Bauji tells the inspector that it was an attack on his wife. The inspector says that he will ask Mrs Garg and the other people as well, but they can’t arrest anyone until Mrs. Garg don’t say anything. Gunjan tells Rachna that her mom will be alright. Dadi comes there and asks Dayal what happened, Dayal says that her child is a criminal in their eyes. They all leave, she asks Rachna and Gunjan. Rachna cries that how this all happens. Dadi says that KT loves him so much that he can’t think about injuring you. Gunjan asks why she went then, Dadi says he is standing downstairs, he didn’t want to clarify; that’s why he went away from here.
KT cries in the hospital saying how he can do this. Dadi says that it isn’t his mistake, no one can do anything right now; they must go. He says that until the doctors declare Shayl aunty safe, he cant go home. Gunjan says to Rachna that she must talk to KT, it seems as an accident to her. Rachna asks what she must talk to him when her mother is so ill. Dadi says to KT that he must go to Rachna, she is disturbed right now and her reaction is natural; he must explain it to her. Rachna says that she isn’t leaving, this place. KT comes there. She says that meeting KT and talking to him is out of question.
GS calls Mayank, he asks why he is absent today from office. Mayank says that his mother had an accident he can’t come. GS says whatever; he wants him in the office within half an hour. Gunjan asks him is it GS, she tells him to go to office she will handle it here. The doctor comes and says that there is no improvement in Shayl’s condition.
Mayank and Charu arrive together to the office. GS says that now I know why Charu is late in the office, you both have come here after your meeting; and you made up that your mother had an accident. Mayank holds his hand on GS. Charu stops him as the whole lot of people watch. Mayank says to GS that he must think before talking. Some clients arrive there, GS goes inside with them saying he will see him later. Charu passes by giving Mayank a paper, he reads it.

Rachna comes to Dayal, and offers to bring water for him. Dadi asks KT to get her water. KT and Rachna meet each other in the corridor. Rachna’s cell phone rings, she gets worried and runs back. Gunjan tells her that Shayl’s heart rate has decreased, her BP is also low; everything can happen if she doesn’t get well soon. Gunjan cries. KT also hears this. Dayal stands up looking at him. Rachna says nothing can happen to her mother. Seema comes to console her, while Gunjan cries hugging Sangeeta. Doctor comes out and says she is critical, they must arrange blood soon. Rachna looks through the window and cries saying you won’t go anywhere leaving us. Mayank waits at a site, saying it has been one hour Charu didn’t come; had GS known. Charu comes there with a bag and says this is your ticket to independence. Mayank opens it, there was 25 lacs. Charu tells him to throw it at GS mouth and free himself. Mayank asks what is it Mrs. Segal, why don’t you get rid of him taking it. Charu says that it is the fruit of my deeds, you should free yourself at least. GS comes there.


GS says I am really sorry that I didn’t know this job will be such a torture for you that you will have to take money from your ex- wife. Mayank says that Charu brought them here, and I aint taking it either. GS says offcourse I understand, I am also a man. He hands him his leaving letter, that says Mayank owes him no compensation. Mayank hears GS saying to Charu that she is an unfaithful lady, and he wont let her forget it ever. Gunjan insists she must let her donate blood to her. KT also comes there….
Prabhu comes to tell them that B- is out of stock in the hospital’s blood bank. KT requests them to take his blood, as there is no time. The doctor comes there, KT offers him. He tells him to come along for tests, but Dayal stops him saying he doesn’t want this man’s false aid…..

Bauji denies taking KT’s blood. Dadi shouts that it’s the question of shayl, why don’t you understand this. Bauji says he won’t leave KT, but KT says Shayl needs blood now, let me donate it. Bauji asks him to stop showing this fake worriness, he cries while saying he won’t let him live if something happens to Shayl. KT asks Dadi to go as their staying is more painful to them. KT and Rachna steal a look at each other. Gunjan requests the doctor that my BP isn’t that low, but the doctor says they can’t take hers. He says the hospital won’t be responsible for anything that happens to her. Gunjan cries requesting Dayal, and asks the doctor to hurry. Dayal keeps hand on her head. They go.

Gunjan donates the blood when Mayank enters the room. He comes to him asking if she is alright. She says I am fine, and I am sure Shayl also is. Mayank says she has been a blessing to his house. She excuses him on saying his house and says isn’t it mine. Mayank gets Charu’s call, she was afraid and asks for a last time help. She asks him to call her mom and tell her that her life is in danger.
GS has kept her in a mill and… GS snatches her phone. Gunjan says she might be in trouble but she doesn’t trust her, he should call the police and must not get involved in the problem. Seema brings juice for her, the nurse asks them to go out. Mayank comes out and thinks about Charu’s tone. He calls her but the number isn’t working.
Shayl was panting hard, the doctors provide her with the treatment. The nurse informs that her condition is getting serious. Rachna comes to temple and asks the God that her mother should be alright. She promises she will do what they want. Sangeeta comes to call Rachna, she runs towards the room. Everyone gathered around the bed, she goes ahead afraid. Shayl was conscious. She sits by her side and asks if she is alright. Shayl nods. The inspector enters the room. Bauji was determined to get KT arrested. Bauji asks Shayl to tell them all what she saw. Shayl says that it was not KT’s mistake; he was just saving the child I wanted to save, I came in between them, mistake was mine. The nurse disperses them all.

Gunjan looks for Mayank and calls him. Rachna runs out and thinks about the blames that were put on KT. She runs to KT’s house, Dadi was there and watches her panting. Rachna says that Shayl is now conscious and hugs her. Rachna says she want to talk to KT, KT walks away from the room. Dadi goes to call him. Dadi asks KT to come out as Rachna wants to talk to him. KT says he doesn’t want to meet her, she may leave. Rachna over hears this. He says that when there is no trust, there is no need to meet. Dadi asks isn’t his love enough to meet her. KT says she never understood his love nor did it. He leaves the room. Rachna runs out of the house crying.

Rachna comes to hospital and says to Dayal he took KT wrong, he didn’t do anything wrong; he must forgive him. Dayal says that KT is a liar and hurt his trust, Shayl is there in the hospital because of him. He will never forgive him. Rachna asks Gunjan what to do, neither KT is talking to her nor is Bauji forgiving him. Gunjan says that those who love each other cant stay away from each other. She assures her that all will be well soon.

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