STORY: JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 1


JUST US (Do you believe?)

STORY: JUST US (Do you believe?)… Episode 1


(Do you believe?)



“Bella’s POV”

Sometimes I think my life is like a Cinderella story, Only Cinderella lived with her step mother and two step sisters, and her life ended up in a juicy beautiful way,
While me….
I’m staying with my aunt in a small town, with her two younger daughters, it’s kind of like Cinderella’s, but I think I’m going to grow old if I think my life is going to end up in a juicy way or beautiful way, No prince charming to save me from this kind of life….
Well I do feel like I’m Cinderella sometimes, but sometimes I don’t, cause Cinderella was being maltreated by her step step mom and everyone else, whilst I’m being seen as invisible over here… My aunt hates me, I could feel it. Scratch that, not that I could feel it, it was obvious, she doesn’t talk to me, ask about my health or whatever she does or ask daughters, and way to make it obvious, Her two daughters Are twins, Jane and Jennifer, fraternal twins. To make this even more ear shocking, we were all born on the same month and on the same day, though I was one year older than them but we were all born on the 4th of June. Well we were supposed to celebrate our birthday on the same day, and we did celebrate it but I was locked up in my room the whole day, and that was like two weeks ago.
My aunt always tells me to stay in my room, I always come out either I want to go to school or wash the dishes, or do the laundry but besides that, I never go out of my room.
And well I kind of thing that’s like being maltreated.

The reason I live with my aunt is because my Dad died three weeks ago, it wasn’t a shocking Death cause he was already in a critical sickness where the doctor told me he doesn’t have enough time left, i would secretly cry in front of my dad if he was asleep, and the day he died I was just too weak I couldn’t even offer a whince. I was all my Dad had, My mom… Well I never got to know her after she died during child delivery, my delivery…
My dad’s death was expected but still painful, and immediately he died, his sister took me in and now I’ve been living a life I don’t deserve… Which is quiet and doesn’t seem like I exist.
A teenager, always in her room every day, with no phone, no TV, just me studying, or laying on my bed thinking about how my life can turn out great. Or should I say thinking about nothing.

I’m living a sad life.
And it sucks.

The door to my room opened and Jane stepped in with her backpack, “You’re going to be late! We’re all waiting!” Jane said,
“I’ll be there.” I said lowly shoving my books in my backpack.
“Well hurry up!” Jane groaned before walking out of my room.

Well the only nice thing my aunt and her husband do for me is give me a ride to school with the twins.
I grabbed my backpack and hurried out of my small room with a small balcony, God I hate this room.

I walked into the car with Jane and Jessica and my uncle James drove me and his daughters to school…

Getting to school, just like they wished, I pretended not to know Jane and Jennifer and we went our separate ways, I was also one grade older. I got to class and the day’s work began.

I’m kind of like a loner. I don’t talk much, I think a lot, but talk less, I have a friend Sophie, she’s nice, we hang out together, but we’re not that tight, we talk less when we’re together, but eat lunch together and study in school together. I talk to other people when I have to, I don’t when I don’t have to.

My life is boring, though I hate it I’m getting used to it.
School was over that day and I took a different ride home, I always do, I always take the bus after school.
Jane and Jennifer intend I do this to prevent people from being suspicious of us being related.
They should be happy they have a cousin like me.

On my way back home sitting beside Sophie on the bus, she was busy with her phone and I was watching her deal with her phone. I used to have a phone, not until my aunt smacked it on the ground saying a teenager must always study for the rough road ahead. And Jane and Jennifer have one. Now isn’t this just unfair.

Sophie stopped typing whatever she was typing with her phone and turned to me.
“Still can’t believe your aunt won’t let you have a phone.!” she said.
We’ve known each other for just two weeks and I’ve given her a little tale about my life, so she knows a few things about my life.
“That’s how she wants it, unless she’ll kick me out of the house, she’s looking for every opportunity to throw me out, but I won’t fall for any and follow her rules”. I sighed.
“Okay, just know you can borrow mine anytime or we can both save up our allowance and buy you a new one.” Sophie offered with a quizzical look but I shook my head… “It’s okay, what do I need a phone for, I’ve got plenty things to do and watch!”

“Oh really?” Sophie laughed sarcastically. “When you mean things to do and watch, you mean watching the hideous looking tree that’s close to your small balcony?”.
I’ve invited Sophie to my house once and she had seen the small balcony I have and a tree opposite the balcony that the branches are almost crawling around the railings of the balcony.
“Okay fine maybe I do need a phone but I just don’t want to get kicked out!” I bit my lips.

Sophie smiled. “I understand!”

We both remained silence and watched the thousands of trees we’ve passed by, this town I know everyone’s rich cause the houses here are magnificent, I haven’t seen any odd or poor looking houses anywhere, but yet the town is few and the houses here are not so much. Giving it enough space for trees, and heavy winds that passes by during nighttime…

“Oh right, Mr Lawrence test is coming up next week. Can we be study buddies?” Sophie asked with a smile.
I prefer studying alone,… But she doesn’t have to know that, I like her company, but nowadays I prefer being alone.
“Sure why not!” I smiled.
“Great, so I’ll come to your place.” she said and I nodded. Like my aunt is going to let me go anywhere.

We got to the bus stop bid each other goodbye and went our separate ways.
I got home and head straight to my room, I took a shower, head downstairs to take my dinner, ate alone in my room and start to study.
After studying for hours, I realised it was dark and I decided to call it a night,
I walked to my small balcony and looked up at the stars, I sighed and looked away, remembering the days when I would wish and wish to be free and away from this place, but now I do believe wished don’t come true.
My life can never change, I’ll probably live like this until I get married, who’d ever want to get married to a girl like me.

I hate my life but honestly there is nothing I can do.

I glanced down at the Iron railings around my balcony to see the tree opposite the balcony had, had it branches curled up with the railings if Care is not taken this stupid tree might start growing in my room.
I rolled my eyes at the tree and walked over to my bed,

I sighed and laid on my bed, I just wish, something would happen, I hate living like this. I mean I am already living Cinderella’s life, at least tables should turn and give me an adventurous life like Cinderella, even though I don’t get a prince charming, I want to get out here.
Before loneliness swallows me and I exist no more.

But little did I know.

And who said wishes don’t come true…
T. B. C


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