Story: A Girl Like Amanda… Episode 29 *Finale*


Story: A Girl Like Amanda  Episode 29.

Last Sequence.

Continued from the last Episode.

Take her inside the bush. She looks good to fvck.” He orders and the short guy carried her on his shoulder, Amanda tried fighting but the tall guy punched her across the face, hard. Blood drips down her nose.

Lotenna, quickly came down and ran to her brothers crying.

“Lotenna, go and tell uncle Olisa. Hurry!” He said in pains.

Lotenna nods her and sprang up to her feet, she ran as fast as her leg could carry her.

She ran blindly as she hit someone, she almost fell down but he held her.

“Lotenna, what is it?” He asked as he saw she was in fright.

“Brother Jidenna, brother Victor thank God it’s you guys.” She commented momentarily.

“What happened? Why were you running?” Victor asked her quickly.

“It’s Aunty Amanda and my brothers.” She cried out, shaking from the incident.

When Jidenna heard her mentioned Amanda’s name, he became restless.

“What happened to them?.” He demanded to know.

Lotenna couldn’t speak out, her voice was shaking in fear.

“Lotenna speak up, what happened to your aunty and your brothers?.” Victor chipped in.

“Some men attacked us when we were coming back from Daili Restaurants.” She finally said.

“Where did this happen?” He queried.

“Along Ona road. They’re badly injured. Aunty Amanda was taken into the bush.” she cried out.

“Okay, go home and inform your people. Let them call the police alright?.” He said uneasily.

She nods and runs off.

“What are we gonna do now JD?.” Victor asked him, he was very angry and scared.

“It must be Pius and his boys.” He said as he ran off to where Lotenna came from.

Victor runs after him, they got to the crying Osita and the passed out Soludo who is sprawled out on the ground.

“My God!” Victor exclaimed in shock.
“Would Pius do this to this kids?”

“I don’t fvcking care if he did it. These kids and Amanda are my priority.” He stated angrily.

“Relax, let’s just wait for the police to come.” Victor suggested.

Jidenna looks at him closely for a second, looking back at Osita and Soludo. “Stay here with them, till the police come.”

“What are you going to do? Jidenna don’t be stupid. These men might be dangerous. Don’t do what I think you’re gonna do JD.” He commented noticing the uneasiness of his friend.

Suddenly there’s a scream coming from inside the bush.

“Too late.” Jidenna said, he picked up a log of wood and ran to the direction the scream came from.

“Drop her here.” The tall masked man ordered his accomplice.

He did so and they both start unbuckling their belts.

Amanda who has passed out after a heavy blow wakes up, at first, her vision blurry but soon became clear. She looked on to her captors. Trying to get up, the masked man kicked her abdomen, she screamed out. She was punched on the face, the second time she tried fighting back but is overpowered by the two men who didn’t give her a fighting chance.

She thought of her new found family, she thought about Maureen and the love they shared, she thought about Michael and wondered what he would have done if he was alive. She thought of mama and Soludo, how they would react to her soon coming death.

Her face now bloodied, she found she could no longer move a muscle. She was too weak now, she looked at her attackers one more time as they opened her leg, unzipping her cloth she put on, fondling her breast and making happy noises. She couldn’t let them disgrace her like this but she was powerless. Then she thought of her biological mother, then her father, wondering how life could go differently if he was still alive.

Taking off her clothes, they touched her pubic hairs underneath her pant.

“Thud!” She heard the sound of a heavy blow and one of the masked men falling to the floor, the other trying to stand up was hit too in the head, he falls too.

“Hey!” A masculine hand tapped her face.

He face was blurry but she knew he was familiar, his voice kept ringing in her head.

“Shhh, am here to help you Amanda.” He said as he covered her up. He carried her in his hand as he took a different path from the bush entrance.

She looks at him again then slowly felt her eyes close.

The End….
A Girl Like Amanda 2: Vanishing Bullet.


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