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NECO GOVERNMENT 2022 ANSWERS, For the May/June 2022 Neco Exams, NECO Government Questions and Answers 2022 are currently accessible. Free Expo Runs for NECO Government Questions and Answers in 2022. You may find free NECO Government Expo answers in this page, along with NECO Government 2022 questions that have come up again and again.

Neco Government Obj & Essay Answers 2022




A bill is defined as a proposal of action discussed in the parliament and later signed to become a law by the President. A bill is not a law until it is signed into law by the executive.

(Pick Any Five)
(i) First reading: This is the first stage of the bill. The bill is presented and it is required that its title be read by the clerk in the House. At this point, no opposition is registered and the bill is printed into leaflets for members to study.

(ii) Second reading: The bill is now presented, after the member or a minister introducing the bill moves that the bill be read the second time. At this stage, discussions are made concerning the principles of the bill.

(iii) The committee stage: At this stage, if the principles of the bill are approved by the House at the second reading, it is referred to one or other of the committees for detailed discussion, amendment and report.

(iv) The report stage: The committee’s report, stating the suggestions of the committee to improve the bill, is presented and any member may move for amendment.

(v) Third reading: Only verbal amendments may be made here. At this stage, the bill is passed or rejected. A thorough examination is done on the bill in order to improve on the actual drafting of the bill.

(vi) The Upper House: If the bill is passed, it is sent to the Upper House where it passes through similar stages. (It first started with the lower House). Any further amendment suggested by the upper House will require both Houses (Lower and Upper Houses) jointly setting up a committee to iron things out.

(Pick any Six)
(i)A citizen is a legal member of a state with full constitutional rights While Alien is not a legal member of a state

(ii)Citizen owes a duties and obligations to the state while Alien does not owe any duty or obligation to the state

(iii)A citizen must be ready to defend his country when called upon to do so , while an Alien cannot be called upon

(iv)An Alien cannot vote or be voted for in any political election While A citizen can vote and be voted for.

(v)A citizen can take up any job of his choice in any area of job selection While An Alien cannot.

(vi)The life of a citizen is fully under the protection of the state While An alien life is not fully under the protection of the state.

(vii)The legal rights of a citizen are guaranteed Whole The right of an Alien is not guaranteed.

(Pick Any Six)
(i)Free and Fair election: The electoral commission had the sole power to organise and conduct free and fair elections in a country.

(ii) Enlightenment/types of votes: The electoral commission educates the electorate about the necessary issues involved in election. They also inform the people the types of voting to be conducted either secret or open(public)voting.

(iii) Registration of parties/Voters: Electoral commission play a vital role in registration of parties and voters. It registers political parties according to laid down rules and regulations. Eligible voters are also registered by the commission

(iv) Provision of electoral materials: Electoral commission play a major role in providing all electoral material. This body had to provide all the necessary materials needed for any election for example ballot boxes, ballot papers, polling boots etc

(v)Counting of votes: The electoral commission is responsible for the counting of votes and releasing the result of each election conducted

(vi) Appointment and Training: Electoral commission play a major role in appointing and raining electoral officers. It does the appointment and training of electoral officers, for instance presiding officers ,clerk and polling orderlies.

(vii) screening of candidates/security at the polling stations: Candidates for election are properly screened and their eligibility ascertained before any election by electoral commission. Adequate security are provided at the polling stations by the commission.

Local government authority may be defined as district authority or an urban authority established under the local Government (District Authorities) Act and the Local Government (Urban Authorities) Act. Local government authorities were created mainly to deal with matters of local concern e.g markets, feeder roads and motor parks.

(Pick Any Five)
(i)Federal government involvement and service board commission: The federal government became directly involved in local government administration.There was the introduction of local government service board/commission in all the states.

(iii)Statutory functions and Single tier: The local governments were given specific statutory functions to perform.All the local governments were made all-purpose single tier local government.

(iii)Uniform system of local government: There was a introduction of a uniform system of local government throughout the country

(iv)Key committees: Each council was mandated to have certain Key committees like the finance and General purposes committee and any two committees

(v) condition of service : The condition of service of local government staff was unified with that of their counter-parts in state and federal civil service.

(vi) Appointment and Grant: There was the appointment of full time chairmen and supervisory councillors. Federal and state governments were made to give grant to local government

(Pick Any Six)
(i)The governor/Appointment of premier: The governor would no longer preside over the executive council business of the state. The governor of the region should appoint as premier the person that commanded a majority in the House of Assembly.

(ii)Appointment of ministers/Eastern Religion : The governor would also appoint ministers on the advice of the premier. Eastern Religion was to have its own House of chiefs

(iii)Appointment of regional governor: The Queen would appoint a Regional Governor, on the advice of the United kingdom ministers with due consultation from the regional government concerned.

(iv)The central legislature (House of Representatives) membership: This House will have 320 members and was to be elected by universal adult suffrage in the East, West and the Southern Cameroon and by adult male suffrage in the North.

(v)Status of a region: The Southern Cameroon was to have the status of a region with its own premier. The Governor-general of Nigeria would however, continue to have ultimate responsibility for it as a trust territory.

(vi)The police/issues of minority : The police force would continue to be a federal institution.Commission of Inquiry to look into the fears of the minorities in the country.

(vii)The office of the prime Minister and Self government: office of Prime minster was created as head of government of the federation. The Eastern and Western regions were to be self-governing in August 1957.

(i)Administrative function: The secretary-general oversees the UN Secretariat, which functions as the United Nations’ executive office and handles operations, including research, translation, and media relations. The Secretariat has a staff of more than thirty-six thousand.

(ii)Human Resources: The secretary-general appoints undersecretaries for approximately fifty UN posts, including the heads of funds such as the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and UN Development Program (UNDP).Secretary-general’s play a vital role in ensuring broad regional representation in UN leadership.

(iii) maintenance of peace/security: The secretary-general’s office oversees peacekeeping missions and appoints the undersecretary in charge of that department, which manages a dozen operations worldwide. He brings to the attention of the security council any matter which, in his opinion may threaten the maintenance of world peace and security

(iv) Appointment of staff and conference: The secretary General play a vital role in appointing of staff and organising of international conference. The secretary general appoints other members of staff under the guidance of the General Assembly. He organises international conference on problems of world wide concern eg UNICEF

(v)Agenda, Annual Report and Budget: The Secretary General prepare the agenda for the General Assembly. He makes the annual reports to the General Assembly on the work of the United Nations. The annual budge of the organisation is also prepared by the secretary General.

(vi)Mediation: As part of the “good offices” responsibility of the position, the secretary-general practices independence and impartiality to prevent and limit conflict.The secretary-general also appoints envoys charged with brokering peace deals. Such envoys report to the Security Council, and their appointments can be influenced by the preferences of the council’s members.




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Neco Government 2022 Questions and Answers

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