Story: Gardener’s Daughter… Episode 18&20


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Story: Gardener’s Daughter… Episode 18&20



Episode eighteen
“Hmm..I hope so..I have to go now…it’s really getting late..!”Rosie said..”can I have your phone number ..please ..if you don’t mind..?”Miguel asked..”yeah sure..ok..”
Miguel immediately gives Rosie his phone as she types her number for him..”that’s my number..!”Rosie said..”ok.. thanks very much..!”Miguel said..”don’t are welcome as always..hey..thanks for the flowers too..they are really beautiful..!”Rosie said..”not as beautiful as you are the best thing that has ever happened to me in a long time..!”Miguel said..”oh quit flattering me with those sweet

Gardeners daughter ? ??
Author Favour Oroso
Episode eighteen
“With those sweet words now..!”Rosie said smiling..”am not flattering are an angel Rosie..!”Miguel praises her as “oh..I have to go now..I ll see you later then..!”Rosie said…”yeah..sure..!”Miguel said as Rosie left with the flowers..

At the beach house in Miami..Roxana and her husband in the swimming pool discussing quietly..”it’s so!”Roxana said..”yeah..that’s why I brought you here..we surely gonna have fun..!”Orlando said..”I love you so much darling..!”roxana said as she kissed Orlando..”I love you too my dearest..!”Orlando said..

In the Beltrans mansion.. Fernando walked into the house as he saw Miguel coming Fernando wants to climb the stairs to his room..Miguel grabs his Fernando shouted at Miguel immediately”let go off my hand you bloody traitor…!”Fernando said..”you acting like this because of I right..?”Miguel asked..”I don’t know what you are talking about..!”Fernando replied..”you clearly know what am talking about..little brother and if you love Rosie that much..then you can have her.. because I won’t lie to you..I love you so much bro..and I also love Rosie too..take care of her..if anything dare happens to Rosie because of you..I ll do the unthinkable..!”Miguel warned..”you can do whatever you d–n like..all I want is for you to stay away from Rosie forever..can you do that..?”Fernando asked..”I can’t say for now..and don’t you raise your voice at me ever again.. because the next time you won’t wanna know what am gonna do to you..!”Miguel warned as he exited..he was tired of his brother…silly attitude..on the other hand.. Fernando didn’t care less..all he wanted was Rosie to be his..and he swore to do everything that he can to have Rosie in his arms..

“He’s a big!”Isadora laughed out loud while taking a bottle of champagne..”all he cares about is one little b—h that he says he’s in love with..he told me he’s gonna send the address..and I haven’t received it so desperate..!”Isadora said to her father..”calm down dear..daughter..and be patient.. we’ll kill Orlando today no matter what so you don’t need to worry at all..!”
Just then isadora’s phone beeped..”uh..oh..the prodigal son..just sent the message..let’s see..Miami Beach Stan Ford street 102..”Isadora said out loud..”see..very good..I want you and take care of this mission..kill only must not touch Roxana.. not a tiny scratch on her..she’s for me..ok..?”Teca said..”ok father..just be rest assured..I ll bring back the head of that bastard Orlando..!”Isadora said as she picks up her golden gun..and her she exits…her father’s office..

Rosie was in her bedroom busy with her home work..and for a moment..her mind went off her she opened her wardrobe..and took the rose flowers Miguel gave to her..she kissed the flower and smiled..”I think am in love with you Miguel..”Rosie said to she just mentioned his name her phone ringed immediately..she picked..he was the one calling..”hello to the most beautiful woman on the universe..!”Miguel said..”hello the most romantic man on the universe..!”Rosie said..”oh..don’t exaggerate now..!”Miguel said..”of course am are romantic..and very nice..!”Rosie said “wow.. have a very loving voice you know..?”Miguel said..”I don’t know..!”Rosie teased..”well now you know..your voice is beautiful but not as beautiful as your pretty face..!”Miguel said..and continued”so how are you doing”
“Am good… how’s your brother doing..hope you two got back together..!”I asked..” brother Fernando really loves I do and he’s ready to fight for you no matter what.. it all depends on you..!”Miguel said..” really worried..I don’t want the both of you to have issues because of me..!”Rosie said..”just relax..nothing bad will happen..I love you..!”Miguel said..”I love you very much..!and I don’t care if you don’t love me..I ll wait for you..!”Miguel said..” kinda feeling to you tomorrow..!”Rosie said..”ok..sleep tight dearie..sweet dreams….kisses..!”Miguel he did the sound muah..muah..Rosie laughed out loud..till Miguel hunged up..she smiled and whispered..”I love you too..!”Rosie said..knowing that miguel already hunged up..

Orlando and Roxana were eating on the dining room..”this taste..really delicious..!”Orlando said..”’s so good..!”Roxana said..

Outside the beach house..Isadora and tecolote stood outside seeing two security guards outside..” do we get in now..!”teco said..”just calm down and watch me..!”Isadora said as she pulls of her clothe wearing only pants and bra..she puts on her blonde she got down from the car wearing her sunglasses..”hey..hey..where do you think you are going to..?”tecolete asked..”just watch and learn you fool..!”

Gardeners daughter ? ??
Episode eighteen
Isadora held a small dagger in her hands as she drags tecolete with her by her side..”you just pretend to be my body guard..!”Isadora said..”ok..!”tecolete said..”good..!”
The security guard one..eyes were just on Isadora boobs as she was coming forth..”yummy..”he the other guard tapped his head..” fool..!”
Just then Isadora interrupted their discussion..”hey there handsome..!”Isadora said as she stared at both of them…”hello dear beautiful..!”the first guard said..”am good and you..?”Isadora asked..” are so d–n S_xy..!”the first guard said..”oh yeah..and I ll love if we get together..tonight..!”Isadora said as she moved even closer she kissed the first guard lips so she helds his d–k..”ugh..!”the first guard..said as the second guard just ignored the..m! Isadora slowly brought out her dagger as she stabbed the first guard on his stomach blood started gushing out from..his stomach..”idiot..!”Isadora the guard groaned in pain..”oh d–n.. how dare you..?”the second guard said as he brought out his gun and points it straight to Isadora..Isadora grabbed the wounded guard as she points the knife in his neck..”if you shoot..I ll kill drop the gun down..!”Isadora said as tecolete from behind..points a gun to the second guard head..”now drop!”tecolete the second guard kneeled down..Isadora Immediately slaughtered the first guard she turned to the second guard..”where are the keys to this apartment..all the keys..I!”Isadora said..”am not gonna give you b—h..

Gardeners daughter ? ??
Eighteen continuation
“Murderers..!”the second guard said as he spat on the floor..”let’s kill this dude already..because if we don’t someone might see us here..!”Isadora suggested..” right..!”tecolete agreed as he points his gun on the second guard head..”now..for the last time..where’s the keys..if you give me the keys..I ll spare your life..!”teco said..”just kill him already.. damnit..!”Isadora the second guard finally agreed to speak..he demonstrated where the keys where on the table beside them as Isadora took the keys..and opened the gate..”what am I gonna do with you bastard..!”tecolete said..staring at the guard..”but you said you ll free me if I told you..please don’t kill me..please..!”the guard pleaded..”oh..but if I ll open your big fat mouth to tell the cops!”


Episode nineteen
“Oh..but if I ll open ur big mouth to tell the cops and will get arrested..!”he said as the guard trembled..”please..I won’t do it..please let me go..please am begging you..!”
“Sorry buddy..but I don’t trust you..go to hell you bastard..!”teco said as he shot the guard on his head twice without looking back..
Orlando and Roxana were still having lunch when they heard the sound of the gun twice..”my love..did you hear that..?”Roxana asked.. Orlando in fright..”relax..just calm sure it’s nothing serious..I ll go check..!”Orlando said as he opened his drawer and brought out a gun from the drawer…Roxana quickly stood up.. Orlando was walking straight to the back door as Isadora and tecolete sighted him..he hadn’t seen Isadora followed the back door while tecolete passed the front door where Orlando was coming Orlando opened the door..he saw tecolete pointing a gun straight to him as Orlando also points his gun to him..”hey..drop the gun down..!”tecolete said…as Orlando was about to speak isadora interrupted with her voice from behind..pointing a gun to Roxana head..”if you don’t drop the gun down..your wife is a dead you better obey..before complaining..!”Isadora said..Roxana was already terrified in where she was sitting at..she was very sure of her self that Teca had something to do with all of these.. nonsense and all she prayed and hoped for was her husband’s safety…just as Orlando turned back to see how Isa pointed a gun on his wife head..he immediately dropped his own gun down..”please..who are you..guys..!”Orlando said while kneeling down..”just shut your d–n mouth before we send you to hell you f—–g bastard..!”Isadora said smiling…”what are you doing here..what have we done to deserve..all these..!”Roxana said..”you want to know you b—h..?I ll tell you..but first..I wanna complete my mission..!”she faced Orlando as she points the gun at him.. Orlando tried making a smart move as he had already crawled slowly..he grabbed the gun he had Isadora was about to shoot..he picked up the gun as he kicked Isadora hard on her legs..grabbed her neck and pointed the gun to Isadora forehead..”let me go..let go off me..!”Isadora shouted…as Orlando gave Roxy an eye to leave..”!”Orlando yelled but Roxana wasn’t fast Roxana tried to run..Isadora punched Orlando from her back she picked up her face him..

Gardeners daughter ? ??
Isadora and Orlando pointing guns at each other as Roxana stood at the back of Orlando..pleading..”please don’t kill him..please don’t kill my husband..!”Roxana tecolete also pointed d gun to Orlando..”it’s two against one buddy..put d gun down mehn..!”tecolete Roxana stood in front of Orlando..”kill me but don’t kill him …please..!”Roxana said..”oh little tramp..I would have killed you but that is not our get lost..!”Isadora said as she slapped Roxana..Roxy falls straight to the floor..Orlando tried to help his wife and just then Isadora shoots him on his two legs..first.. Roxana screamed out loud in pains..”no..!!”as she yelled like that teco had to hold her mouth so she shouldn’t make the neighbors around hear her voice.. Orlando fell down but he wasnt dead..”Go to hell..and when you reach hell you dummy..tell baby Jesus to forgive me..!”Isadora said laughing cruelly as she shoots Orlando twice in his chest..she then gave tecolete an eye for them to leave..

Roxana rushed to Orlando who was already about to die..” can’t die on love..please stay strong..I ll call an ambulance right the way..please don’t die..please..I can’t live without you..!”Roxana said crying as she picked up her phone..” the ambulance my love..!”Orlando said crying..”I not dying gonna take you to the ll be fine..I promise you..!”Roxana said as she wants to call d amblaunce Orlando raised his hands as he placed it on her cheeks..”hey..Roxy..just leave me’s my time..already..!”Orlando..”’s no one’s ll be fine..let me call the ambulance..!”Roxana said crying..”Roxana you need to go love…our children needs you..!”Orlando said..”I can’t leave here without you..I can’t..!”
And for just a few second Orlando gave up d ghost..Roxana almost cried her eye balls out..she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.. Orlando was in front of her..soaked in she cried out loud..

The following day..

In the beltrans mansion..Miguel getting ready for work while Fernando was getting ready for school as Roxana entered with some security guards and a policeman captain Ismael..Miguel immediately sighted them as he went straight to welcome his mother..” back..where’s dad..?”Miguel roxana burst into tears..Nana rushed in as she took Roxana to her room…” are you guys here?and why is my mother crying.. moreover where’s my father..?”Fernando interrupts..”it’s best you both calm down..!”captain said..”but why should we..where is my dad?”Miguel asked..”this guards will be watching over your house for now..till everything cools off..!”captain Ismael said trying to ignore their questions as Fernando grabbed Ismael on his t shirt..”we asked a question..where the hell is my father..captain..?”Fernando said..”well you better calm down..or I ll get you arrested..!”captain Ismael miguel tries to remove Fernando hands from the man shirt..”relax bro..!”Miguel said..”am not your brother remember..?”Fernando said as he faced the captain..looking very angry..”so where is my father..?”Fernando said..”yeah..say something cap..!”Miguel added..”your father is dead..!”captain Ismael revealed..”what..but can’t be..!”Miguel said as tears rolled down his cheeks..Fernando immediately fell on his knees sobbing very hardly..”he was murdered and we will do our best that we can to find who murdered your father..!”captain Ismael said..”well you better find the culprit fast because if I find that person I ll kill him or her..!”Fernando said as he exited to the room to go meet his mother..”am so sorry for your loss..!”captain said as he tapped Miguel on his back and exited..Miguel sobbed and sobbed..he always loved his father very much..and now he’s dad has just been murdered..

“They killed him..they killed hi..m..”Roxana cried out Fernando hugged his mother..they both shed tears together..”they killed him..son..they killed him..!”roxana said..”don’t you worry mom..the captain will find out and I promise you mom..I ll make sure d person that did this won’t go unpunished..!”Fernando said..

Deep down Roxana biggest suspect was Teca..but how can she be able to accuse him..when she has no proof..she thought

Fernando wasn’t himself through out the day in he was busy sobbing staring at his dad’s pictures..Rosie interrupted..”I heard..!”Rosie Fernando stood hug Rosie tightly..”they killed him..rosie..they murdered my father..!”Fernando said crying..”am so sorry..please calm sorry..for your loss..!”just as she was condoling Fernando azucena caught them she hissed and passed off..Rosie sighted her as she quickly let go Fernando..”I really need you by my side now..more than ever..!”Fernando said…”you need to be strong for you mother..ok..just calm down.”


Episode Twenty
“Ok..just calm down..please be strong..!”Rosie said..”Rosie..please love me..I love you Rosie..I love you so much..I could give my life for you..!”Fernando said holding Rosie’s hands as she slowly removed her hands from his..”fer..this is not the right time to talk about this…I mean you just lost your father..and all you can think about is me..?”Rosie..said..”’s only you Rosie..Rosie..if you don’t love me..I ll kill my self..!”Fernando said..”hey..stop saying all those negative you might have lost your father..and me showing you sympathy doesn’t mean am in love with you.. Fernando..listen and listen to me in love with someone please don’t bother yourself about me..and get well..!”Rosie said as she exited..this worsened Fernando tears..he cried even more..

“Yeah I so sorry !”Rosie said to Miguel through her Miguel cried silently..” please need to calm down..see I know what is like to loose someone..and am so sorry for your loss..”Rosie said..”I don’t think I can be able to live without my father..he means the world to me..,I just wanna die now..!”Miguel said..”what about me..?what about your mom..?you need to be strong please..”Rosie said starting to get very a loud bitter voice from she turned to look it was azucena..”oh who would have thought..turns out you are a tramp..!”azucena said..”I ll call you back Miguel..!”Rosie said..”ok..please be present in my father’s funeral..please..I need you there..!”Miguel said..”I ll be there..please take care of yourself ..bye..!”Rosie said as she hunged up…”what are you doing here..?”Rosie asked..”turns out you where dating two cheap of you..!”azucena said as Rosie slapped azucena immediately..”didn’t they taught you not to run your mouth anyhow you little b— not dating any of D brothers..and guess turns out d two brothers are in love with me and not with you you jealous I ll suggest that you go swallow your bitterness instead of pouring it out on me..!”Rosie said as she exited.. azucena was still holding her cheeks as she chuckled..”you ll pay for this you b—h..!”azucena said

“Cheers..cheers..!”Isadora said smiling as she clinged the glasses with her father and tecolote..”good job daughter..I guess you ve taken after dearest..”Teca said..”so dad..what’s my reward for all these huh..?”Isadora said..”relax my dearest..your reward will be given to you my princess..first I need you all to dress because we must attend the enemies funeral..!”Teca said…
“Oh yeah..that’s for sure..or they might suspect us..!”Isadora said..”great idea..then..!”tecolete said…

At the funeral room..Roxana was seated beside Orlando beltrans corpse sobbing endlessly as photographers troop in and out with different important guests paying their Miguel and Fernando stood beside their Roxana raised her head high she sighted Teca in front of her with Isadora and tecolete at the back..”am so sorry for your deepest condolences..!”Teca Roxana moved him and gave him a very thunderous slap..”mu..r..d..e..r..e..r.,you murdered my husband you bastard.. murderer..!”she cried out loud as Miguel held his mother..”mom..relax..!”
“He’s a murderer..he killed Orlando..he killed him..!”Roxana said Teca looked very puzzled..”such a big embarrassment..!”isadora Miguel took his mother to the room before the guests noticed the scene..
“Am so sorry..for that..!”Fernando said..”no..need for that my boy..we are here for you..!”Teca said as.. isadora added..”yes Fernando..we give you our deepest can count on us on whatever you may need..!”isadora said..

Rosie and her father were in the Miguel walked in..”Rosie..!”Miguel said..he wanted to take a bottle of wine and he was flabbergasted to see Rosie around that early..”Miguel..!”Rosie rushed to hug Miguel as they both shed tears….

“I ll go get you some bottle of wines..if you ll excuse me..!”Fernando said as he entered the kitchen to see Rosie and Miguel hugging themselves very tightly..”am so sorry..”Rosie said as she sighted Fernando at Miguel’s back..she faced another side still hugging Miguel.. Fernando with annoyance didn’t request for d wines..he just went out of the house angrily…

“Thanks for don’t know how much your presence here matters to me..!”Miguel said holding my hands..”hey…no thanks please..I need to be here with you Miguel..just relax now…!”Rosie said
“I need a favour..!”Miguel said..”what is it..anything you want..I ll do it..!”Rosie said..
“I want you to stay with me through out the funeral..!”Miguel said..”hmm..but..!”
“You said you ll do anything..!”
“Okay..fine..I where do you wanna go..?”Rosie asked


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