Neco Physics Practical Specimen 2022


Are you looking for Neco Physics Practical Specimen 2022 for all practical subjects? Do you want to see the list of specimens you are required to read to prepare for 2022 Neco Physics Practical Specimen and pass? If yes, you have arrived the right place.



-G – Clamp.

-2 Meter Rules.

-Optical Pin.

-Mass Hanger of 50g each.




-Retort Stand.

-Plane Mirror.

-Four Optical Pins.

-Four thumb pins.

-Plain Sheets.

-Drawing Board.

-Mirror Holder.

-Resistant Box.

-Zero-centre Galvanometer.

-2V Accumulator or 2 x 1.5V Dry Leclanche Cell.

-Plug Key.

-Metre Bridge.


-2Ω Standard Resistor Covered and Labelled x.

-1Ω Resistor.


2022 NECO Physics Practical SPECIMENS 

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