Story: IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted)… Episode 16


IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted) Episode 16

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(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)

By: Faith Lucky.

Episode 16

Kim nana (Crazy)
I returned home from school, feeling so tired and hungry.


Aigo! I really needed to eat.

I came out of the car and walked into the sitting room and surprisingly, met dad there.
Huh? Isn’t he busy today?

“Good evening dad” I greeted casually and tried taking the stairs.

“Kim” he called and I stopped to look at him.
Oh my! Don’t tell me the principal’s called him already

Geez! That big mouth!

“Yes dad?” I answered Innocently.

“What is this fuss about?” He asked.
“I received a call from your principal not long ago, telling me you were involved in a fight where you badly injured two ladies. Is that true?”

I bit my lips and looked down at the floor.

“He’s lying” I muttered.

“What?” He crumpled his face.
“Are you trying to say he’s accusing you falsely??”

“Y…Yes. I mean, no. The truth is…those
girls have been the ones bullying me, dad. I really don’t know what to do. They almost beat me up before I retaliated. One of them actually slapped me while the other kicked me. So, I was only trying to defend myself” I said, looking pitiful.

“Kim!” He half-yelled.
“I can’t remember the first time you fought…not to mention the last. You can’t even hurt a fly. So, what the hell happened?”

“That’s my point, dad. I can’t even hurt a fly. So,you should know I was pushed to the wall before taking the action I did.”

He shook his head and stood up.

‘You’ve changed, Kim” he said gruffly.
“I can smell it all over you. What the hell’s happening?”

I looked into his face as he stood close to me and spoke huskily.

Geez! Is it that noticeable.

“I’m sorry”,I shrugged and he scoffed and walked away.

Right. Whatever!

Kim ji (Kind):
I parked my hair nervously in front of the mirror as mum stood behind me, watching speechlessly.

Oh God! I just hope she doesn’t act weird.

“Are you really serious about this, Kim?” She asked and I turned to look at her as I was done packing my hair.

“You mean you really got the cooking job? How’s that possible?”

“I’ve always known how to cook, mum. I just…I was just being lazy” I tried to defend.

“That is a lie, Kim and we both know it. How on earth were you able to beat the rest of the applicants?? Huh?”

She paused and drew closer to me

“You’ve changed Kim. What’s going on?” She asked and my heart skipped as I looked into her face.
Oh God!

“There’s something different about you now. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, mum. I just want to be the best for you. Recently, I’ve got to hate myself for the way I make you get mad and the way I make you nag. So, I want to turn over a new leaf and make you proud. I’m just trying my best, mum” I said pathetically.

“Even if Kim nana wanted to change, she wouldn’t change this way” she said after a little pause and sighed.

“Anyway, good luck with your new job” she shrugged and walked away.
Kim nana (Crazy)
Today was weekend and it was like the best news for me because I just wanted to eat, sleep, watch movies and have fun all day.

But first, I needed to go for workout?

I bounced down the stairs with my sneakers and sporty clothes. Dad was in the dining with the step things, having breakfast.

“Good morning dad” I greeted when I got to where they were.

“Kim! How was your night?” He beamed as he applied jam on his bread.

“It was great, dad. Uh…I’ll have breakfast later. I need to go for workout” I told him.

“Workout? And since when did you start working out?”

“Oh! Since today”

“Crazy”,I heard Mal-chin mutter.

“Did you just say something?” I asked him and he glared at me

“Get lost” he blurted.

“Hey! That’s enough!” Dad cut in, stopping me from saying what I wanted to.

“You know, you’re just lucky I’m in a good mood” I told him and walked out of the house.

I got out to the street and waited for him.
Hold on; what if he doesn’t show up?

Hm. He better does else, I’ll break his head.

I placed my hands on my waist and waited and soon, I spotted him.
Hah! Perfect!

He was jogging and I started jogging as well, still on my spot waiting for him to come close.

Hm. He was looking as handsome as always and finally, he got to where I was.

“Hey!”, I called out and he stopped to look at me.

Oh! He connected ear phones.

“Uh…Good morning. Do you still recognize me?” I asked, stretching my hands.

“Why should I go through the stress of recognizing you? Anyway, if you wouldn’t mind…I’m busy” he said rudely and tried leaving.

What the heck??

“Hey” I called back.
“Why do you even need to work out? Your bones are so dry already” I said with a grin and his eyes flashed.

“Stay away from me!” He huffed and continued jogging away.

Hmph. You haven’t seen anything.

I smirked and started jogging behind him?
Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
I stepped down from the car, just returning from a mission.

Geez! I was kinda tired.

“Hey boss-baby” the agents called out to me as I walked pass them.

As usual, I ignored all of them as I headed to the boss’ office to submit my report.

“Good job, Mi cha” he complimented when I was done and I nodded and left the office.

I headed for my room next and as soon as I got in, all I could think of was taking a shower and a nap.

Unexpectedly, I found Josh in the room.

Oh sht! He was holding something in his hand! The sx pills!!

Oh my God! What the hell’s going on?

“Josh?” I called, my eyes widening in shock.

He held out the pills to me.

“What’s the meaning of this?” He asked icily and scoffed.
“Have you been disobeying me?”

Oh Damn! How did he find out?


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