Story! AHOADA RIVER (+18)… Episode 8




“Come make we dey go” Joshua wave at me.

He turned and led the way while I moved swiftly to be at his left hand, while were going I felt like someone is peeping at us from Joshua’s window, I looked and saw someone moved swiftly away from the window.


“Your sister nodey talk?” I was obviously amused by her dodgy nature towards me.

“That girl with big mouth, she nodey too like to talk but no allow her talk oh! if not” Joshua explained but he wasn’t comfortable talking about his sister.

Players hardly want their sisters to do anything with any guy, he changed topic to discuss about the river and how big it is.
We took our right when we got of the gate and took our left when we got to the t-junction along the footpath.

We got to a open compound with a block house and an orange tree just some inches from the broaden road, we went under the orange tree and moved upward seeing a house in a high ground.

A little child was running towards us because where we were passing is a low ground, the kid wore a stained white shirt and wore nothing around his waist. He ran towards us and threw a stone that didn’t touch us, he laughed and ran back.

“Mumu boy” Joshua started laughing, I wonder what amused him.

A girl came out of the house and waved at us and I now decoded that Joshua have something to do with the little kid sister that led to the ambush.

A very enclosed house was by the road and music was playing from there, I wonder what kind of service they render there that is was blocked left and right.

“Na ashewo hotel be that” he started telling me what goes on there, when we pass a window.

“Oga pay me oh! you don fu-ck finish and you no wan pay, I go cut your di-ck for you” a loud female voice was coming from the room that the window was heavily criss-crossed by nettings with different colors, you can hardly picture inside.

“That man go chop beating if em no bring out that five hundred naira” Joshua said seriously shaking his head.

“Na five hundred them dey charge?”

He looked at me with shock written on his face, we took a right turn and came in between apartment that looked like it was built during the colonial era but was maintained properly be the inhibitants.

“You be jew man oh! you no sabi how much ashewo dey charge?”

“I sabi, for my area for PH na one thousand naira na em make I ask”

“Correct man” he shook my hand and took another left turn and appeared on a big space, a tarred road ran through my view and shops outlet was lined along it.
By my side is a small bar and houses at my left, we got to the road and took right turn facing the point that the tarred road broke into three.

One leading to inside town and the other to Omuku road while the one we took led to the village.

“You sabi swim” Joshua asked happily.

“No” I retorted.

And he was surprised, he wish I do know how to swim so that he could compete with me, we got to the river and firstly a small shrine was located near to the shore.

When we walked past the shrine we got to a shelter built close to the river were people could take a rest, when I finally got the view of the river it was mind blowing to watch people swim and play. All kind of sizes of blokos displayed by male folks in the river, Joshua revealed to me that women were not allowed in this side of the river because they have theirs.

I watched a long house constructed by mainly woods with zinc literally a thatched house, people were moving to and fro because it was at the corner of the river.
The river flow right, I later remembered the bridge we drove through before entering the town.

I asked Joshua what was the big thatched house for and he explained that it is used for toilet and I was shocked people swim that water also, he explained the water flowed that way but still the water was polluted somehow.

I told him about the bridge and he pointed to one at my left, I looked that way and saw a bridge across the river with bikes and people passing through, I saw someone jumped into the river from the bridge and I was shocked.

From were I stood I was able to see some girls swimming some distance away from were we are, he told me the bridge wasn’t that good because it was damaged during the civil war by Nigeria soldiers.

“Aboki you wan swim too!” someone spoke from behind and I turned to see a hausa man coming towards the river.




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