Story! AHOADA RIVER (+18)… Episode 1



in the flowing street of consciousness mystery, life, beliefs, enchantment, africa se-xuality was birthed.

Episode 1

“I don download am” I screamed loudly attracting my brother who was in the sitting-room to our room, he asked what made me screamed like that.


“I don download Teen Wolf last season” I told him but he returned an askance look to my explanation of joy “is a lie” he doubted and I played the first episode, we both basked in the feelings of euphoria while watching it.

Yesterday my girlfriend had told she knew a certain website that I could get any seasonal blockbuster of my choice, with her directives I was able to download a whole season through the night with MTN night pack.

We were at it when my mom returned from the market, we went to welcome her pausing the seasonal movie. “Things just dey cost upadan these days, person no go fit buy wetin em wan buy again for this country” she lamented bitterly ignoring our greetings “Buhari” my twin brother chirped-in and we both giggled.

“Victor, your aunty talk say make you come stay with her. Hope say your clothes dey clean because you dey go there tomorrow” my mother said picking out the things she bought from the market from the big black bag she went to the market with.

“Thank God, I need holiday I swear and Aunty Vera na better person” I said and bragged about how I will be moving about chasing girls to my brother, I won’t try such in the presence of my mother because she regarded me as a saint.

I stopped being a saint barely fourteen when a lady who was a bachelor rented a flat few blocks from us, she always teased me “my husband” anytime she sets her eyes on me.
Her fondness was so profound that she became a friend of the family, whenever she called me Her Husband my father will direct an awkward look to me.

I was so naive then on what constitute to be a husband, running an errand was part of having the husband title and the benefits are lots because I was able to get to buy milk with stipends she always give to me.

I visited her on Sunday then she doesn’t usually go out at Sundays and I haven’t actually visited her on Sunday, that was the first and I met her braless with a vex and short skirt.

She welcomed me warmly and in no time I was on the chair watching movie while she went inside her bedroom, she called me to join her in her bedroom and I did, only to find her with just towel wrapped around her body.

“My husband, pull your knicker let me see if your pipi is very big” she instructed I was a very shy and obedient child, I couldn’t mount the gut to do so. She didn’t buy into my resolves and grabbed my short helm and pulled it down, that was the first time I saw my little di-ck get erect.

“Small pikin like you see the kind big lollipop you carry” she grabbed my small man and stroked it expertly sending sensual waves down my nerves, she helped me off my clothe and I was unclad before her.
She asked me to lie on the bed and I did timidly, while she loose her towel and exposed her big bo-obs and cleanly shaved pu-ssy. She let go of it and it dropped on the marbled floor then she stepped out of it and proceed to the bed were I was lying naked and watching.



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