Story: IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted)… Episode 7

IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted) Episode 7

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(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)

By: Faith Lucky.


Episode 7


Mi cha (Cold-hearted):
I left the hotel room and took the elevator, headed to the first floor. All eyes were on me, of course, but I didn’t care.

I held my bag in one hand and held the safe in the other.

I walked out of the reception and was about heading for the main gate when a young security with a walkie-talkie suddenly blocked my way.

‘I’m sorry, miss. But, I’d really appreciate it if you could spare us few minutes of your time” he said and pressed a button on the walkie-talkie.

I didn’t even flinch and tried walking away but he held me back.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t let you go” he said.

I looked down at my hand which he held, then back at him.

“You have two seconds to let go of my hand” I told him, unruffled.

He didn’t move and knowing his two seconds were over, I kicked him immediately.

“Argh!” He groaned and tottered back.

He tried attacking me but I was faster than him and hit his jaws with my elbow after which I brought him to his knees after kicking him hard on the leg.

I looked behind and saw more securities coming towards me. Immediately, I started running away, headed for the open gate.

Before the gateman could rush to his post and think of locking the gate, I was already there and I pushed him away and ran out.

I got out to the road side and looked left and right. Where the f**k were they??

I looked back and saw the securities already coming out of the gate

I started running away, making sure the safe was properly held in my hand.

Thankfully, the car showed up instantly.

They pulled over in front of me with the back door already open and I jumped in and immediately, the driver scorched off.

“Damn it! What took you so long?” I growled to the boys as I sat at the backseat of the black jeep.

“Sorry baby. There was a little traffic” the driver replied, chewing a gum.

The one sitting next to him was smoking.

I took in a deep breath and looked behind. There was no way the police could come after us.

“Did you get the safe?” The one smoking in the front seat asked.

“Of course, Draco. Is that even a question? Boss-baby never fails on a mission” the driver replied and he chuckled.

Yeah, whatever. That’s one fact you should know about me. I never fail on a mission. I always deliver – no matter how difficult it is.

“I need a stick” I stretched out my hand and said and the one smoking handed the cigarette pack to me, together with a lighter.

I took out a stick and litted it and smoked from it with relishment. This is probably what I need right now.

In case you’re wondering, let me help you with a little introduction.

My name is Mi cha, but I’m popularly known as boss-baby. I don’t even know my age. I mean, I grew up without a family. So, I have no idea how old I am or when I was born. I’ve never celebrated my birthday.

Also wondering? Well, that’s the fact. I grew up in the streets, rejected and intimidated and forced to struggle for survival. My life was a complete mess and it only made me see the darkness in men.

Sometimes, I wonder if I just fell from the sky because I have no clue of my background. I don’t know who my family are and nobody ever came for me. I don’t know if they actually abandoned me or something happened to make them do it.

Well, none of that is important because I don’t need them anymore. Yes, I’m doing f**king great already.
I’m one of the best agents in The Alphas
The most dreaded illegal institute in the country. Nobody messes with us.

We earn by carrying out assassination orders, stealing of billions – like I just did – and lot more. We’re the richest. Even the authorities are scared of us.

We all stay together in a mansion which gate is made of pure gold. All the agents have their own rooms and that way, it’s easier for us to stay connected.

Although, I didn’t choose this life, but I don’t regret it either. I’m respected and feared in the institute. While I fear no one.

This is who I am now. And I’m proud of it.
We finally arrived at the mansion and after handing the safe and my details to the boss, I headed straight to my room so I could take a shower and have some rest.

All the agenda kept throwing hails at me as I walked pass them, but I barely even smiled and just proceeded to my room.

I got into the big refurbished room and plonked my bag on the bed immediately. I couldn’t wait to rest my head

I walked over to my wardrobe and after taking off my clothes, I took out my towel and tied it around my body.

Then, I turned around to go into the bathroom and there I found something that made me flinch.

Not something, but someone.

“Josh?” I called, abacked.
What’s he doing here? When did he return?

He let out a charming smile. He was leaning on the edge of the bathroom door.

“Hi, Mi cha” he beamed.

Oh, sh*t!

(The one person I’m afraid of?‍♀)
Kim nana (Crazy):
By the time we got to Seoul, my driver was already waiting for me. You wouldn’t believe how shocked I was. I mean, I had an opportunity to enter a car for free.

Hm. Kim ji was really enjoying a lot when she was here.

Gyeong waved at me before we departed and I went into my ride which drove me home.

Gosh! The car was so sweet and cooooool.

The A.c was almost making me catch cold. This was my first time entering such a car and it made me feel like screaming.


I kept looking through the window like an alien. Wow! Seoul is damn so cool. It’s beautiful.

Gosh! This is the happiest moment of my

I wished the drive never had to come to an end, but unfortunately, it did.

The driver horned at the gate and we drove into the pretty two-storey building. It was just the same like I had seen in kim ji’s phone. So, this is where I’ll be staying?


I nodded like an alligator lizard as the driver cruised and parked in the garage. Wow! What a house! It was a mansion to me because it was too beautiful. I can’t believe this was going to be my house for two weeks!!.
Two good weeks!!

I swear, I’m going to make the most out of my time here.

I came out as soon as the driver stopped the car.
Finally, I’m home!

I looked around and breathed in, trying to take in the fresh sweet air.

There was actually a swimming pool and a shade where one could relax and take air. There’s no way someone can ever get sick in this house. It was damn too beautiful!

“Kim!!” I heard my name from behind.

Thank goodness my twinnie and I had similar names and were both addressed as just Kim.
That way, it made it easier for me not to be affected by the change of names.

I turned to have a look and saw a young boy coming towards me.

Hm. He was handsome but…geez! He’s not my Mr perfect.

His eyes were kind of bulgy and his lips were not pink. He had a bad walking step.

To me, he’s ugly.

By the way, who’s he? I mean, who’s he to my twinnie?

He looked happy as he got to where I was and hugged me.

Whaat? How dare he??.
With this ugly shirt of his?

“I’ve been waiting for you” he said and disengaged from the hug.

I crumpled my face and noticed the necklace he was putting on.
The pendant was a letter W.

Oh! Let me guess; He’s Williams – Kim ji’s so called crush.

“Williams!” I Called with a little laughter, trying to confirm if it was him or not.

“Yeah. How was the trip? Did you have fun?” He asked and I nodded, confirming he was really the one.

Oh! So, this was the so called crush? How can she crush on someone like him? Doesn’t she want a Mr perfect?

“Of…of course. I had a lot of fun” I replied and started approaching the house with my bag.

Surprisingly, he threw his hand around my shoulder as he walked along with me.

What the hell??
Somebody should tell this guy to get his ugly hands off me before I do something crazy

“I’m glad you’re back. We have a lot of things to talk about, you know. I was so bored when you were away” he said and chuckled.

Good thing he laughed because its actually a joke – to me .

“Is anyone at home?” I asked him as we stood in front of the door.

“Oh, no. They all went out. But I think they’ll be back soon” he replied and opened the door.

A silent wow escaped my mouth as I walked into the sitting room.

Oh my God! It was sparkling! I can’t believe this! Was my father this rich?

I left my mouth open and gazed around, bedazzled at the beauty of the house. I couldn’t even describe it. It was so beautiful.

Immediately, a young lady that looked like a maid came to me.

“Welcome home, ma’am” she said politely with a bow.

“I’ll help you with your bag, please” she added and took the bag from me.

Perfect! This was an opportunity to locate my room. Although, my twinnie had described it for me, but I think I’ve forgotten the description.

“Um…Williams, I’ll just go upstairs and freshen up” I turned and said to him, trying as much as possible to be polite.

“Okay,sure. Do you want me to come with you?” He asked and my eyes dimmed.

What the hell?

“Are you crazy? Do you want me to make you go blind?” I thought angrily and almost blurted out.

Instead, I smiled.

“Don’t worry about it” I said and he nodded and took a seat.

The maid was already on the stairs and I quickly followed her behind and as I did, I couldn’t help but stare angrily at Williams.

Gosh!! I felt like punching him!

Big ugly eyes;
Flat nose.
White lips
Annoying shirt!

Grrrrrr! I swear, if he touches me one more time, I’ll beat him up.
I kept going with the maid and finally, she stopped in front of a room which I figured was mine.

She opened it and went in and I did as well.


She placed the bag on the bed and bowed again before leaving the room.

Hm. Obviously, this was Kim ji’s room. Her pictures were all over.

She looked so classic and rich and it made me wonder…so I can actually be this pretty?

I looked around and noticed there was no wardrobe in the room.

But, I saw another door in the room – a smaller door – and I hurried to open it.

No, no,
Hell no!!!

What the f**k???.

Kim!! Was this a boutique or what?

Oh my God!

I gasped as I stepped in. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was this really her dressing room?

There were so many expensive clothes, shoes, dazzling jewelries.

Oh my God!
I’m rich!!?

I had a look at all the clothes and shoes and almost felt like putting them on. But then, I decided to take my bath first so I don’t stain such expensive things with dirt.

I rushed out of the room, into the main room and spotted the bathroom.

I was about running to the bathroom when something caught my attention at the window.


I drew close and opened the window properly.

There was a pretty house facing ours and it was so…beautiful. I might say it was actually more beautiful than ours.

I nodded and admired it.

Suddenly, I saw something that caught my attention.

Not something, someone.

Oh my God!


My lips dropped open in shock immediately.
I’m probably dreaming. This can’t be real.

Who the hell is that handsome boy??????


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