Nigerian Customs officer kills a Citizen returning from abroad just because of #5,000 bribe (Watch Video)

Nigerian Customs officer kills an innocent soul returning from abroad just because of #5,000 bribe (watch Video)

There was commotion earlier today along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, after an official of the Nigerian Customs service, allegedly shot a man coming from abroad because of N5000 bribe.

It was gathered that they custom officers stopped a vehicle conveying a family returning from abroad and they demanded N5,000 bribe from them.

Another man was also reportedly stopped by the Customs official on his way to the Eastern part of the country and he was charged to pay almost N300,000 for a custom charge for his car which he refused and complained that it is too much.

After many arguments and out of annoyance the Custom officer mistakenly shot the man whom he and his family just returned from abroad in cold blood.


Eyewitnesses are saying he shot his colleague. It is not clear if the man he shot was his fellow custom officer, or if he actually killed two people.

Watch the 3 short videos below:

Watch the 3 short videos below:

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