Story: Gardener’s Daughter… Episode 22 & 23


Story: Gardener’s Daughter… Episode 21 & 23

Gardeners daughter 💞💞💞
Episode Twenty two
“They are so pretty..!.thank you..!”Rosie said collecting the diazy flowers from miguel’s hands..”you welcome..!”Miguel they both hold hands together walking round the streets..”cool breeze.. everything seem so just so happy today..!”Rosie said..”so what’s the course of your happiness..did you get back together with my brother..?”Miguel asked..”hey..I never dated your don’t get things wrong..! in love with someone very special..!”Rosie said..”’s the lucky guy..huh..?”Miguel asked..”well I don’t need to say it because the lucky guy is standing right in front of me..!”Rosie said..”I don’t get you..there’s no one standing in front of you apart from me..”Miguel said..”it’s you Miguel..I love you..and I don’t know..I can’t hide what’s inside anymore..I love you Miguel Beltran…!”Rosie said smiling as Miguel hugged her.. tightly…”oh my God..really…I feel like am D happiest man on Earth..!”Miguel said..” you love me..Miguel..?”Rosie asked..”yes of course my pretty damsel..I ll do anything for you my so happy right now..!”Miguel said..
I ended up confessing my love for Miguel..and that night was very magical..I and Miguel went to the coolest place of all the United States of America..and we had some good and unforgettable times was so romantic..what else..I have a romantic and handsome my life..what more is there to ask for..I just not gonna regret this..I said to my Miguel played the guitar of the rockstar…”the most beautiful d world in standing right in front of me..I love her so much..and I promise to never let her go..!”Miguel sang a song he just composed..”bravo..bravo..this is d best music have heard in a long time..!”Rosie said actually exaggerating..”thanks for d!”Miguel said as he carried me up and gave me a very warm kiss on my lips..we kissed for so long..”hmm..!”Rosie sighed after the long kiss..”hey beautiful..what’s the matter..?”Miguel asked with his arms round my waists..”I don’t think this…is right..!”Rosie said..”but y my love..I mean we both love each what’s the matter?”Miguel asked.. “am just scared..!”Rosie said..”you have nothing to be afraid of my darling..I will never leave ur side no matter what..u have made a home in my heart and u have grown there..I know we can never be apart..!”Miguel said..” is not a Fairy tale Miguel..besides..your brother..what do you think he’s gonna do when he finds out we are seeing each other..?”Rosie asked..”let him know..let d world know..who cares..?just so you know I ll fight for you…!”Miguel said as he gave me a tight I heaved a sigh of relief..meanwhile someone saw us there..together..but who..?

In the Verdugo’s mansion..Isadora and her father discussing about some cartel business as tecolete entered..”learn how to knock bone head..”Isadora..said..”I need to talk to you in private mame..!”teco said..”but first.. Mr have a visitor..!”tecolete informed..”who could that be..?”Teca asked..”the crazy woman..Roxana Beltran..!”tecolete said..”oh my queen is here to visit me..I ll go attend to her..while you guys finish arrange d cokes..!”Teca said as he left the office..”so what is wanna tell me about..?”Isadora asked..”it seems the beltran first born is really falling the poor girl..!”tecolete said..”oh don’t talk rubbish..ok..just leave me alone..I had a really terrible day so please don’t add to it..!”Isadora said..”well I caught them together hugging and romancing each other boss..I saw it with my two eyes boss..!”teco said..”and so what should I do about that cry..or laugh..tell me you stupid idiot..don’t look at me like that I asked a question you moron..?”Isadora said..”but I thought you wanted to use the brothers..and I thought you liked the elder one Miguel..!”tecolete said..”yeah I do..yeah..I don’t only like him..I love him..but he’s so serious and I won’t be able to decieve such person..but he ll be mine..I know..!”Isadora said..”but how boss..I don’t think he can ever like you..he seems very in love with the girl I saw him with..!”tecolete said..”well let’s see if their relationship will even last long..!”Isadora..said..”are you gonna kill her..?”teco asked..”maybe..I don’t know..but if I can’t get Miguel ..l ll do anything to be with that perfect turned out to be so smart..after all..!”Isadora said..”am always at your service boss..!”tecolete said..”that’s it for now..I want you to find out everything you know about d girl..that Rosie..Rosie delmonte..I wanna know exactly everything..about her..!”Isadora said..”ok boss..!”tecolete said

“Welcome to my house d queen of the nights..!”Teca said..”oh not that show girl you used to know back in the Roxana beltran..!”Roxana said..”but your husband is’t fool yourself now..!”Teca said..


Gardeners daughter 💞💞💞
Twenty three
Teca said..”the only one who’s fooling his self here is you..Teca Verdugo and have come to tell you to let my family go..I don’t wanna do business with you anymore..our contract is over..go find someone else to team up with..!”Roxana said out loud and clear..” I see you ve grown so much balls talk to me anyhow.. remember the..”Roxana immediately cuts in without letting Teca finish his explanation..”please don’t come up with that old story again..aren’t you ever tired of histories and all that..please I beg you..I don’t wanna ever see you and your mediocre daughter in my company ever again…!”Roxana said as she left angrily

The following day was a cool brand new day ahead of me..I was more relaxed and happy than ever..I couldn’t stop thinking about those words said to me by was the most magical moment of my life but I feel like it won’t last long forever..I was outside my house cleaning my bicycle..getting ready for school as dad was coming out from the house as well..about to lock the doors of the house as he sighted someone taking pictures of me..”Rosie..Rosie..!”tiger called out..”what’s up paps..?”Rosie said still cleaning her bicycle..”look there…that strange man has been taking pictures of you..!”tiger Rosie turned back to see the man..the photographer guy already knew that they were becoming he took up to his heels as Rosie ran after him..”hey stop there..why are you taking pictures of me..who sent you..?”Rosie shouted while pursuing the man but couldn’t get to him..”who could wanna take my pictures..and why..oh Rosie delmonte..I hope you not getting into trouble..!”I said to myself as I sighed..

In the beltrans mines the conference table room..Miguel and Roxana his mother entered as they both saw Fernando seated on his father’s chair..”hey..what are you doing here..?you supposed to be in school..!”Miguel said..”why don’t you ever mind your business you moron..?”Fernando..”that’s enough now..the next time you insult me..I ll make sure I forget you are my brother..!”Miguel fired back..”will you both quit fighting…you both have always been one no matter what…what is wrong with the two of you my gosh..and Fernando…your brother is absolutely don’t need to be here..besides exams are coming up soon and you need to be in the school by now.. studying..!”Roxana Fernando stood up..”no..mother..I don’t wanna go to any freaking school anymore..I wanna work in my father’s company as from now on ward..”Fernando said..”oh don’t be don’t know anything about need to go to school like your brother Miguel..!”Roxana said. “Yeah..yeah.. have had it with the whole world always supporting that dumb bastard..Miguel this..Miguel that..I mean am fed up..all I that you allow me work here or else you loose me forever..choose one mother..!”Fernando said as he exited angrily..Roxana became very emotional as Miguel supported her with a deep hug..
“She’s not bad looking after wonder that idiot Miguel likes her alot..!”Isadora said staring at Rosie pictures..”yes what do you wanna do with her now..?”teco said..”nothing just gonna use Fernando..because I know he’s the only dumbo in the family..and I know Miguel will be mine..and I always get what I want at all don’t you worry and just leave up to me.. Rosie should better start finding a way to get away from my man..because she’s not gonna like it when I take her lover boyfriend..from her..”Isadora laughed out loud so wickedly..

“ so scared my love..I feel like someone is watching my every move..I mean today my father caught someone taking pictures of me can you believe that..?”Rosie said talking to Miguel on phone..”hmm..that’s strange right..but don’t long as you with me you have nothing at all to worry about..!”Miguel said sighing..” What’s up with’s work and everyone..?”Rosie asked..”work is fine but things are getting more complicated with my brother..he wants to drop out of school to work at the bro is going d–n crazy..and I feel so bad for him..!”Miguel said..”hmm…I don’t even Know what to say..”Rosie said…”it’s ok..if you don’t know what to say..I the way..have you seen him in school..?”Miguel..”no love..!”Rosie said turning round as she saw Fernando right in front of..her..” love..I have to go now..late for class..I now..kisses..!”Rosie said as she hunged up.. Fernando cleared his throat..”I see you have moved on..!”Fernando said. “What is wrong with maniac..?”Rosie asked
What hides behind..find out on next episodes of Gardeners daughter 💞💞💞


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