Story: IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted)… Episode 11

IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted) Episode 11

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(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)

By: Faith Lucky.

Episode 11

Kim ji (Kind):


Mum flinched and looked at me.

“Kim?” she called, confused.
“What job are you talking about?”

“I…overheard both of you talking about it. Sorry for eaves dropping. But, I’m really interested in the job. I want to do it” I said desperately.

“What’re you talking about, Kim? This isn’t an art job where you have to draw. She’s talking about being a cook..”

“I know mum. I heard everything”.

“You heard everything and you’re talking about doing it? Are you forgetting you don’t know how to cook? Do want to burn down someone’s house so they can finally have me locked up?”

“Ha-nuel” the woman cut in calmly.
“I think you should let her try. Besides, they’re going to be interviewed and tested. So, if she’s not good enough, she’ll definitely be sent away and you can have your peace”

“No; I know what I’m telling you, Hannah. She might end up roasting the house during the test” mum jibed.

“But just let me try” I cut in, hopefully.
“Like she said, if I’m not qualified, I’ll be sent back and you’ll be sure I wouldn’t be burning down the house”.

“But what about your education?” She asked.

“Well…she said its for two weeks, right? And I’m on suspension. So, I can just use this as a means of making money and not being idle. Please mum.” I placed my hands together and said and she laughed and shook.

“You can go ahead and do what you want. But I’m sure you’re just wasting your time because you can never be taken.” She said with confidence.

But good thing she agreed

“Okay dear” the woman turned to me.
“I’ll be here to pick you up by 7 tomorrow for the interview. Make sure you’re ready on time, okay? 7:30 is the time for the interview. So, we need to get there before time.”

“Okay ma’am. Thanks a lot”.I beamed

“Alright dear. Bye” she said and left and mum laughed again and accompanied her out.

Kim nana (Crazy)
I woke up the next morning, feeling so excited…although I couldn’t tell why.

I sat up on my big soft bed and itched my eyes.
Hmmm. It was such a long sweet sleep ?

I didn’t get to see dad last night because he didn’t return home before I felt dizzy and decided to go to bed.

Gosh! Is that how busy he always is? No wonder Kim ji complained about those steps things always Intimidating her whenever he’s not around.
Hmph. Too bad they met her exact opposite

I left the bed and went to open the window so I could get some sunlight.

Oh my God!! I saw him!!

Mr Perfect!!?

I giggled and opened the window properly so I could have a clear view of his face.

Wow! He was looking as handsome as I imagined.
He was putting on a short and T shirt with a pair of black sneakers.

He looked like someone going for workout.

So, he also works out?

I watched him as he started jogging away, going down the street.

I wish I could work out too. Maybe, I have to learn?

Jeremy…He was so handsome – just like his name.

I can’t believe he works out every morning before going to school…

Suddenly, an idea entered my mind.
Yes! Perfect.


I laughed and changed into something sweet – but causal.

Then, I left the room and went downstairs. There was no one in the sitting room and I passed through it and went out of the gate.

I stood under a shade for a long time and kept looking at the direction he had taken. I couldn’t wait for him to show up.?

I stood there for a long time but there was still no sign of him.
Why’s he taking so long? What kind of workout is he doing? He doesn’t even have six packs yet he’s working out?

I placed my hand on my waist and was beginning to feel tired of waiting already.
Aigo! Where’s he? I need to get ready for school.

I mean, we need to get ready for school?

Finally, I spotted him coming.

Hah! Finally.

He’s here!????
I wonder what madam crazy has in mind.


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