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Vanishing Bullet.

A Girl Like Amanda

Season 2

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Last Episode 10

Continued from last Episode.


“Hurry up with the cash na, Chineche.” Pius complains as he looks at his watch, wondering what was keeping Chineche inside for so long, they had arrived his apartment and told him to wait a little.

Chineche soon came out with a black nylon. Something was wrapped inside.

“Is that the cash?.” Pius asked seeing the nylon in his hand.

“Come make we go secluded area like that unfinished building along That Iroko tree.

“Pius eyed him suspiciously but agreed.” Not knowing it was a trapped, he followed him behind.

“Amanda where are you going?.” Maureen asked her as she takes a handgun from the van, cucks it and checks the magazine before putting it in her front uses her polo shirt to cover it.

“Maureen, Pius is a threat. Not to my family but everyone has in this community and am going to end him today.” She replied as she hand her a piece of paper.

“What’s this?.” Maureen ask.

“Pius phone number.” She replied.

“How did you get it?.” She pressed on.

“I stole it from his phone.” She answered looking somewhat angry.

“Who’s?” She asked again looking at her.

“Jidenna. Track his cellphone. We’re going to end the guy and I need to hurry. Someone wants to kill him too.

“And who is that?” Favour Questioned.

“His name is Abel, Favour’s brother and the leader of the Fire Boys. According to Jidenna, he wants to kill Pius but I have to kill him first.

“Okay, am with you.” She said bringing out her laptop.
After a few minutes “I got it.” She said as they entered the van.

“Don’t you think we should call Taofeeq?.” Maureen asked him.

Taofeeq’s call came through at that instant.

“Where are you girls. You know if anything happens to both of you under my watch, your father will cut off my head.” He said from the other side of the call.

“We’re okay and we need you. I’ll ping my cell phone to yours. Track our location. We need you.” She said and the line went dead.

“Seriously Maureen. You just decided to let him in.” She said.

“C’mon Amy, we need him. And moreover, he has a crush on you.” She teased and Amanda just smirks a lil.

“Okay, we’re on him. Lemme drive okay?.” She said taking the wheels.

“Chineche is leading him right to us Emeka” Abel said as he has appointed Emeka to be his right hand man.

“Senior man, I go make sure say Pius pay.” He swears holding his assaulted rifle.

“Senior man, boys ready. That fool think say him go hurt Omalicha go free but today na him last day for this mother earth.
It was Jude that spoke with one other guy they call CiCi which made them four in number.

“Hand it to me.” Pius said as they arrived at the uncompleted building.

“Na your choice.” He opens the nylon and brings out a handgun and points it at Pius who is surprised as he backed up a little.

“Wetin you dey do Chine, why you point gun for my face.” Pius ask him getting a three feat distance from him.

“Na senior man you go ask that question. You be mumu oo. Do you think am stupid? If I help you leave this community and senior man find out. I’ll be a dead man. And I still like my life.” He shouts at him then looked over his shoulder and drops his gun down.

Pius quickly put his hand in his fanny bag and touches his gun.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you Pius.” Abel said from behind.

Pius, recognizing his voice laughs and turns back slowly clapping his hand.

“I see I just walked into a trapped right?. He said and Abel scuffs.

“You’re not too bright. So slowly remove that pistol so we can talk as men.” He said and Pius looks around and quickly brings out his pistol and aims at Abel, he ducks as the bullet hit Jude’s chest killing him.

He shoots at Abel again but screams out when a bullet ran through his left leg. Chineche had shot him from behind.

“Pius. I Thought we are pals. Do you want to kill me?. Looking at the lifeless body of Jude, he got angry.

“You’ve just killed my man. What am going to do to you now will be enjoyable by the three of us.

“CiCi come deal with the basterd.” Pius smiled at that. And Abel quickly suspected something. “CiCi wait.” He signaled to him, “Pius take out your dagger. Am not stupid. This time if you do anything stupid I’ll end you.

Pius looks at him clutching his wounded knee. He brings out his dagger and throws it down far from him.

“Good boy and I lied.” Abel said as he c—s his head at his forehead.

“Do it fool.” Pius spits on him.


“Boom!” Pius brain splatters everywhere on the ground as he dies.

Abel was shocked as he looks at his boys, all of them gave a puzzled look till Amanda, Maureen and Taofeeq showed up.

“I just help you with the insect. You should thank me.” Amanda said handing a shotgun to Taofeeq.

Abel laughs and points his gun at her.

“He was mine you b—h”. Amanda looks at him and walks away.

“I did you a favor. Deal with it.” She said as the three walks out.

Abel looks at them and shakes his head, looking over at Pius deformed head. He spits on him and CiCi and Emeka carried Jude lifeless body away.

“Now what?.” Maureen asked Amanda.

“We find Michael’s killer.” She said.

And Taofeeq looks on.

“Good because his location isn’t far from here.”

“Let’s go then.”

The End.

Wasn’t supposed to end it like this but I won’t be active for now.

Maybe for a week so that’s it.

A Girl Like Amanda Season 3

Fate says it all.

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