Story! AHOADA RIVER (+18)… Episode 5



I got up and went to have dinner with my older sister and her boy Salvation, the following days my nephew started telling me about the families that lived in the compound.
The first self contain at the right while entering the compound through the gate is owned by a bachelor who I later knew as Sample Dem Baba.

While the next apartment which is two bedroom flat attached to it is owned by two aged couple with three children, two boys and a girl. Their first son is older than me but the girl is about my age, and the youngest is about same age with Salvation. They protected their daughter like a jewel that immediately she step out she will be devoured.

While the other self-contain facing the other is owned by two young couple who are yet to have a child, the one bed room flat attached to it is owned by two couple in their mid-age.
They gave birth to just a girl and they attend Jehovah witness, these are the information I gathered after few days.

I was in my room pressing my phone when I heard the sounds of rushing water, I stood from my bed and peeped because my room was close to the very tap everyone fetches drinking water in the fenced compound.
I saw the daughter of the Jehovah witness church members fetching water, she wore cover all because I could only see her fingers and toes the other part of her body was covered with the blood of ……

She has a beautiful face and a nice physique even with the baggy clothing she wore as out-fit, her attractive physique is glaring. I just hope the charade of holiness was from the heart not just to put up a show, my friend Fred told me how he pulled off to bleep a Jehovah witness girl while they were doing their outreach.

According to him that he was very h-orny thinking of calling his girlfriend over or find his way to a brothel in my area when a knock on the door startled him, he opened the door and saw a beautiful preacher with a brother.
He made it plain that he will only listen to the girl if she want to win him over that the guy show visit the next neighbour apartment and he went inside back.

The same pattern of knock re-visited the door again and this time he went out and met only the girl, he opened the protector and let her in.
He locked the protector and ushered her inside the sitting-room, he went back and hid her sandals.
Then joined her in the sitting-room listening to her preach with so much interest, along the line he proposed to offer her hospitality because of the word of life she has offered but she declined he insisted.

He went in and added sun-fly to the drink and offered her, the girl gulped down the drink while he went inside to take viagra.
Along the line the drugs took effect, she started moving and feeling uncomfortable clamping her both legs together then touching herself unconsciously.
He got close and asked what was happening to her but she couldn’t say anything but grab her bre-ast.

He took the first action by kissing her lips and grabbing her bo-obs, within some minutes they were naked and their clothes lying recklessly on the marbled floor while music was blasting.
She was urging him on beneath as he pounded and b-anged her hard using missionary style, and doggystyle.
He had confessed that both of them were still se-x mate till date.

The girl left the tap while I came out of the house and stood in the verandah, one of the sons of the aged couple Joshua came out of their house prepared to leave the house “Abigail, I dey come oh! tell mommy say I just go soil mill, I nodey go far in case she ask” his voice was loud as he spoke to his sister who I always see as someone who is deaf and dumb, have never heard her voice ever since I came to the yard.

“Bro, you wan come soil mill?” he asked me when he got close.

I was bored staying indoor already so I agreed to follow him, the soil mill was behind were we live but I didn’t know all the noise pollution these few past days were carried out by our noisy neighbor behind us.

Were we walked through is like a low land compared to the structures were operations were carried out, it maybe due to the accumulation of soil dusts over the years.
We climbed it and looked towards the other side that saw dusts were always disposed off and saw some kids playing.
Suddenly a girl about my age ran towards it and threw herself to the air then twisted landed safely on her feet, I was impressed.

“This girl wey like fu-ck well well again” Joshua spoke making funny face.






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