Story: Gardener’s Daughter… Episode 13&17


Story: Gardener’s Daughter… Episode 13&17

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Episode thirteen
Fernando held my hands very tight as we passed the back door where the kitchen is ..”you look so beautiful my darling cupcake..!”Fernando said when we got to the kitchen..”oh please just stop ..I should go join the party ..!your parents might be looking for you …!”Rosie said..”I know but you are more important..!”Fernando said..”oh important not gonna fool me bastard ..because you are back together with stick to her and leave me only here to talk to a gentleman that helped me few days ago..that’s the only reason I came here..and if I had known this was your house ..I would have not come here because you disgust me..!”Rosie said angrily to Fernando..”I see someone is getting jealous..!”Fernando whined..”just shut the crap off ok..!”
“Hey hey relax..I didn’t even know that old man was your father ..!”
“You really don’t need to just leave me alone..I wanna be alone..!”
“ came to visit me you know..!”Fernando blurted out…”yes I know..but I came here mainly to see my father and to see the gentleman..that helped me the other day!”Rosie said “and who’s that man ?”Fernando asked ..”its simply none of your business..!”Rosie fired back ..”ok..if you feel that you wanna be rude to me..then done begging you ..who do you even think you are..?”Fernando said as he received a very thunderous slap from Rosie..”am rosielita del monte..and even though I may not be wealthy and famous like you ..I have my diginity and am very respectful..and I know I ll be somebody one day..!”Rosie told Fernando..who was short of words ..he immediately left angrily…I didn’t mean to annoy him..but his just too flirty and thinks he can jump from one woman to the other because..his not getting to me..and I won’t ever let him touch me again ..just then my old man walked in..”I saw the way you dealt with that young you know him before ..?”tiger asked..”yes ..his the same guy I told you was disturbing me in college..any problem father ?”I asked ..”well the guy you just slapped is the brother of the gentleman..Mr Miguel and the owner of this d–n house..!”..”oh my gosh..I messed up father..hope I didn’t get you into any trouble..?”
“I don’t think so..!”tiger said..”dad I think it’s time you show me where Mr Miguel is because I only came here to thank him and leave..I have nothing to do in this rich people’s party..!”Rosie said..”ok..I ll take you to him..I hope he isn’t busy..!”tiger said as he exited with his daughter to the living room

“You gonna make more money ..if you work with my father..!”Isadora said to Miguel ..trying to seduce him..”well only my father think for me ..I don’t want to work with you or your father if you ll excuse me..I have more things to attend to..!”Miguel said as he wanted to leave she holds his hands..”hey not gonna walk out on me just like that ..!”Isadora said..”why shouldn’t I..?”Miguel asked ..”because we are still discussing ..!”Isadora said …”well am not interested in this discussions again..”Miguel said as he wants to leave Fernando bumped in..”I must say this is your little brother..!”Isadora said as she streched her hands to shake Fernando..”and who’s this beauty queen…brother didn’t tell me that you had the most hottest!”Fernando said..”oh quit Flattering me…”Isadora Miguel whispered to his brother to keep Isadora company and that he had important things to do…before he left..”your brother is so strong headed..!”Isadora said..”well we are words and opposite.. because am very fun to hang out with beauty queen..wanna grab some chilled wine to cool your body..?”
“Of course..!”
“Why don’t we go grab it in my room baby girl..?”Fernando said..”anything you say my king..!”Isadora smiled awkwardly as they both went off to Fernando’s room .


While Rosie was busy looking for Miguel..with her father..”only God knows where he is..!I think you should continue looking for him because if the bosses sees me here doing nothing.. I might loose my job and I have many wines to serve to the guests…so I think you should just continue..!”tiger said to his daughter ..”no need for that ..I can help you serve the drinks…!”Rosie said “no don’t need to ..!”
“But I need to father..don’t worry I ll just use an apron to cover my dress ..let me help..besides am only here for you papa..!”Rosie insisted as they both walked straight back to the kitchen as they both each carried a tray of ? ? ? wines ..tiger first left with one tray assisting Nana and some other new employed servants to I was about to come out of the kitchen…Miguel was coming in…and I didn’t notice we both bumped into ourselves as all the drinks I was holding poured on his spick and span suits..” you..”and before Miguel could complete his statement he realised that it was Rosie

Episode Fourteen
He realised and remembered it was Rosie..”r..o..s..i..e..!”he said..I tried to clean his suits apologising…”am so sorry ..sir. I didn’t mean sorry..!”I pleaded..before I looked at him very well to see that he was the same man who helped me at the hospital…”sir Miguel..!”
“Yes …you must be Rosie..!right..!”..Miguel asked just to be sure because she looked more prettier than ever..”’s me..I think you should wash your suits..I ll go wash it for you ..!”Rosie said trying to pull it off from Miguel’s body ..both stared at each other very passionately as..there was a moment of silence between the two of them..

There was a moment of silence between them as Miguel finally broke the silence ..”you really don’t have to..don’t worry ok..?”Miguel said..”ok..if you say so sorry again..!”I pleaded..while I started cleaning up the whole mess I made on the floor..”no need to say that just happy to see you here..that’s all…!”Miguel said..
“Oh really..well I came mainly because I wanted to thank you for what you did for I and my father the other day..thanks so much..I really appreciate it..!”
“You don’t have to..I just had to do it..!”
“Well not all men would do are such a very nice person..a good Samaritan sent right from heaven…!”I praised him..”oh please don’t need to say all those things…you are the one sent from look very much pretty ..more than ever..!”Miguel said giving her a very cute smile as his dimples showed off..Rosie was short of words and amazed as well..he’s so handsome..she said to herself..”o..h..thanks..!”I said..

“You have the best wines here…they taste really nice..!”Isadora said to Fernando..”yeah..they do…!”Fernando said..whereas his mind was somewhere else ..he was thinking of he remembered what his brother told him before ..”she is the daughter of the old man I just employed..!”Fernando remembered his brother’s I and my brother has been talking about same woman for so long..oh d–n it..I need to go meet one can take my hot mama away from me.. Fernando said in his Isadora moved closer to give Fernando a kiss..he slowly pushed her..”please give me just five minutes ..and I ll be back.. cupcake..!”Fernando said..”ok..I ll be waiting ..!”
“Sure..!”Fernando said as he exited ..
“Idiot..see what you ve made me look like father..!”Isadora talked to herself

Roxana was busy with other guests..after the toasts and everything fewguests started leaving..”thanks for coming..!”she told one of her friends as she turned to see Teca in front of her..she took a step to pass another side..he blocked her way..”please let me be..!”Roxana said
“Shh…!there’s gonna be a full surprise for you my dear cutie..I ll make sure you pay for betraying me..!”
“I didn’t betray you..verdugo..I ..only broke up with you ..and why are you even doing business with my husband..isn’t there any other business men you can associate with..?”Roxana asked..”because I want him b—h..!”..”you haven’t changed one bit..your life is still miserable..even though you have made petty money from your drug dealing business..!”Roxana fired verdugo angrily..”you better learn how to control that little mouth of yours … are messing with fire and you might get burnt…!”verdugo replied
“Well let’s see who gets burnt first..!”Roxana said as Orlando joined them..”I see you and my wife are getting along so well…!”
“Well yes..honey..!”Roxana said kissing Orlando in front of verdugo….
Verdugo immediately cleared his distract them..”I have to go now..see you later..Mr Orlando..!”verdugo said..”oh yeah…!”Orlando said..
“Thanks for coming..Charlie..!”Roxana said as verdugo just left angrily..Isadora who had sighted her father and saw her father’s mood immediately followed him..without bidding anyone farewell..

Outside the garden near the kitchen ..Miguel and Roxana discussing..everything was very cool and fun..between both of them..Rosie was waiting for her father to shower so they could go home…
“Wonderful party..!”Rosie said ..”yeah..but I don’t like parties..!”Miguel said..”same here..I only came to this one mainly because of you..!”Rosie said..”yeah ..your dad told me..!”…”he did..?”
“Yes..your mom really gave birth to you..!I would like to meet her someday..!”Miguel said…Rosie kept calm for a while and didn’t say anything.. because she knew nothing about her mother and didn’t even know what she looked like.. suddenly she started to shed Miguel noticed her sudden calmness..”hey..hey so sorry..I didn’t mean to..say that sorry..I shouldn’t have said that..!”Miguel pleaded..”no…need to say’s just that my…mother passed away since I was just a kid ..and I sincerely don’t know anything about her..!”Rosie said as Miguel wiped off Rosie’s tears…”my condolences..that’s really sorry once again..!”Miguel said as he dipped his hands into his pockets..and brought out a diamond necklace.. sparkling one..”here..I have this for you..pretty..!”Miguel said he streched it to Rosie..” can’t accept that..besides why would you give me such..I didn’t do anything for you..!”..”just have it..please..for the first time in my life you made me smile and sad the same are please don’t resist my gifts..!”Miguel said to Rosie..”if you insist…I ll have it..but it’s so did I do to deserve looks very expensive..!”Rosie said to Miguel..

Episode fifteen
“Your smiles are extraordinary..and you did nothing Rosie..I just don’t know.. what’s wrong with me..anytime I see.. your…”Before Miguel could complete his words… Fernando showed up..”hey big bro..!”my mood changed instantly as I held the necklace tightly so he couldn’t see it..”whatsup bro..have been looking for you..I wanted to introduce you to this wonderful woman here..”Miguel said..”no need to..I know him already..I have to go now..!”Rosie said..
“I ll drop you..!”Miguel said..”no need ..I ll take a cab..!”Rosie said as Miguel hold her hands..”you are too pretty to enter a public cab..!”Miguel said..”don’t worry ..I ll used to it ..”Rosie replied.. Fernando was just glaring at Rosie and was unhappy about his brother’s over nice attitude..”no..I wanna drop you..please let me do that..!”
“’s not necessary..!”Fernando said..”ok..if insist..!”Rosie said..”tell Mom and Dad..that I went out for a to you later when I get back ..!”..”ok bro..!”Fernando said as both of them exited ..”unbelievable.. Fernando said to himself…

The ride home was very cool..the car was filled with A.C..i really enjoyed the ride with my father..I was sitting at the front sit with Miguel even though I didn’t wanted to..he insisted I sit by his I just had to do it…he’s so nice and when guys are too nice .. becareful with them..they might want a pay back..that was what I thought about Miguel at first..I directed him to our house till we finally reached..the front of our dad got down from the car im I was about to get down..he held my hands again…”hey…!”
“What is it..?”I said to being hard on him..I didn’t want to be a one night stand woman because men like this only want s-x and that’s all..
“I..I..just..”before Miguel could finish his statement..I returned his was so stupid of me to collect such from someone I barely knew nothing about..”I don’t need this necklace Mr Miguel..!”Rosie said..”wow..but you accepted it..few minutes ago..please take it back..hey ..look at me..!”he said staring at me directly to my eyes ..”am not the kind of guy that wants to get anything from you in return…all I need is your love because..I don’t know if it’s the right time to say crazy about you Rosie del monte..I love you so much..and all I need is your love ..not your please keep it..”
Those words..that is what they call a man..I said to myself ..but I still had my doubts..I took the necklace..”thanks again..and goodnight..!”I said as I got down from the car ..”Good night and sleep well..!”Miguel said waving as I entered the main house and watched his car drove off.. through the window..this is the most memorable night of my life…I said to my self as my dad yelled out my name..”Rosie…!”he called I trembled immediately..” startled me!”
“Oh really..I see you were having a great time with that young man..!”..”oh father ..quit being so nosy..!”Rosie said dropping her purse..”you thought I didn’t see the way he was staring at you..just be careful..and stick with the right one..!”tiger advice..”oh need to say anything about not interested in any of them..besides they are brothers..and I don’t want to be in their middle..!”Rosie said..”well you didn’t look like you were not interested in that hunk that dropped us..don’t lie to me..I know you like that one..!”tiger said..”oh stop it now dad..I have to go to bed now..I don’t wanna be late neither do you wanna be late..for work..!”I said to my dad..”ok..darling..sleep tight and don’t forget to say the Psalms”
“Sure thing dad..sweet dreams!”

I couldn’t sleep throughout the night..I couldn’t hide the fact that I was really interested in Miguel than Fernando..I liked both of them but I think I like miguel’s company more..only that am scared..silly me..let me just go to bed already..I closed my eyes immediately and imagined Miguel I smiled While was a perfect night for me..

Well not everyone had a pleasant night..”hey back..!”Miguel said as he hopped on the bouncing bed in the lounge where Fernando was busy listening to music through his head phones..” talking!”Miguel said as he removed the head phones from Fernando…ears..”why can’t you just leave me alone..!”Fernando attacked his brother..”hey…what did I do to you..oh.. didn’t your date..arrive or what..I told you some girls can just disappoint we guys..that’s so irresponsible of her..!”Miguel said as Fernando stood up angrily… miguel follows him..” to me..!”miguel said..”well what if I told stole my date..huh..!”Fernando said to his brother looking very upset as he exited…”what…does he mean by that..?”Miguel asked him self…

Episode sixteen
Miguel started to think about what his brother told him last night ..he couldn’t sleep..he was very prejudiced ..till he reasoned it and decided to go talk to his brother because he didn’t like keeping grudges or staying away from his little bro
At the dining table ..Roxana .. Orlando.. Fernando and Miguel all Roxy breaks the silence as usual..”kids..I have a very important announcement to make to u guys..!”
“What is it mom..?”Fernando asked..”so what is the announcement all about ..?”Miguel asked ..”well I and your father are goin on a trip to Miami ..for just few days..just to clear our minds off I right my love..?”she turned to face Orlando as he nodded his head in agreement..”so I want you both to behave especially.. Fernando..and Miguel..please take good care of your know he’s like an angel to me..!”Roxana said..”of course mother..I will..”Miguel said..”there’s no need for him taking care of me..I can take care of my self..!”Fernando replied rudely..”no son..your brother has always cleaned up your messes for you and you know that..!”Orlando added..”ok..that’s enough ..Miguel..Miguel..Miguel tired of this dude always coming in between everything I love most in this life…am outta here..!”Fernando said as he exited..”what is wrong with your brother..what did you do to him..?”Roxana asked..”relax mother..I ll go talk to him..!”Miguel said as he followed Fernando to his room…
“Something is wrong..with both of them..I hope they clear things up..!”Roxana said..”just relax my about we go out to get somethings for the trip my love..!”Orlando said..”am in no mood for really worried about the kids..!”
“Hey..just for once..please my love..!”
“Ok..alright..I wanna go freshen up..I ll meet you downstairs..!”Roxana said as she went upstairs ..

“They are beautiful huh..?”I asked my father..”they are darling daughter..!”tiger said..”ok dad..I have to go late for school..I ll see you later..!”Rosie said..”ok..sweetheart..please take good care of yourself..!”tiger advised..”sure paps..I you..bye..!”she said as she left for school..

“I said I don’t wanna talk to you …why can’t you just leave me alone already..?”Fernando said packing his books inside his bags..”you better calm down..I don’t know what I did to you that you just get angry for no d–n reason..!”Miguel said..”well you don’t need to know..all I want for you is to stay away!”Fernando he took his bag and left…That was the beginning of war of two brothers..

Inside her room while dressing her phone beeps.. roxana picked the call immediately..”hello… Roxana Beltran speaking ..who’s this..?”
“My pretty’s me verdugo..!”..
“Why are you calling me for God sake..and how did you get my number you fool..!”
“Because am the centre of the universe you b—h and am gonna make sure you pay for everything you did to me you lying traitor..!”
“You can rant all you want verdugo..while I enjoy my self in Miami..bastard..!”Roxana said as she hugged up immediately..”fool..!”

Rosie was busy reading her books at the courtyard as she started admiring her necklace..she closed her eyes for a bit as she started thinking of the little memories she spent with Miguel..”hmm!”she sighed as azucena interrupted..”hey..can I talk to you for a sec..!”azucena Rosie stood up..”am all ears..!”
“Hey..I have a very good and mind blowing news for you..!”azucena said
“Oh yeah yeah..cut to the chase please ..I don’t have all day..!”Rosie said
“Well I and Fernando just got back together..”azucena said..”sounds cool.. happy for you would you please leave me alone..?”Rosie asked..” not done yet little miss two good here to tell you to stay away from my from now on ward..I don’t wanna ever see you near Fernando that clear..?”
“So that’s the stupid reason why you are here..azucena..I don’t need your boyfriend..he just likes me ..and I don’t know don’t need to tell me about this..the only person you should warn his your womaniser please can you leave me alone now..?”Rosie said..”hmm..!”azucena left silently..just when I thought I would have at least a peace of comes Fernando..

“He gave you gold digger..!”Fernando blurted out as I slapped him immediately..I wouldn’t let him talk to me in that kind of manner ..he’s such a rude spoilt brat..”am not a gold digger you jealous bastard..your brother gave this to me..yes..and I didn’t ask for it..he just gave it to me..and I accepted it because he’s such a nice person…”Rosie said showing off the necklace..”and since when did you know my brother ..since when huh..tell me..have you been seeing him and me as well..!”Fernando said..”hey hold your and I never had anything together…”

Gardeners daughter ? ??
“Hey hold your and I never had anything together..we are just friends and you know that so quit exaggerating..and your brother..I met him before I even met you ..he had helped my father when my father was in an accident..!”..”yeah..yeah..that’s how he acts his super man..!”Fernando said..”yes ..I really appreciate him alot and I must say he’s a very kind please quit wasting your time with me and go think about your life..!”Rosie said as she wanted to leave Fernando drags her back..”


Episode seventeen

“Please don’t go Rosie ..I really need you now more than ever ..!”Fernando said ..for the first time he was polite to me..but I won’t give him any chances because of his girlfriend..”just go tell that to azucena..nothing can ever happen between quit perstering me..!”Rosie said as she removes her hands slowly as she exits for class
“Damnit..!”Fernando said..out loud..

Few days later…?
“Alright..everything!”Miguel said packing his parents luggage inside the boot of the car..”I ll miss you both so guys be careful ok..?”Miguel said as his father joined them.. Orlando..”take care of your little bro..ok..?”Orlando said..”make sure that you two get along in no time..!”Roxana advised..”I will mom..just enjoy yourselves..!”Miguel said..”I would have love to see Fernando before I leave but his still at school..”Orlando said..”’s not the end of the world dad..!”Miguel replied..”that’s right my love..we are getting late now..let’s get going..!”Roxana said as they both entered the car as their chauffer droved them off..Miguel waved till he didn’t see their car any longer..he dipped his hands to bring out his phone as he texts his brother..” and mom..just left..we need to talk..!”

In Zaron Hotel..Isadora and Fernando laying on the bed..stacked N_ked with blankets on Isadora lays her head on his chests..”you are really good in bed you know..?”Isadora Fernando ignored her statement..just then the msg from his brother came in..”dad..and mom just left ..we need to talk..”
“Huh..shit..!”Fernando said as Isadora sat down very well on the bed..”what’s up with ve been acting strange lately..!”

Isadora was never interested in Fernando….but Fernando called her earlier to keep him company since they didn’t finish their discussion the other day at the isadora came to see Fernando not because she’s interested in him but because she needed more information about his parents outing…she smiled and rubbed Fernando’s shirt..” can tell me here for you know..!”Isadora said..”hmmm..are you sure.. because years ago my bro said same and now his doing the quite opposite..!”Fernando said..”of here..for you..what did your brother did to you..and why aren’t you answering his texts or picking up his calls..?”Isadora asked..”because he stole my girl..that’s why..!”Fernando said..” you have a girlfriend..?so what am I then..your s-x toy..?”Isadora asked playfully hoping she gets something outta him..” know this is the first time we did it..and you are a very bad chick…and are my s-xy mama..but the girl he stole from my true love..I love her..and that bastard took her away from me..!”Fernando said angrily..”does your parents know anything about it..?”Isadora asked..trying to twist Fernando her mind..who wouldn’t love Miguel..his a gentleman..not like you who only wanna s-x girls like Dawgs..
“Nope..Miguel doesn’t know too..he doesn’t know that the same woman I love is the same woman he also love..!”Fernando said
“Well speaking of your dad…my father wants to meet up with him this evening..!”Isadora lied..”oh dad and mom…left for Miami at our beach house..there..!”Fernando said..”oh…can you give me the address so my dad should go meet them there..?”Isadora asked..”huh..they are there to both have fun so why do you need the address..?”Fernando asked..”it’s something really urgent..and my dad needs your father’s’s very urgent..and it could put their business into bad shape..!”Isadora lied again and again..” bro will take my father’s place then.. besides if it was that dad would have settled up things with your father”Fernando said..again..”well my dad came up with a new business idea which your father doesn’t know anything about..that’s why he wants to tell your dad..!”isadora said..”he can call him..or wait till he’s back..they are just gonna be there for three weeks..!”Fernando said..”my father can’t wait till three weeks..ok..just give me the address already..or else the business is gonna be over..!”Isadora said again..”huh…really..thought we were gonna have a good time..!”Fernando said..”yeah sure..but first tell me the address..!”Isadora said as she sat on Fernando’s laps massaging his body..”ok..fine..I ll text you the address..but for now.. let’s do the business we do best..!”Fernando said as he raised up Isadora legs..

“School was a bit stressful..but it’s ok..have you eaten anything..?”Rosie asked her father..”no am still busy honey..I just told you to come here because I missed your face..sweetheart..!”tiger said..”oh father.. quit exaggerating..I need to go home soon..I have lots of assignments and stuffs to do and the last thing I want is to run into that idiot… Fernando..!”Rosie said..

Gardeners daughter ? ??
Author Favour Oroso
Episode seventeen continuation
As I was discussing with my father..the handsome gentleman interrupted..”how’s the most beautiful lady in USA doing..?”Miguel said coming forth with a Ross flower?
“Oh..quit whining just like my father..!”I said and before I knew it my dad was out of the picture..”where did he go to..?”I asked my self..”don’t you worry cutie..he won’t be gone for too long..daddy’s girl..”Miguel teased” dad is my know..and I have to go now..see you later..bye..!” Rosie said as she wanted to leave..he held her arms..”wanna go out for dinner..?”Miguel asked..”well am so sorry..I am very busy with studies and I have to wake up very early the next morning..!”Rosie…said” can go now..!”Miguel said..he didn’t want to bother he wanted to leave her..she stopped him..” are you doing..?”Rosie asked..”I thought you said you wanted to leave now..?”Miguel said..”well I just changed my mind..I wanna stay here..! Or you want me to leave huh..?I can go if you want..!”Rosie..”there’s no way I would ever want you to leave my side..even forever if not doing so well..!that’s why I wanted to talk to you..!”Miguel said..”I can look very don’t mind sharing your problems with do you.. you’ve always helped I wanna help you as well.. what’s the matter..huh?”Rosie said not knowing when she started to show more concern on Miguel..”well..I have a problem with my said you know him..?”Miguel asked..”yeah very well..and it’s best if we don’t talk about him..!”Rosie said..
“ you know him that much..?tell me there something I don’t know..?”Miguel asked..”huh..I and your brother had been really good friends..!”Rosie said as she told him everything about Fernando and how they school..everything..

“Am so sorry…!”Rosie said..”’s not your you love my brother..?”Miguel asked..”I don’t know..all I want is for you and your brother to get back together..I mean it..!”Rosie said..”of course we will now..that I know everything about you guys..!”Miguel said


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