Story! AHOADA RIVER (+18)… Episode 7




He gave me thumbs up and immediately exit the room while I stood watching the girl who was putting on a vex without bra and a very skimpy skirt with ruffled hairs.

I looked around timidly and sat on the only sofa in the room admiring the beautiful angel on the bed with piercing on her nose and chains around her leg.
I saw the beads around her waist when she bent to switch on the television when PHCN restored light.


Her huge ass jutted backward when she bent ‘causing my hormones to engineer to life, she stood before me nodding to the music emanating from the speaker in no time she moved her waist swinging left and right as her fat bums shook forming lightening lines on her thin skirt fabric.

She turned and faced me her saggy br-easts flapping on her chest as she danced to the song, she made two steps and covered the grounds betwixt us.
My mouth slightly parted looking at her as she made the bold step to straddle me, I was wearing a short without any tight inside my di-ck was totally free as it resurrect when her soft bu-m landed on my groin.

She held on to the sofa and rocked me, she grinded on me and then stepped down from the sofa when my hormones were raging and my hard di-ck fully erect.
I lifted my ass up as she tugged on my short pulling it down, my hard di-ck sprang ere-ct the head swollen.

She grinned at me and wrapped her palm around my hard d-ck with her right hand, she stroked it thrice keeping an eye contact.
She bent and covered the head with her mouth then swept her lips on my di-ck head, she started su-cking my di-ck.

“Aahh!” I mo-aned as she intensified the su-cking of my hard di-ck, when she was tired of su-cking my di-ck. She pulled down her short skimpy skirt and I saw her cleanly shaved pu-ssy, with flower tattoo drawn around her pubic region.


“I no get condom for pocket” I replied her question.

She let out a cocky laughter and went to fish out a Kiss condom from the basket hidden by one of the speaker, she tore it with her teeth and brought out the rubber.
She jer-ked me twice before wearing it on me, she mounted me and started rocking my hard di-ck.

I held on two her saggy bre-asts gathering and squashing them as she rode me like a stallion, her sweet pu-ssy sending sweet sensation all over my body.

“Aahh! oohh! yes!! fu-ck!!”

“Aahh! ahh!!” I gr-oaned.

When she got tired of riding me she lifted herself up and my di-ck dislodged from her sweet canal, she climbed the bed and set doggystyle.
I stood up and find my way to her behind, parted her sweet a-ss and plugged inside her we-t pu-ssy and started b-anging her.

“Aahh! ahh!! harder, aahh!!” she mo-aned urging me on.

“Aahh! ahhh!” I mo-aned excitedly, I sp-anked her a-ss and she cried out with pleasure. We were both sweating as we fu-cked our brains out till I filled the rubber with my thick cu-m.

I pulled out and sat on the bed while removing the co-ndom and tied it, she took it from me and went to the bathroom returned some minutes later smiling at me.
We didn’t speak to each other because she went straight to the bed and slept off, I stayed around two minutes and left there.

Fetched the water and awaited for my older sister to return, Joshua came back from church before anyone and told me about going to the River.
I told him to wait that I will go with him when my older sister and her son return from church.

My older sister and her son returned from church but I forgot all about the river till Joshua came around to remind.

“Guy, you nodey come again I wan go?” he asked me.

“Wait my go wear clothe” I ran inside and wore my clothe, my older sister asked me where am going I told her am coming.
When I came out of the house Joshua looked surprised.

“Why you dey look me like that?”

“Na like this you wan take swim?” I nodded and responded with mischievous grin, I hope he didn’t know that I can’t swim.




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