Story: A Girl Like Amanda (Season 2).. Episode 7

Story: A Girl Like Amanda (Season 2).. Episode 7


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Vanishing Bullet

A Girl Like Amanda

Season 2

Written by Jake Sam

A Girl Like Amanda Season 2 Episode 7

Continued from last episode.


“By the way, Jidenna, my family hasn’t appreciate you enough for what you did. Olisa go get that thing for my son here.” Mama spoke out making the rest of the family including Jidenna wonder what she meant.

Soon uncle brought out a wad of money 500 notes.

“Here, on behalf of my family we give you this fifty thousand naira.” He offered it to Jidenna who became surprised, he looked at mama who nodded for him to accept it.

He refuses it, “Seriously, I thank you all for this but I can’t take it. Am sorry.” He gently said to the surprise of his friends especially Victor.

“I did what I did for something else, not to be rewarded for any thing.” He added and Uncle Olisa and mama understood.

“Well, take it for your mum. Let’s appreciate her for having you.” He pushes on.

“C’mon Jidenna, accept it na.” Amanda adds in.

He looks at her and she smiles at him, since she had tell him to take the money, he had no choice. Whenever he sees her, he felt his heart throbbing and his voice shaky at times, the day he first saw her was the day he fell in love with her.

“Alright.” He collected money and soon after that laughed and cracked some jokes.

“I think we should start going now.” Victor spoke out then Jidenna nodded.

“It’s getting late.” Favour added.

“Okay thank you my children, for visiting. Please greet your people for me oo.” Grandma said as the three of them stood up.

“Take care of yourself Jidenna.” Uncle Olisa commented.

“Sure thing uncle. Bye Amanda.” He said waving at her.

“Bye Jidenna.” She replied him while Maureen was looking at him jealously.

Few seconds after him and his friends walk out, she entered into her room and took a piece of paper and a pen, write something on and quickly went outside.

She looked at the gate and sees Jidenna walking out followed by Victor behind. She called out to him and he immediately turned around, when he saw her walking towards him, he waited. Victor walked passed him as him and Favour waited a few feet away from them.

“I came to ask if you would like to go out for lunch some time. My treat.” She said with her usual smile displaying her dimples.

Jidenna was stunned when she said that. His hearts jumps up in adoration as he couldn’t say a word. He just stared at her.

“Jidenna? What do you say?. It’s just a lunch, nothing more.” She snapped her fingers and he entered into reality. He didn’t that he had froze at that instant.

“Sure, I’ll be glad to.” He found his voice.

“Okay then, Tomorrow by two. Is that alright by you?.” She asked and he nods his head.

“Here’s my number,” she said and handed him the piece of paper.

He looked at her and smiled.

“Thank you once again Jidenna, I owe you my life.” She commented.

“It’s okay, you should stop thanking me. Just glad we’re friends now.” He said then she walk away entering her duplex.

He soon joined Victor and Favour.

“What do she want JD?.”Victor asked seeing the smile on Jidenna’s face.

“Lunch tomorrow and she even gave me her number.” He replied him and walked passed them.

They start talking and gisting on the road, laughing hard at Victor’s joke. They entered a secluded area when three boys with one holding axe and the other two holding machetes blocked their path.

“Wonderful, the gangs all here.” A voice startled them from behind.

“Pius? Guy you mad abi?” Victor angrily shouted when he saw Pius behind them, he was holding a dagger, boning his face and he looks at Victor.

“Your father there, bāstard!.” Pius shouted back at him.

“My papa?.” Victor said trying to go forward but is held back by Favour.

“Pius what is your problem sef, won’t you leave us be?.” Favour said trying to keep Victor in check. He had this hot temper that he reacts on, she is the only person that sometimes kept him in check. Not even Jidenna can control Victor when he is angry but he hardly gets angry at both of them.

“My problem is with your stupid boyfriend, JD. Wey carry black men come my house gin me. A whole me.” He commented angrily.

“Wetin you been do before him do am. You no harass Girl and wound two children?. So guy you deserve am.” Victor shouted at him.

“Come, Victor. This matter doesn’t concern you.” Pius warned him pointing the dagger at him.

“Guy leave that thing. You can’t do anything to me or Jidenna, see this small pikin oo.” Victor said as he gave a short laugh.

“Pius you should be in prison now. Abi you don escape?.” Jidenna said trying look for a weapon.

“You’re mad. Police no find any concrete evidence against me so they gast to free me. Now me and boys we go treat your fvck up here and now. You no fit play me then just go like that na.” He said as he squats looking at the three of them.

“Wait first, you’ve been smoking again abi. If you no leave the road, you no like wetin my brother go do you.” Favour warned him seriously.

Pius just break into laughter at once…

To be continued…

Pius don come back for revenge oo…

What do you think will happen next?


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