir, I would want you to look at our markets. The markets situation here is laughable. Apart from being dilapidated, the markets are not well kept. The huge dirt in three of the markets; Eguare market Ekpoma, Irruekpen market, Egoro market call for concern.


My simple suggestion to all these problems mentioned above, are: like the security aspect, it would be important you have identification number/cards given to all the members our in society and every member should be mandated to go about with his or her identical card and anyone without identical card should properly questioned. It will also suffice that you recruit able youths into security outfeet to enable you check the unhealthy behaviour of the criminal in our society.


I will like to suggest possible palliative solutions to our written off road situation in Esan West. Engage the people that are in both diaspora and right here in our society to support you with finances to enable you get caterpillars and graders to grade the roads so that our rural farmers can evacuate their farm produce from their farms. Seek for the assistance of both the federal and the state governments to help you get some equipments for the grading of the roads. It is also good you resucitate the road workers for maintenance culture. FERMA services can be approached to see if they can help. If you know any legislator within our constituency that can bring the situation of roads to the floor of the house at the lower upper chamber, it will do us good, so as to help salvage the ugly trend of our roads, Sir.


The markets that I mentioned earlier need to be kept neat by deploying environmental workers to engage them. If it is possible to employ pay loaders with tilpers to do justice to them, it will be welcomed Sir.


Sir, I want to say that myself as the youths president and and my able youths are behind you. We pray your tenure will bring massive peace and development to our community.


Thanks and God bless.


Your faithfully

Abumere Odion.

Youth President,

On behalf of my able youths of Esan West.



The writer wants pampering and consolation from his grandmother.



Because of her medical condition



(i) Gasping for air and breathlessness

(ii) Wheezing cries



She ran home and shut herself up and wept bitterly for days.



(i) Adverbial clause of time.

(ii) it modifies the verb "died" in the main clause.



Untreated sickness as a result of her father’s death.






(i) doled out – gave out

(ii) shackled – stucked

(iii) battled – struggled

(iv) draped – wrapped

(v) exhausted – drained

(vi) constitution – body


The following activities were carried out by the scout troops in the scouting year:


-They helped people do some difficult tasks

– They built shelters where they temporarily lived during the camping exercise.

– Chanting of songs and riddles were greatly performed and enjoyed.

– The scout boys also cooked each at his turn.

– Each of them also keep watch at night.



The following activities were carried out by the troops in the scouting year:


-The troop took turns to be on guard.

-Some of the seniors cut the weeds around the homes of members of the staff.

-The troop had a talk from from the district commissioner of scouts.

-The troop scrambled through old tyres and swinging from one ladder to another on a rope.

-The troop built shelter and cooked food.


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