Story: IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted).. Episode 2


Story IDENTICAL Episode 2


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(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)

By: Faith Lucky.

Episode 2


Kim Ji (Kind):

The car pulled over in front of the large school building and I stepped out immediately with my bag.

My grade mates could be seen at the facade of the building, probably waiting for the school bus to arrive.

I moved my hair backwards before proceeding to join them. I hope I get to find Gyeong.

Approaching them, the she-devils showed up – Soo-Min and Mishil.
I seriously don’t know why these ladies derive pleasure in bullying me.

“Hello pumpkin” Mishil called with a fatuous smile.

“Hi” I said perfunctorily and tried walking away.

Soo-min was holding a cup of juice and she let it fall on the floor purposefully, making it spill on my feet.


“Oops. Sorry” they giggled and walked away.

“Kim!” Someone called from behind and I turned to see it was Gyeong.
Hah! Thank goodness.

“Hey” I called with a frail smile.

She was actually my best friend and the only friend I had in school.

“Don’t tell me those bitches were bullying you again?” She asked as she came close to me and I shrugged.

“Come on,Kim; when will you learn to fight back? You can’t allow them continue bullying you this way, you know?” She asked and I looked down at the floor.

Well, I don’t. I just hate anything trouble.

“Anyway, how was your night?” She went ahead to ask.

“Same as always. When will the bus arrive? I actually thought I was late” I said.

“Oh! There was just a little delay. But the bus will be here soon.

“You know, I’m so glad we’ll be going to Jeonju! I really can’t wait. Remember I told you I had a friend there, right? A new friend I made when I had gone for vacation last summer” she said dreamily.

“Huh? But that’s a long time already, Gyeong. How do you plan on finding him?”

“Well, I still remember the place where I had seen him. It was close to an Art store – I remember vividly. Mr Young-soo art store.”

“But its just a day trip and there…”

“Yeah, I know. We’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning before the school thinks of returning. We’ll be fast even before anyone realizes we’re gone.” She winked at me.

“Huh? What do you mean we? I’m not going with you” I said playfully.

“Come on, Kim; I know you’ll definitely come with me. Don’t worry”.

I laughed and just then, the school bus arrived.

“Hah! At last!” Gyeong exclaimed.

“Come on, Kim. Let’s hurry up and get comfortable seat’ she took my hand and started running towards the bus as the rest of the students moved towards it as well.
Kim nana (Crazy):
I rode my bicycle to the Art store and smiled as I got closer to it.
Geez! I almost hit someone – a fat man who was standing in the way, reading a book in his hand .
“Hey! Are you deaf in the eyes? Get out of the way!” I yelled at him and he moved away immediately.

“Kim!! What the hell is…”

“Don’t mention my name with that mouth you haven’t brushed for 3 days” I snorted and packed my bicycle in front of the art store.

Hmm. Just looking at the name gives me so much joy – Mr Young-soo art store.

I love everything about art – the store, the environment, the owner! Everything!

I got into the pretty store and met the grumpy lady at the reception.
She shot me an angry stare as I walked in and I showed my tongue to her.
Hmph. She’s still angry because I told her her face scares customers away. Whatever.

I looked around and saw the store owner – Mr Young-soo – working on a drawing.

I like him because he’s a great artist. He’s actually a married man with two kids.

“Hey!” I beamed and jumped to him in surprise.

He turned in shock, a little startled.

“Kim!” He exclaimed and I laughed.
“You startled me”.

“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. Um…what’re you painting this time around?” I asked, staring keenly at the drawing board.

“Oh! New orders! I don’t even know how to handle them all, Kim! They’re so many. And the deadline is just around the corner” he complained.

“Oh! What is it all about?” I asked

“They’re emotive and perspective drawings”. He replied

“Oh!” I placed my hand on my chin.

“I can come over to help you tomorrow, then. Tomorrow morning” .

“Oh my! Are you serious, Kim?” He beamed.

“Yeah, I mean, since I’m on suspension…” I paused and bit my lips, realizing I shouldn’t have said it.

He flinched and looked at me.

“Goodness, Kim! Don’t tell me you were suspended from school again?”

I bit my nails and wore a pitiful look like a child who was being scolded.

“What did you do this time around?”

“I didn’t do anything, Young-soo! The truth is, I’m a peaceful girl who loves minding her business. They’re always the ones coming for my trouble” I replied with a frown and he scoffed.

“The day you’ll become a peaceful girl, the sun will turn to blue” he said and I gasped at first, then rolled my eyes.

Whatever. I know I’m a good girl.

“Um…I need some wax colors” I said as I walked over to one of the color shelf.

I took out the few colors I needed and returned your him.

“How much will these be? I don’t want to talk to that ugly receptionist of yours” I asked him.

“Oh! Don’t worry, you can go with them. You don’t need to pay” he replied and I gasped.

“What?? Oh, my gee!” I exclaimed and hugged him.

“Thank you, Young-soo. Don’t worry, I’ll come over first thing in the morning and I’ll make sure the entire drawing is completed!” I said ecstatically and he laughed.

“You’re welcome, Kim. Just stay out of trouble, okay?”

“Of course! I’ll be on my way now. Bye!” I waved happily at him and started towards the exit.

That’s the reason Mr Young-soo is one of my favorite. He’s among the few people that’s safe from my trouble.

I got to the reception and rolled my eyes at the grumpy lady.

“Won’t you be paying for those?” She asked when I was about walking out and I stopped and scoffed.

“No. My money is too precious to be touched by those hands of yours” I teased and she fumed.

“Hannah!” Young-soo called and signaled her to let me go.

I smirked and was about walking away when I paused and looked back at her.

“You know, I think you need to buy some new ear rings. You’ve been using those things on your ears for almost a year now” I jibed at her and finally left.

I know I’m a good girl, anyway.

I got outside to where my bicycle was parked and was about climbing on it when a young boy ran upto me, holding a little flower.

I know I should be older than him. Although, I’m just nineteen, but he looks younger.

“Hi Kim” he greeted, looking nervous.

I placed my hand on my waist and watched him in scrutiny.

“Um…Tae asked me to give this flower to you” he said as he proffered the flower out to me.

I chuckled and shook my head.

This boy never seize to amaze me. How many times will I warn him to stay away from me?

I collected the flower harshly from the boy.

“Go back and tell Tae I can never date someone like him. Because if we date, I might end up kissing his big nose while trying to kiss his lips. Just tell him to go for a nose surgery” I rasped and hit him with the flower on the head.

He touched his head in shock.

Serves him right for being a messenger of foolishness.

I set my bicycle and climbed on it and without hesitation, started riding blissfully.

I wonder why some boys are so dumb. They know they’re ugly, yet they go after beautiful ladies.

Hm. Well, I know my mum must’ve gone through a lot of stress in giving birth to me, so I won’t let her efforts go to waste.

Before any guy can approach me, he must be really handsome. And when I say really handsome, I mean, really handsome.

He must have pretty blue eyes, perfect pointed nose, pink lips, sweet ascent, nice walking steps – I mean, he must be perfect.
And so far, I haven’t seen such guy.

Anyway, that’s the least of my problem right now.
But, as for the rest of the guys, they better stay away from me as long as they’re ugly, else I might end up beating every one of them.



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