Story! AHOADA RIVER (+18)… Episode 2




I lay on the bed watching like a child I am, while she met me on the bed and got hold of my small di-ck then she straddled me with quick motioning.
She located two of her fingers to her well shaved hole and dipped it in.

She fin-gered herself on me gr-oping her huge left bo-ob as her eyes darken with desires, when she was w-et enough I was buried deep inside her as she lowered her huge bu-ttocks on me.


I barely remembered details of the romp but I remembered I was milked that day of my sp*erm, the next morning I picked up my bags after my mom prayed for journey mercy. My dad wasn’t at home he would have counsel on how to behave and not ’cause trouble for my aunt.

My brother got hold of my bag and escorted me to where I could get a taxi that will take me to the park, I smiled when we walked pass the Estate’s gate of were I was introduced to se*x.
How good things met a sudden end is one of the biggest mystery in life, she got married that year to what Alpha kings will call Simp.
Her beauty is worth being a Simp for if need be, we haven’t walked pass the gate entirely when someone opened it.

I didn’t bother looking back but I did when someone called, “Victor, where you dey go?” Naomi asked with a frown on her beautiful face. She has been my girlfriend for three Months our relationship has been the kind of off and on NEPA like relationship with Nigeria masses.
She had warned me to stay away from her when she called me ten times without me picking her calls, my twin brother teased her but Naomi is one sweet aggressive lover who couldn’t be sway with praises.

“My aunty say make I come visit her” I replied but she still complained about me not informing her or even bothered about her feelings before deciding to travel, I told I would have called her if she hadn’t appeared now “call?! so you can’t even tell me to my face that you are travelling, and you are my boyfriend?” she scoffed her frown deepened with worry creasing her face.

I reminded her of her warning days ago that I should stay away from her but she refused to even hear any of that, she hugged me and then marched inside crying.
I continued my journey when I got to the football pitch that hold lots of fond memories, I stood and remembered when I was still young and we small boys are always substituted whenever the big boys arrived at the field.

I was sent an errand by my mom when I saw they were playing soccer on my way home, I ran home and gave mom what she asked me to buy then return to play ball forgetting that my mom already told me that we are all going to evening service that day.
I returned from the field only to remember when I didn’t find anybody at home, my dad is well grounded in the course called ‘discipline and flogging’.

I unlocked the house and took my bath only to pretend to be sick through out that day, it was a better option to save my a*ss from the mean cane.

“Ahoada! Ahoada!!” I heard the conductor of the bus loading chanting after I dropped off from the taxi that brought me from my street down to the park, I kept my belongings in the booth and entered.
A young girl joined me later and after waiting for some minutes the bus was filled, they gave us register which is been referred as manifest.

I wrote my name and then hand over the book to the girl by my side but she did not write her name but pass it to another passenger.

“Why didn’t you write your name on it?” I inquired because I was curious.

She smiled “is just a waste of time” she shrugged.

“really? what if we had an accident along the road how will your family be able to locate you?” I asked.

“God forbid nothing we happen, stop saying such na, abeg! am too young to die” she started a prayer after replying me.

I looked her up and she dressed provocatively that I was tempted to grope those fine bre-easts exposed by her cleavage, I looked away wondering why Nigerians used religion to cover up their wrong doings.

The journey started some minutes later after being on the road for an hour we got to Elele and it started raining heavily, we drove pass Ama Hausa and then got on the bridge.
It was still raining heavily when I looked at my right through the mirror and saw a lady like figure who was naked walking on the river with the longest hairs that I have ever seen.






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