Neco Gce Literature (Drama & Poetry) Answers – Nov/Dec 2018 Expo

Section A
After Aloho graduated from university, she was unable to secure a job. Therefore, she went in search of a job. At the cause of looking for a job, she went to stay with her friend who lives in Oannya. Aloho came across her old friend “Ochuole” who told her she will find a job for her.
Ochuole is known to be a wayward girl when they were in school. She uses what she has to get what she wants. Ochuole introduced her friend to Chief Haladu Ade Amaka when they were into fraudulent act together. Chief is a minister but a womanizer. Aloho was given a job unknowingly it was an illegal job. She was happy. Chief told her to start work the following day. Aloho was given a bag containing cocaine to travel to oversea with. She was very scared to do the job, because it is her first time travelling oversea.
On getting to the airport, her bag was searched and she was arrested. Aloho was charged of cocaine offence. Justice Odili who was incharge of Aloho’s case was a corrupt man. Chief Haladu being an influential man settled Justice Odili to free Aloho.
A justice who was expected to be an epitome of tradition, norms, policy makers and law enforcement officers. He discharged Aloho of Cocaine offence which was glaring.

Section B

Lena Younger, a.k.a. Mama, totally rocks our world. She’s a down-to-earth, hard-working black woman who doesn’t suffer fools. Mama has dedicated her life to her children and struggles to instill her values in them with mixed results. One of Lena’s most poignant moments might be when she admits to Ruth that sometimes her children frighten her. This is one of those sad and beautiful moments that make her character seem truly human. Throughout the play, Lena struggles to connect with her children, Beneatha and Walter. She’s extremely worried about Walter’s obsession with money and is totally disapproving of Beneatha’s lack of faith in God. Mama even goes so far as to slap Beneatha in the face when the girl says that God doesn’t exist. Except for the face-slap moment, Mama is mostly kind and patient with her family. Her nurturing personality is symbolized by the way she treats her houseplant. Though it is wilting, Mama loves it unconditionally. Just like her family, Lena’s plant lacks the necessary resources to flourish. Rather than giving up, however, Mama does all she can for it and has faith that one day it will truly thrive. Mama’s faith is put to the test near the end of the play when she entrusts Walter with the $6,500 that’s left from the insurance check. At first, it seems like her trust was totally misplaced when Walter loses all of the money. However, Lena’s faith is redeemed when her son refuses to accept the bribe from Mr. Lindner. In the last moments of the play, we see Mama taking pride in her children. Like her plant, they’re far from perfect, but still there’s hope for them yet.

Section C

(i)Dreams: the land is likened to all kinds of wild animals such as a hawk, whale and tiger. Each of these animals often throws their preys into fear and chaos. The whale, for instance, swallows other fishes in the sea, the same way the African leaders usurp the people’s access to decent living standards. In the same way, the “land” is also regarded as a hawk that frustrates the people’s lives as they run for dear life. As a tiger with sharp teeth, the land, Nigeria chases the people away from achieving their dreams.
(ii)Corruption: The issue of corruption in the poem may be derived from line 4, in which the land, which could be referred to as the corrupt politicians, is said to be “aborting dreams of a good catch.” When there is corruption in the land, the people suffer the most. Their progress, dreams and struggle would be rendered worthless. Nigeria is a blessed country, a land endowed with natural and human resources. But Nigerians, her people continue to live from hands to mouth, having been deprived of all the basic amenities of life such as pipe borne water, constant electricity and decent shelter.
(iii)Hopelessness: Where there is corruption on a large scale, the people become hopeless. Hopeless, they therefore resort to nefarious activities. When the people feel cheated by the people on whom they have placed their trust, they tend to vent their anger through unthinkable means. The recent cases of militancy in Nigeria and many parts of the African continents today is as a result of injustice in the form of hoplessness.


Section D

(i)Success from God: Whatever man acquired on earth is as a result of God’s blessings. No human beings can succeed without the knowledge of God.
(ii)Man is insatiable: It is in the spirit of man to demand for more. It is often said that human wants are insatiable. Both the rich and the poor are never satisfied.
(iii)God as Supreme Being: God is the great creator and man should remember God as Supreme Being no matter the level of his achievements.

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