Scandal! March Teasers 2020 on


Scandal! March Teasers 2020

Scandal! March Teasers 2020 on, Boniswa unknowingly laments to the cause of her misery that she is drowning in the flood of troubles.  REAd FULL  Scandal! March Teasers 2020 Below:

Monday 2 March 2020
Episode 3509

Yvonne fears that a loved one could be lost forever.


Tuesday 3 March 2020
Episode 3510

Yvonne chooses radical action to protect a loved one from a family member.

Wednesday 4 March 2020
Episode 3511

Yvonne discovers it won’t be that easy to walk away from her new responsibility.

Thursday 5 March 2020
Episode 3512

Thembeka wins her target’s heart but is conflicted by the road ahead.

Friday 6 March 2020
Episode 3513

A saboteur makes two very bold moves towards fulfilling her end of her deal with the devil.

Monday 9 March 2020
Episode 3514

Thembeka’s sabotage starts to bear lots of fruit.

Tuesday 10 March 2020
Episode 3515

Thembeka makes serious progress with nailing a scapegoat.

Wednesday 11 March 2020
Episode 3516

Mthunzi is badly stung when his advances are dismissed.

Thursday 12 March 2020
Episode 3517

Mthunzi questions the commitment of his partner in crime.

Friday 13 March 2020
Episode 3518

A falsely accused man issues Boniswa with a serious threat.

Monday 16 March 2020
Episode 3519

Boniswa unknowingly laments to the cause of her misery that she is drowning in the flood of troubles.

Tuesday 17 March 2020
Episode 3520

Thembeka finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, putting a plan in jeopardy.

Wednesday 18 March 2020
Episode 3521

Mthunzi breaks a fundamental rule of his alliance with steamy consequences.

Thursday 19 March 2020
Episode 3522

Mthunzi tries to deal with his deep attraction to a woman who is off limits.

Friday 20 March 2020
Episode 3523

Boniswa struggles with grief and Mthunzi reveals his true agenda.

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Monday 23 March 2020
Episode 3524

A close call results in Thembeka making a decision that could ruin everything for her partner.

Tuesday 24 March 2020
Episode 3525

Mthunzi pulls a desperate and risky move to rescue his villainous plan.

Wednesday 25 March 2020
Episode 3526

Mthunzi comes up with a dastardly plan to try and win back his partner in crime.

Thursday 26 March 2020
Episode 3527

Xolile returns and starts demanding difficult answers to uncomfortable questions.

Friday 27 March 2020
Episode 3528

Romeo is back with a vengeance and determined to blow a problem out of the water.

Monday 30 March 2020
Episode 3529

Romeo suspects that troubles are stemming from a source he has crossed swords with in the past.

Tuesday 31 March 2020
Episode 3530

Chumani’s state shocks Tshepo who suggests a radical solution.

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