Story: A Girl Like Amanda… Episode 19 – 22

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Story: A Girl Like Amanda… Episode 19 – 22


A Girl Like Amanda.


Written By Jake Sam.

Episode 19.

He ran as fast as he could from home covered in blood as he crosses a busy road nearly killed by a fast moving car, he freeze immediately but as the car owner steps down, he regain his compulsion and continued running.

When he got to a bridge, he ran under and hid himself from society as he recalls what happened an hour ago.

“Lanre, come back here you stupid boy.” His father ordered.

Lanre grumbles restlessly as he hated the voice of his father but he still had to answer his call if not, there would be consequences and that’s what he was afraid of, so he unwilling drag himself to meet his abusive father in the parlor smoking marijuana and sipping a bottle of Mr dowells.

“Foolish boy, go ask your mother if she done finish with the food.” He barks loudly.

Lanre looks at him disgustingly, wondering how his mother ended up marrying the fool he calls his father.

“You still dey here, you deaf abi.” He looks at him angrily.

“I dey go now.” He runs away when his father start unbuckling his belt.

“I no even if dis boy na my pikin sef, em mama na ashawo, wetin mek me accept kwanu.? He said as he continued smoking his marijuana.

“Mama, that man say mek I ask you if you done finish with the food.” Lanre ask his mother immediately he entered the backyard where she is cooking jollof rice.

“Lanre, how many times I go tell you mek you no dey call your papa ‘that man’ ehn.” She said angrily.

“Mama, I dey sorry but me, as I dey so no fit call am my papa because him no dey act like my papa na.” He frowns.

“If my five finger touch for your face you go regret why na me born you. People wey no get papa dey fine one, you wey kon get come dey talk nonsense. Comot here before I go beat you this hot afternoon.” She warns.

“Mummy no be so na, oya I no go do am again.” He pleaded.

“Comot you no dey hear.” She yells at him.

He looks at her for a second before walking away.

“Tell am say em done don!.” She shouts after him as she starts dishing out the meal.

Few minutes later on.

“Deji, mek I bring your food now?.” Adanna asks her husband who is still smoking.

“No oo, bring am tomorrow morning idiot. Comon bring my food quick.” He yelled at her.

She slowly moves away as she called Lanre to go give him his father’s food.

Lanre didn’t want to upset his mother again so he took the tray of food to him but he angrily pours the food on Lanre.

“Come this girl, you mumu oh. So na dis small boy go com serve me ehn?.” He shouts immediately.

Adanna came running into the parlor confused as she saw the plates of food on the floor with the ceramic plates broken the floor.

“Sorry Deji, I forget.” She said apologetically.

‘Paah!’ A hot slap landed on her face immediately, “You chop winch ani you romance craze ni? You forget abi. You no sure say you forget the papa of this bastard you carry come.” He said referring to Lanre who is dumbfounded at the spot when he witness his father slapped his mother.

‘Paah!” Adanna slaps him back as he quickly holds his cheek surprise.

“You dey stupid for that talk you just talk now Adedeji, you dey very stupid.” She cries out.

“You slap me, me fire. A whole me na you slap.” He asks not believing that she slapped him.

“Yes and I go do am. . . ” she is cut short as Deji pounced on her, punching and slapping her.

Lanre tries to hold his father but as a fourteen years old boy, his strength couldn’t match that of Deji.

He keeps punching and hitting her. Then he starts strangling her. She coughs weakly.

Lanre didn’t know what to do as his mother is getting beaten up.
Seeing his mother dying and gasping for breath, he searches around for anything to use against his father, sighting a piece of the broken ceramic plate, he quickly picks it and stabs him in his neck twice as Deji holds his neck immediately as he stood up staring daggers at Lanre, he staggers down to his knee still clutching to his bleeding neck. He soon falls down dead.

Adanna watches in disbelief as she stares at her son strangely.

“Wetin you do Lanre, Jesus, lanre why na?.” She cries out as she runs to his lifeless body.

Lanre realizing what he did, he ran out of the house not looking back.


Episode 20.

It is dark now as Lanre is still under the bridge crying.

Soon, some group of homeless people came under the bridge, Lanre is frightened about the people, in their midst was a boy of about nine years old who immediately saw Lanre and called the attention of the rest.

“Boy, wetin you dey fine for here.” A dirty looking old man asks him. M

Lanre didn’t say a word as he recoiled himself to a corner of the under bridge.

“Look, my name na Elvis but my people here dey call me E-trigger. No dey fear me. I just wan know where you from.” E-trigger said as he walks up to him.

“Chairman this mumu, e be like na deaf and dumb person him be oo.” A boy said from the back as he made his way to where E-trigger is.

“Boy you deaf?.” E-trigger said almost running out of patience.

“Chairman, e be like say him no ready to yarn anything. Mek him march away from this area before him go chop groundnut.” The boy said, he is seventeen but he has the feature of a twenty five years old man.

“Come, Alabama you no go shut up.” E-trigger said angrily. “Abi you better pass the kid when you first come here?.”

As he said, there was a laughter from the group.

“Chairman no be so na, me I different.” Alabama Said lowing his head from the gaze of E-trigger.

“Boy oya talk before I vex.” E-trigger brings out a pistol and points it at Lanre.

“If I count to five and you no talk, you go die be that so one… Two… Three… ”

“Chairman abeg free am, mek me handle am. Him go talk.” A fourteen year old girl suddenly intervened.

“Butterfly, shift comot from here before I wake you better slap.” E-trigger warned.

“Chairman, mek him dey under my care, just give me from now till tomorrow him go talk.” She pleads.

“Fine, till tomorrow na.” he says walking away.

“Oya you better talk oo, who you be.” Butterfly asked him.

Lanre still say a word. Seeing that he isn’t going to talk soon, she decided to try tomorrow morning.

“Look, we go sleep now because time don go but tomorrow morning, you better talk something or else E-trigger or Alabama go kill you.

Keeping silent, Butterfly is almost angry but kept her temper in check.

Taking out a foam mattress at a corner followed by a wrapper, she carried a broom and swept a corner of the under bridge. Then she lay down the mattress. Taking off her trouser and her polo shirt leaving only her inner wear, she carried a bucket filled with water and took a sponge and a soap from her ghana-must-go bag. Covering herself with the wrapper, she took the bucket of water to a dark side of the bridge and had her bath.

Lying down on the mattress now, she has changed the wet wrapper with a new one.

“Boy, another bucket of water dey dat corner for there, soap dey near am. Use am baff then come join me sleep. No fear, I no dey bite you hear. Me I don sleep, you too, you need to sleep.” Butterfly said to him.


Episode 21.

The next morning. 5: 45am.

“Oya boy wake up.” Butterfly taps a sleeping Lanre, Lanre opens his eyes to see who is disturbing him.

“Allow me sleep na.” Lanre grumbles.

“So you dey talk abi, you wan kon put yourself for trouble yesterday.” Butterfly said almost angry at him.

“Sorry, no vex. I be no get to talk.” He said as he got up from the mattress.

“You never chop?.” She asks him.

He nodded.

“Okay, mek I go buy brush for you so that you go chop but on one condition.” She said.

“Tell me, I go do anything.” He pleaded.

“You go tell me anything wey I wan know and you go do anything l tell you to do.” She said wildly spoken her mind.

“I go do am, I agree.” He quickly said.

“Oya, I don fetch water wey you use am baff.” Butterfly said as she walks away.

“Sorry you hear, so wetin be your plans now?.” Butterfly said apologetically after hearing Lanre’s story.

“I no know sef,” Lanre said.

“Okay, mek we be friends na.” Butterfly said as she brings her hand for an handshake.

“We be friends already but I no know your real name.” He said.

“Edna, but everyone here use a nickname so wetin you go like people call you because nobody go like call you by your real name.” She answers.

Thinking for a few seconds, he said “Potiphar.”

“Jidenna, this is strange. Do you know any of the girls.” Victor asked.

“No, like I told you earlier. The girl I was running with, her face wasn’t clear enough because we were running in shadows. And the rocky of a girl is somewhat strange.” Jidenna said looking perplexed.

“Who else have you told?.” Victor asks.

“No one, not even my mum.” He said.

“Good, because right now we have to know what kind of sickness that is affecting your brain. I mean how can you keep having a dream where you died repeatedly and you didn’t think you should let your mum to be aware of it. JD, you are my best friend and I’ll take a bullet for you but you know that what you’re doing is too risky, at least tell it to pastor William. Look am afraid, okay. You have to be careful with who you do things with.” Jidenna nods as Victor spoke to him.

“Thanks man, I know you will always be there for me. I’ll think about it.” He said.

“Look, no be to think about am. If you don’t say anything to them, I will.” He said seriously.

Jidenna understand that the matter is serious and it isn’t something one should take lightly.

“Mama, me and Lotenna want to go to the stream and fetch some water, the tap is not running anymore.” Tobenna said to her mom who is busy breaking palm kernels.

“Okay my daughters but please be very careful,” Mama Tobenna said.

“Don’t worry mama, I’ll go with them.” Amanda who came out of granny’s house said when she saw the two girls with buckets and a cloth in their hands.

“Ah, I don’t think that is a good idea. I mean, you are a city girl so you don’t to stress yourself.” Mama Tobenna tried to persuade her.

“Aunt why would say a thing like that na, I was once in this compound and I was once going to the stream to fetch water for my mother and grandma so it’s not a big deal, and besides. I haven’t strolled round the village since I came. Am tired of being indoors.” Amanda said as she quickly carried an empty bucket with a piece of rag.

“Are you sure?.” Mama Tobenna asked her as if unsure of letting her go.

“Am very sure.” She said confidently.

“Okay, if you say so.” Mama Tobenna said giving up on what to do next.

“Me am also coming oh.” Soludo said from behind as he carried a blue plastic bucket as he is only putting on a short knicker and a yellow shirt.

“Young man, where do you think you are going to?.” His mother gently said.

“Mummy, am following my sister and my aunty to fetch water.” He said afraid of his mother to pursue him inside.

“Amanda, should he follow you girls?.” She asks Amanda who is surprise.

“Aunty, if he wants to come, let him. There’s no problem.” She said and Soludo jumped up in joy.

“Okay, you can go with them.” She permits him before the four left the compound as Soludo hold Amanda’s hand in his.


Episode 22.

Pius and three other boys are inside a bush clearing drinking and smoking cigarettes close to the village stream that morning.

Amanda and the children filled their buckets with the water from the stream as other boys and girls are playing besides the stream.

“Jude, who be that guy?.” Emeka, one of the boys with Phillip ask Jude.

“I no know,” Jude responds with a cigarette in his mouth.

“Mek we ask Pius, you know sey na fu_kaholic him be. Him fit know her.” Emeka as draws the attention of Pius who is busy speaking with Abel.

“Pius, you don see that girl before?.” Emeka called to his attention.

Pius initially is angry until he saw Amanda.
“Oh my, what an empress of beauty.” He exclaimed unbelievable surprise.

“Come, we don tell you sey when you dey with Victor and Jidenna, you for speak English but when you dey with us you must follow us speak broken English or na pidgin.” Jude said warningly.

“And I have told you guys not to tell me how to speak. I went to school, you illiterates.” Pius angrily said.

“Come, Pius you dey mad. You go school na you dey follow us hang here inside this bush dey smoke our cigarettes, dey drink our hot drinks.
If you talk again I go stab you here and now, nothing go happen.” Emeka said as he unsheathed his dagger lunging at Pius with anger in his eyes till Abel intervened.

“Emeka, put that thing back before I get angry. Are you mad? Na him mek you drop out from primary four?. Don’t ever do this nonsense again.” Abel said nonchalantly.

“Sorry senior man but Pius dey mek me vex some times.” He said as he puts back the dagger in the sheath.

“Look, I also speak English right so if Pius wants to, there’s no problem. After all you hear what we say to you. You understand them.” Abel cautions him.

“Okay senior man, I don hear.” Emeka said in a ‘not so serious’ manner.

“So, back to the girl. Pius do you know her?.” Abel ask him seriously.

“This is the first time am seeing such a beauty like hell.” He said smirking.

“Then that means she is new into town. She looks like a city princess.” Abel said looking at Pius.

“F–k that Abel, I bet I can f–k her within three days.” Pius boasts laughing.

“A week, I give you one week. I bet 50k, if you f–k her within a week I’ll give you 50k. Jude and Emeka are my witnesses.” Abel confidently said.

“You’ve just lost a sum of fifty thousand naira.” Pius said walking away.

“Where you dey go Pius?.” Jude asks him.

“What do you think? Winning my fifty thousand naira of cause.” He said smiling at him.

“Pius, if you fail, you will pay me a fifty.” Abel said behind him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” He said as he ran up to Amanda and the children as they all were ready to leave the stream.

“That boy, na girl go kill am.” Emeka said as he walks out of the group leaving only Abel and Jude.

“Senior man, what if him succeed?.” Jude asks him.

“I sincerely doubt it. And more over, she looks too classy for him.” Abel said as they follows Pius behind.

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